Spring 2020 Remote Learning Activities

Spring 2020 Remote Learning Activities/Links!
Water Bottle Flip Challenge
Emoji - This or That!
Ring Toss! 

April 20th - April 24th Activity
Phone Number Fitness
Franks HAPPY dance!
K-4 Franks Dance Party Warm Up
March 23rd-March 27th Activity

Try this plank challenge with me! It's only 1 minute :)


Need more ideas to GET MOVING?! 
I have posted some YouTube videos that you can follow along with at home. Parents included! There are SO MANY workout videos on YouTube. Lets make sure we get our exercise in EVERYDAY! 
20 Minute Kids Workout

25 Minute Kids Workout

30 Minute No Equipment Workout

30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Family Fun Cardio Workout

PK-3rd Grade (Yoga Videos)

Yoga for Kids

Trolls - Yoga Adventure

Frozen - Yoga Adventure

Moana - Cosmic Yoga Adventure

Check out the KHC link for Daily Challenges, Recipes and Activities from the American Heart Association. I will update the challenge each day! Email me a picture or video of you doing ANY of the activities! I'd love to see what you are doing to stay active at home. 
Stay active and healthy SCA :)

American Heart Association Games


Heart Healthy Bingo

Fruit & Vegetable Game

Circuit Workout - do each exercise as many times as you can for 30 seconds. Take 30 seconds to rest in between each exercise. Repeat circuit 3 times. 
Jumping Jacks
High Knees
Lunge Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Push Ups
Sit Ups
Skiers (line jumps/side to side jumps)