Family School Association

The Family School Association (“FSA”) is an important organization that provides services, activities and social interaction to students, parents and staff of St. Catherine of Alexandria school. FSA organizes and sponsors many of the events held at the school throughout the year. Some of the events are for the enjoyment of the students and their families, while others are fund-raising events. For example, money raised helps with technology in the classroom while other money helps to fund FSA student events.


All are welcome to join us for a meeting in Kane Hall on the first Tuesday of the month to talk about upcoming events and then have time to socialize. It is a great opportunity to meet families and learn things that are happening at your child’s school! We are always looking for new ideas to make St. Catherine’s full of fun activities for our kids and parents too!

Ongoing Fundraisers:

Market Day:
How to Register and Pick Schools.pdf
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To contact the Family School Association:
Email [email protected]

2023-2024 Board Members

Rhonda Knight 

Vice President
Kiara Kelly

Tara Cozzie
Cathy Brown

Secretary and Family Sponsorship Coordinator
Erin Heidemann