Current Events


We wanted to share more information about the Illinois Kids Campaign–a grassroots movement headed by former Archdiocese Superintendent, Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey.

You may have heard about the campaign in the Catholic New World, the radio, or tv.  Private, Parochial, and Public school entities are attempting to increase the tax breaks parents would receive from the State if they attend a private or parochial school.

The movement has been picking up a lot of steam and with the Illinois budget going forward for voting in the next two weeks WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!  We are asking that you take 3-5 minutes to visit the website below and write a quick message to your legislators.

The website ( allows you to enter your address, identify your state legislators, and write a letter urging legislators to support the Illinois Kids Campaign in the state’s 2016 budget.  To the right of the text box where you write your message, there are key messages (which you can’t copy and paste) to help you.

The heat is on in Springfield, and NOW is the time to put pressure on your local legislators!

A great time was had by all the students at Field Days!