School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Fr. Lion Center, located in the convent. Everyone is invited to attend the meetings. If anyone wishes to address the Board, they must submit that request in writing or electronically to the Board president three days in advance of the meeting.

The Role of The School Advisory Board

The intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical development of all students enrolled in St. Catherine of Alexandria School is the primary concern of the School Advisory Board. The Board’s purpose is to assist the pastor and school principal in providing a positive learning environment in which every student is successful. The Board also works with other parent organizations (FSA, Athletic Board, Men’s Club, and Finance Committee) to effectively and efficiently aid in the operation of the school’s programs.

To contact the School Advisory Board:
Email [email protected]

2023-2024 Board

Courtney Hedderman

Vice President
Karen Brogan

Janna Ferriter

Maureen Bevan
Matt Heinlen
Laura Haslam
Meghan Kelly
Kelly Williams
Nora Rhein