6th Math Homework

Week 31:  4/8 - 4/12
Mon:  Finish the 1st teacher-assigned iReady lesson if you didn't in class ("Understand Integers")


Do not forget about these requirements!!!  This is part of your mandatory weekly coursework.
**Every week you need to be passing at least 2 lessons iReady Math.
**You need to complete Math Fact Lab at least 3 times a week.
Week 30:  3/25 - 3/29
Mon:  Finish through #11 on the Extra Practice WS
             Quiz on 1-6 on Wed
             Instructional videos:  Conversion example 1,
                                                          Conversion example 2 (good explanation, watch example 1)
Tues:  Finish the Extra Practice through #20.  Check your answers using the answer key I sent.
              The Quiz on lesson 1-6 is tomorrow.
Wed:  No HW
Thurs:  No HW
~Spring Break~

Week 29:  3/18 - 3/22
Mon:  Green  p55  #1-6  (In your notebook.)
                 Blue p55  #2-7  (In your notebook.)
Tues:  (Field Trip)
Wed:    Green  p55  #7-10  (In your notebook.)
                   Blue  p55  #8-10  (In your notebook.)
Thurs:  Green  &  Blue   Complete the 3 problems that I emailed you.
Fri:  Reminder:  You should have 2 math iReady lessons done for the week.
         Extra practice packet for 1-6 was available today.  If you didn't get one, grab one on Monday.

Week 28:  3/11 - 3/15
Mon:   Green  Finish the volume teacher-assigned lessons on iReady.
                  Blue  No HW
Tues:  Green  Complete the back of the volume WS (the 1/2 page we worked on in class)
                 Blue  Finish the first 3 teacher-assigned lessons on iReady.  (unit conversions)
Wed:  No HW
Thurs:  Finish any remaining Teacher-Assigned lessons on iReady
Fri:  No HW

Week 27:  3/4 - 3/8
Mon:  Green   No HW
                 Blue  Module 1 Review p75-76 #1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
                             Test Thurs  Friday

Tues:    Green   Finish Order of Operations WS
                  Blue  Ratios Test Practice Packet  (We will check this on Thursday.  If you have questions tomorrow, come talk to me before switches or at the end of the day.)
                             Module 1 Ratio Test on Friday (Lessons 1-1 to 1-5)

Wed:  Finish Tuesday's homework (5th grade field trip today)
Thurs:    Blue   Module 1 Ratio Test tomorrow (Lessons 1-1 to 1-5)
Fri:   Green   Complete the 2nd and 3rd composite area problems on the Area WS
                  Area Videos:  Area of a Composite Figure (Matholia)
                                               Area of an L-shape (CorbettMaths)
                                               Area & Perimeter of L-Shape (Mr J)
                                               Area of U-shape (TecMath)

              Blue   No HW

Week 26:  2/26 - 3/1
Mon:    Green   Module 1 Review p75-76 #1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
                  Blue   1-5 p45 #1-3 (Complete in your notebook using bar diagrams just like p37-38)
Tues:  Green   Module 1Test Practice Packet 
                              Ratio Test on Thursday (Lessons 1-1 to 1-5)

                 Blue   1-5 p45 #5-6 (Complete in your notebook using bar diagrams just like p37-39 and yesterday's HW)
Wed:  Green  Ratio Test tomorrow (Lessons 1-1 to 1-5)
                 Blue   Read Example 3, Method 2. (p41-42, skip Method 1--double number lines)
                              Complete the Check problem on p42 using Method 2 (equivalent fractions)
                            p45 #7-8 (using equivalent fractions  just like the 2 examples on p41 and 42)

Thurs:  Green  No HW
                  Blue   "Check" on p44 and #9 on p46 (Complete each using bar diagrams. Use p43 as an example.)
Ratio Test next Thurs (Lessons 1-1 to 1-5)
~No School~

Week 25:  2/19 - 2/23
Mon:  ~No School~
Tues:  Green   p45  #3, 4 Make a bar diagram; #5 make a double number line 
                 Blue  Finish/Fix #3 on p35  (3 lines should be graphed neatly)
                             Check/Fix #8 on p36
                             Read p31 and then complete Example 2 on p31                       
Wed:   Green   p45  #6-7  Solve using Method 2 (equivalent fractions--see p41-42)
                  Blue   p35-36  #2, 4
Thurs:    Green   p45-46  #8-10
                  Blue   p36  #5 (Complete in your notebook!)
Fri:  No HW

 Week 24:  2/12 - 2/16
Mon:    Blue  p28   #7, 8
       BOTH CLASSES:  
Watch some of the videos below if you're having any trouble with understanding or writing ratios, finding equivalent ratios, or completing ratio tables.  (In other words, if you had any difficulty on the quiz, watch some videos!)
Tues:    Green   Do the 'Check' on p34 and #4, 5 on p36.
                 Blue   Graph points for Company A & B on p29.
                             Read p29.
                             Do #1 on p35.

Wed:    Green   p45  #1-2  (Use p37 as an example)
                  Blue   On p35, finish fixing the graph for #1
                                p35-36  #3, 8

Thurs:  No HW
Fri:  ~No School~

Week 23:  2/5 - 2/9
Mon:  Green   Finish "Graph Equivalent Ratios" lesson on iReady
                 Blue   p 20 "Check" and p22 #10-11
Tues:  Green   Finish the last ratio lesson on iReady:  "Solve Problems with Ratios and Unit Rates"
Finish "Graph Equivalent Ratios" lesson on iReady
Wed:  Finish any remaining Teacher-Assigned lessons on iReady.  [Be sure to check to see if you have any "Past Due" lessons and do those first.]
  Green   p35-36  #1, 3, 8
                   Blue   p27  #1-3
Fri:  Green   p35 #2; Watch some of the videos above if you're having any trouble with understanding or writing ratios, finding equivalent ratios, or completing ratio tables.
             Blue   Watch some of the videos above if you're having any trouble with understanding or writing ratios, finding equivalent ratios, or completing ratio tables.

Ratio Videos:
Basic Concept of Ratios (Mr. J)
Another Basic Intro (Simplify the Middle)
Ratio Basics & Simplifying (Cognito)
Simple Examples (Equivalent, Part-to-Part, Part-to-Whole) (Mr J)
Equivalent Ratios Examples (Mr J)
Concept of Equivalent Ratios (Mr J)

Simplify a Ratio (Mr J)

Equivalent Ratios & Ratio Tables (Simplify the Middle)
Ratio Tables (Anywhere Math)
Ratio Table - filling in missing #s

Ratio Word Problems (Lessonade) - 1st example is great

Week 22:  1/29 - 2/2
Mon:   Green   p21  #1-5
                  Blue   p11-12  #6, 9-11
Tues:  No HW
Wed:    Green   No HW
                   Blue   p21  #1-4
Thurs:  Green   p27  #1-2
                   Blue   p21  #5-7
Fri: No HW

Week 21:  1/22 - 1/26
Mon:  No HW
Tues:   E-Learning
       Classwork to Finish today:
         Complete the Ratios teacher-assigned lesson on iReady.
Wed:    Green  p11  #2-6
                  Blue  p11  #2-5
Thurs:  Finish the teacher-assigned ratio lessons on iReady.

Fri:  No HW

Week 20:  1/15 - 1/19

Mon:  No School

Tues:  E-Learning
Work to finish:  
     Complete the Google Classroom assignment on paper.  You don't need to submit online.
     Do Math Fact Lab (if still needed)
MATH Blue - If you were absent on Friday, you will finish your test tomorrow!

Wed:  No HW  
Thurs:  No HW
Fri: No HW

**There is no requirement for iReady lessons this week since we are working on the diagnostic.**

Week 19:  1/8 - 1/12
Mon:  Complete the Module 2 practice packet through #6. (Do # 1-6 if you didn't get that far in class today.)
            We will continue working on it tomorrow in class.
           There was a typo on the packet.  It says Module 3 instead of Module 2.
            **The Module 2 Test is on Thursday.**
Tues:  Finish the Module 2 practice packet if you did not finish in class. 
                  (Look back at the lessons in your book and your notes for help.)
                   > We will check the rest of it in class tomorrow.
            **The Module 2 Test is on Thursday.**

Wed:  The Module 2 Test is tomorrow.
              (I have emailed you the answer key for the practice packet.)

Thurs:  No HW
Fri:  No HW

Week 18:  12/18 - 12/22
Mon:  Green  No HW
                Blue  p127 #1-4 (In your NB)  
Tues:  Green  Module 2 Review  p131-132  #1, 4, 5, 7-10
                Blue   Module 2 Review  p131-132  #1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10
Wed:  The Module 2 Test will be after break to give you more time to prepare!
              Green &Blue   Finish the Module 2 Review (except #12) >in your NB        
Thurs:  NO HOMEWORK --Test will  be Wednesday after break. >> Thursday

Week 17:  12/11 - 12/15
Mon:  Green   p119 #1-4  (Complete in NB)
                Blue  p119 #1-3  (Complete in NB)
Tues:  Green  
p120 #13-15  (Complete in NB)
                Blue   p119 #6-8  (Complete in NB)
Both Groups:  Quiz Tomorrow  (Lessons 2-3 and 2-4)
     - There will be 3 parts.  The first two parts are just like the full-page worksheets you completed this unit:
                     Part I :  Relate Fractions, Decimals, and Percents > Fill in the missing parts of the chart.
                    Part II:  Multiply & Divide by powers of 10
   - In Part III, you will  find the percent of a number.  That's what we've been working on mostly!  Look back at 2-4 and at the practice we did on p111 and in your notebook.
    **There will be NO word problems . 

Wed:  No HW
Thurs:  Finish iReady Math lessons
Fri:   Make sure iReady and Math Fact Lab are done for the week!

Week 16:  12/4 - 12/8
Mon:  Green   No HW
                Blue  4 percent problems in your notebook:
                            1.  120% of 400 = ____
                            2.  0.15% of 360 = ____
                            3.  0.3% of 75 =____
                            4.  0.65% of 280 = ____

Tues:  Green   Finish #1-4 in your notebook (See problems above)
                Blue   Fix #4 (if you had mistakes on yesterday's HW)
Wed:  Green  No HW
                 Blue  Multiply & Divide by Powers of 10 WS
Thurs:Green &Blue  p112 #10, 11  (Complete in your NB.)
Fri:  Green &Blue   Apply Problem (on WS & in your email) > Complete in your NB.  This is just like the two problems we went over today.  Use them as examples!

Week 15:  11/27 - 12/1
Mon:  p111  #1-4
Tues:  Green  p111  #5, 6, 9  >>  in your notebook
                Blue   p111 Fix #3, 4  & do #5, 6  >> in your notebook
Wed:  Green  Read p108 carefully and complete the "Check."  Do #7 on p111 in your NB.
                 Blue  Complete the 4 questions that I emailed to you in your notebook.
Thurs: Green  p111-112  #8, 12-14 (in your NB)
                 Blue  Complete the "Check" on p107;  "Check" on p108; and #7, 8 on p111  (Do 7 & 8 in your NB)
Fri:  6th grade Field Trip >> Complete Thursday's homework for Monday

*Don't worry about Math Fact Lab this week.

Week 14:  11/20 - 11/21
Mon:  Green &Blue   "Check" problem on p100

                                              p101-102  #10-15
Tues:  No HW
Happy Thanksgiving!!

There is no requirement for Math Fact Lab or iReady this week!

Week 13:  11/13 - 11/17
Mon:  No HW  
Tues:  Green   p91-92  #3, 4, 7-9, 11
                Blue   p91-92  #1, 2, 5, 7, 9 
Wed:  Green  p101  #1,2, 4, 5, 7, 8
                 Blue  p101  #1,2, 4, 5, 7, 8  (Complete in the chart in your notebook)
Thurs:  Green &Blue  Finish filling in the Fraction/Decimal/Percentage chart in your NB
Fri:    Green &  Blue  Complete the Fraction/Decimal/Percentage WS

Week 12:  11/6 - 11/10
Mon:   No HW
Tues:  Green  p83-84  #1-12
                Blue   p83-84  #1-12
Wed:  Green  p91  #1, 2, 5
                 Blue  Complete the Worksheet:  2-1 Understand Percents (I have also emailed this to you just in case.)
Thurs:  Finish your iReady lessons and Math Fact Lab for the week.
Fri:   ~No School~

Week 11:  10/30 - 11/3
Mon:  Complete the decimal problems from the small worksheet in your notebook.
Tues:  No homework.  Happy Halloween!
Wed:  No HW
Thurs:  Test on 3-1 and 3-2 tomorrow!
                    Check your email for extra practice problems and for the answers to our problems from class today.
                    My work and answers to tonight's problems are also in your email.
Fri:   No HW

Week 10:  10/23 - 10/27
Mon:  Green  Module 3 Review  p189-190  #5-13
                             Test on Wed on L3-3 to 3-5

                Blue  p186  #12, 14  (complete in your NB)
                            Test Thurs on L3-3 to 3-5

Tues:  Green  Test on Thurs
                Blue   Module 3 Review  p189-190  #5-10, 13
                             Test Fri

Wed:  Green  Test tomorrow!  (on Lessons 3-3 to 3-5)
        Optional practice problems were emailed to you.  Complete & check your work.  Answers were also emailed.

                 Blue  Finish #11 on p190
                             Complete the Review problems that were emailed to you.  (This is HW--not optional)
                             Test on Fri (on Lessons 3-3 to 3-5)

Thurs: Green  No HW
                 Blue  Test tomorrow! (on Lessons 3-3 to 3-5)
    **Optional practice problems were given to you.  Complete, & check your work.  Answers will be in your email at 3:15pm.

Fri:  No Homework

Week 9:  10/16 - 10/20
Mon: Green  p175-176  #6-9, 11
                Blue  p175-176  #6-8, 11
Tues:  Green  p185  #1-6  (complete in your notebook)
                Blue   p174 "Check" problem 
                            p176 #9  (complete in your notebook)
                                  >>  These problems are just like p173 and #8 on p176.  Use them as examples.
Wed:  Green Finish Apply problem on p183   The final answer should be: 
                                            The area of mirror A is 2 2/49  times greater than the area of mirror B.
                            p186  #11 (complete in NB)  Use p183 as your example!!

                 Blue  p185  #2-6  (complete in your notebook)
Thurs: Green  p185-186   #7, 8, 12, 14  (in notebook)
                  Blue   p185-186  #1, 10, 11  (in notebook)
Fri: No HW

Week 8:  10/9 - 10/13
Mon:   ~No School~
Tues:  Green  p166  #12, 15
                Blue   p164  Check problem
                            p166  #14, 15
Wed:  Green  p166  #14, 16
                 Blue  p166  #13, 16
Thurs:Green  p175  #1-4
                 Blue  p175  #1-4
Fri:    Green  No HW
                Blue  No HW

Week 7:  10/2 - 10/6
Mon:  No HW
Tues:  Green  p165  #1-5  >   Write in the textbook.  There's plenty of room!
                Blue   p165  #1-5  >   Write in the textbook.  There's plenty of room!
                            ALSO, make flashcards for the 4 terms we wrote in the front of your book.

Wed:  Green  p165  #6-7
                 Blue  No HW
Thurs: Green  p165  #9-11
                  Blue  p165  #6-11
Fri:  ~No School~

Week 6:  9/25 - 9/29
Mon:  Green  Finish the word problem on p151 & complete the problem on p152
                Blue  Complete the 4 "Multiplication Practice" problems given in class (in your notebook)
Tues:  Green  3-2 Practice  p153-154  #5, 6, 11
                Blue   3-2 Practice  p153  #5, 6, 9
Wed:  Green  3-2 Practice  p153-154  #7, 8, 12
                            If you haven't been doing Math Fact Lab, do it tonight!!

                 Blue  Finish the "Check" on p150 AND...
                            3-2 Practice  p153  #7, 8

                            If you haven't been doing Math Fact Lab, do it tonight!!
Thurs: Green  No HW
                  Blue  Finish the "Apply" question on p151
       Helpful Videos:  Dividing Decimals by Decimals (KidsMath),  Dividing Decimals by Decimals (Mr. J)
                                         Division with Decimal Divisors (Mr.Premus)

                     Decimal Review:  Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide Decimals (Mr. J)
Fri:     Green  3-1 and 3-2 Test on Monday!  
                Blue  3-1 and 3-2 Test on Monday!  

                            Also do #11 on p154.  After you complete it, check your work here.  I have also  emailed this to you.

Week 5:  9/18 - 9/22
Mon:  Green  3-2 p153  #1-4
                Blue  3-1 p140 (Finish the 'Check') and p142 #12
Tues:  Green  4 Practice problems from board
                Blue  Complete the 'Check' problems on pages 144 & 145
Wed:  Green  1 Practice problem from board  2.214 รท .9
                Blue  3-2 p153  #1-4
Thurs:   No HW...Have a fun weekend!
Fri:   ~No School~

Week 4:  9/11 - 9/15
Mon:  Green  3-1 Practice  p141  #1-2  (Complete in your math notebook.  Don't forget the heading.)
Tues:  Blue  3-1 Practice  p141  #1-3  (Complete in your math notebook.  Don't forget the heading.)
Wed:  Green  3-1 Practice p141  #7-8
                Blue  3-1 Practice  p141  #4-5
Thurs:  No HW
Fri:  Green  3-1 Practice p142  #12-13
                Blue  3-1 Practice  p141  #6, 8, 9

Week 3:  9/4 - 9/8

Week 2:  8/28 - 9/1

Week 32:  4/15 - 4/19