Classroom News

June 7, 2024

My amazing family! - Happy Summer!!!

Many thanks

Thank you so much for an amazing year!!! Also, a big thank you for the hand-written cards and gifts. I feel so blessed to have been able to work with your children this year. 

Mrs. Bucko

June 1, 2024

happy june

3 days left together!!! 

Friday morning we set up in the library for an awards celebration. We started out with iReady awards. Students were recognized for the many lessons they passed this year, but also for the amount of growth they achieved with the diagnostic. If a student kept up with their 2 lessons each week, they should have entered the 60 points club. Over ⅔ of the Buckos surpassed that! We even had 5 students in both reading and math pass over 100 lessons!!! I have been with iReady since it was piloted. Never has there been a class that has achieved such growth!!! As a class we were 154% to our typical growth in reading and 131% to our typical growth in math. EVERY third grader was able to score in the third grade range in reading. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We also recognized our writers. Stories were put into different genres. Students were recognized with honorable mention or Newbery. With all 50 of us in the room together, we spent time reading a few of our classmates' stories. Fourth grade will be joining us next year in our story writing. The seed has been planted to think of ideas over the summer for a good story. The whole writing process will take place earlier in the year. 

Thank you to all the moms that came and helped Mrs. Hanrahan Friday afternoon. The kids had so much fun with the extra recess time and popsicle treat!

Students worked in teams to solve a carnival themed escape project for language arts. They really love solving all these challenges together. This week we will complete another math escape project. 

We emptied some of our desk contents on Friday. Please keep those materials at home. We will be bringing most of our materials home on Monday - and last items on Tuesday.

On Tuesday we will spend part of our day cleaning desks and chairs. Please pack a sponge or rag. 

All chromebooks and chargers will be turned in Tuesday morning. 

If students purchased a yearbook, they can bring it back to school on Wednesday. Before we head to church we will be writing memories. We will share a few last certificates for awards that the students have helped me come up with. Dismissal is at 10 - so, we don’t have a lot of time together. I will be passing out report cards after Mass. Students should bring a bag on Wednesday. They should not bring their water bottle or snack. Computers will already be turned in. 

Fr. Dennis will be celebrated tonight. Mass is at 4 P.M. and a reception will follow. 

Don't forget that arrival and dismissal is on Kedvale for the last 3 days. It will take a bit longer at the end of the day. Ms. Owens explained procedure in more detail in the Charger Check-in.

I’m sure that I’ll be sending out an email blast before Wednesday. It will be a busy last 3 of 3rd grade!!!


Mrs. Bucko

May 25, 2024

Bitmoji Image

We had such a great day Friday!!! Students continue to push themselves to reach their goals. We completed another math mystery - The Case of the Greedy Gnome. Students figured out clues by reading bar graphs, tables, line graphs, and pictographs. Everyone was able to figure out the Greedy Gnome in the end. We played several team challenges on blooket. 8 students had their beetles race outside. Thank you to the parents that helped with the hot dog lunch!

Room 211 keeps the field day title!!! Thursday’s field day was a big hit! The Bucko Bulldogs and the Legendary Loewes kept it competitive. It was much closer this year. The eighth graders did such an amazing job leading us in 12 different events.

Congratulations to Cian and Faye for performing in the talent show. They did a great job representing third grade!

Our language arts lessons centered on The Three Little Pigs. We started out by reading the original. Many didn’t know that the wolf ate the first two pigs. We sequenced story events and discussed characters. We read other versions of the story. We completed compare and contrast charts. We read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. This was from the Wolf’s perspective. We then worked in teams and gave the perspective if you were the third pig or the wolf. We made a fun bulletin board for the back of our room from our art and writing. Students made WANTED posters of the wolf for homework. 

We will be having several quizzes this week. It is all things we have reviewed over the past two weeks. The last grades included on the report card will be on Friday. 

There are still a few students who do not have their multiplication facts memorized with speed and accuracy. It is imperative that all families make sure to keep skills sharp over the summer. In fourth grade they will be doing a lot of long division and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. These are just a few of the skills that knowing facts makes math so much easier. 

We only have 7 days left together. I have them packed full of learning. On Friday the room moms are planning fun outside in the afternoon for both third grades. Mrs. Loewe and I have some things planned for that morning. 

I will be sending out an email later in the week to see if there is any interest in a math club over the summer. 

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!


Mrs. Bucko

May 18, 2024

finish line

We buried a close friend of our family yesterday so I was not at school. The Mass was beautiful and friends gathered after at my house to share stories and love. I am thoroughly exhausted, but my baby girl graduates tomorrow so I have a busy day ahead of me!

Mrs. Loewe, Mrs. Duh and I transferred our 32 chicks back to the farmer on Thursday. They were very cute, but I will be happy to not have the distraction in our room - or cleaning the brooder box multiple times a day. The only critters we have left are the mealworms. We hope that the remainder will become beetles this week. We will be releasing them for their own field day races on Friday. 

All white t-shirts need to be at school by Tuesday morning. We will begin decorating them that day for field day. If you have any extra sharpies or fabric pens at home - please send with your student on Tuesday. We will vote on our team name on Monday. Thursday is our track and field day. Room 211 has won field day since I have been at SCA. We have been the Bucko Bombs. I wonder what we will be this year.

Our Mass is switched to Wednesday morning - followed by a donut treat in the parking lot. In the afternoon we will gather as a school to watch the talent show. A few of our third grade classmates will be performing. It is also a $1 dress down for neurofibromatosis.

Starting on Thursday students are allowed to wear their gym uniform daily. This Thursday they will be wearing their field day shirt to school. 

Our class is officially done with the iReady diagnostic. YEAH!!! I am so proud of their growth with iReady lessons. I look forward to sharing their results with Ms. Owens on Monday. I will pick a day that students will conference with you to share their results. 

I don’t know if you noticed, but our class finished chapter 13 fractions in math and will finish chapter 9 multiplication and division by the end of the week. I didn’t want to test them during the diagnostic. I will be quizzing them throughout this week. They seem to have a great handle on both.  

Friday will be hot dog lunch and early dismissal at noon. 

We only have 12 days left together. Let’s make all of them count!


Mrs. Bucko

May 12, 2024

happy mothers day

I hope that all the moms are having an especially amazing weekend! The kids were so excited to bring you breakfast in bed! 

Thank you for the nice notes and treats this week!!! They made my work outside of school worth it - knowing that it is appreciated.

How many days left? 17! I know that it will go by fast - still so much to fit in before the end.

We ended up with 12 chicks from our 19 eggs. I had to help the last one out, but he was doing just fine on Friday with his siblings. We got to have floor time on Thursday and Friday. I took a picture of each of them holding a chick on Thursday that is waiting to be picked up at Walgreens. I’ll post the pics in our learning photos tab for you to see. I’m sure that we’ll have a lot of visitors this coming week from other classes - they are so cute! The hatch announcements are hanging on their lockers. When students go to computers, they are enjoying reading all the names they picked for the chicks. The chicks return to the farm on Thursday.

Friday afternoon we took our two beetles outside for a beetle race on the sidewalk. Kate and Sienna had a close finish! They were released into the Mary garden. We hope that the rest will emerge from the pupa this next week - some are still in the larva stage. Amazing scores on the butterfly vocabulary test!

If you have a shoe box at home bring it in this week. We are making our Mary dioramas. 

We ended up filling up 3 full boxes of food for the food pantry. I forgot to get a picture before the boys brought the boxes down to Mrs. Leen’s room. I’m hoping that she’ll post a picture. Her room was filled with food on Friday!!!! Thank you to everyone who donated!

The eighth graders led us in a beautiful crowning of Mary on Friday!!! I have a special devotion to Mary. It makes my heart happy when I see young people show such respect and love. We went out to sketch Mary in the afternoon so that I can add their pictures to my Mary display I put up in my classroom each May. 

About ⅔  of the class completed the iReady reading diagnostic. The remainder should finish on Monday. As I was walking around and looking at their screens - it was not easy. The test seemed much more difficult than what they had in January. Everyone has shown growth. I explained to them that growth is what I want to see. I already know how much they have improved in skills since the beginning of the year. We will start the math diagnostic on Monday for those that are ready. We have been reviewing a majority of the past week. Students will come home to conference their scores when everyone has completed the diagnostic.

Children’s Book Week occurs during May and November each year. This next week we will be partnering with preschool to do an activity. In our classroom we will be doing activities with picture books. 

I hope you continue to enjoy today! MOMS - YOU ARE WONDERFUL!


Mrs. Bucko

May 5, 2024

happy may

Twenty-two days left together - it hardly seems possible!

Our food drive will go through Friday of this week. A group of the boys have been working hard to complete our last cars that will hold the food to fill the pantry. I think they are lining up all the cars for a photo at the end of the week. 

All of our butterflies emerged from the chrysalis. We will release them outside once we get a nice sunny day. Everyone got to put their hand in the butterfly house and lift a butterfly up to look more closely at its body parts. We will do that again on Monday before their release. The abdomen enlarges while pumping color, the proboscis curling and uncurling to drink the nectar - they have been able to see all the vocabulary and what we have been talking about in action. 

Our mealworms are in larva, pupa, and adult. We hope that when we get to school on Monday that complete metamorphosis has happened for a few more. Since our praying mantis egg cases had sold out, we watched a video of their birth to see how incomplete metamorphosis is different. I’ll have to order earlier next year so that they can join my class and watch that process.

It is hatch week!!! We took out our egg turner, placed cheesecloth on the wire floor, and placed the eggs down to prepare for their birth. We have our brooder box all ready to receive them. The farmer had an accident on the way to the pick up point, so we have less eggs in the incubator than we had planned. We hope to get at least ten babies. We have had several discussions about the miracle of life. We talked about the fact that not all the eggs will go to full term. This is part of life. I wanted them to be prepared for that reality. With all the excitement comes distraction. We need to provide a quiet environment for the chicks. They will be exhausted trying to push out of the egg. I’m sure you’ll be getting a daily update. We get to keep them longer than we have been able to in 20 years. They will be in our classroom for a week.

We kicked off May with beautiful art and a lovely prayer service. The Loewe’s came across the hall to pray with us. I posted a few pictures of our classroom May crowning in our learning photos. We will gather as a school this week to crown Mary in church. Because I have a special devotion to Mary, it brings me great joy to look at the altar we’ve created. This week we will paint a Mary project that will go home to start their prayer corner. 

In math we will complete the geometry chapter on Tuesday. I will take Wednesday through Friday to teach mini lessons and review what we have learned throughout the year. 

On Wednesday we will start the iReady reading diagnostic. I am so proud of how hard students have pushed themselves to complete third grade lessons. Students that had some missing pieces to fill in have far surpassed where iReady thought they would be at this point. We only test for thirty minutes in the morning. If you remember, the test is set up to continue asking questions until it becomes too difficult. Some students may need only 2 days to test - others may take 4 or 5. Please help me by making sure they eat breakfast in the morning and get a good night’s sleep. Math will start the following week. 

On Monday third graders will take a short religion assessment from the archdiocese. It is not graded. It will help to show teachers where there may be missing pieces in instruction. Last year it took only 15 minutes to take. 

Third grade will be white this year for track and field day. That means you need to locate a white t-shirt that we can decorate with our team name. That won’t be happening this week. They’ll need it at school on May 20. Track and field day is May 23, 2024.

Don’t forget that Wednesday is an early dismissal and spirit wear. 

Again - never a dull moment in third grade. I hope you all have a wonderful week. 


Mrs. Bucko

April 26, 2024

main character energy

I am participating in my last professional development in a series of 4. I hope that you are enjoying your extra weekend day together. My daughter has prom tonight, so I know that once my class finishes - my day will be busy! 

Thank you to so many that brought food items to help stock the food pantry. Items can be brought in all of next week. We filled one “car” box. We are going to decorate two more boxes and try to fill those by Friday. 

It was good to see so many supporting Autism yesterday. Thank you for your donations.

We finished reading James and the Giant Peach. Thursday we spent a large part of the day doing challenges in teams. Next week we'll be reading from our Storyworks magazine. 

Our spelling words will be words with soft c and g. We didn’t take the vocabulary test this week. I felt we needed more review. Our grammar skill will be comparative and superlative adjectives. 

We also didn’t take the math assessment. We will be reviewing and taking a practice test on Monday, and the test will be on Tuesday. We worked on fraction packets that allowed me to work with small groups this past week. We will move into our geometry chapter on Monday. I want to make sure that is completed so that we can spend the remainder of the year on multiplication and division of larger numbers. 

We celebrated authors this week. Our six story winners enjoyed their day at Trinity Christian College on Wednesday. Fourth grade will be joining us next year in story writing. So, a few more students will get a chance to go next year. 

All of our ladybug larvae, most of our caterpillars, and 3 of our mealworms went into their pupae this week. With this long weekend, we might return to transformations. Our poetry this week was a two word poem about our mealworms. They have replaced our solar eclipse acrostics on our north wall. 

This week it will be May. May is dedicated to the month of Mary. You will hear about how our classroom changes over this month. I will be asking students to make a space in their bedroom or somewhere in your house that they will be creating a prayer corner. (More information to come)

If I counted right, we have 27 days left together. I still have so much to pass on before they leave me. I hope we can make this a great last few weeks!


Mrs. Bucko

April 20, 2024

Bitmoji Image

I know that I mentioned it last week, but your children are lucky that there are so many motivated classmates!!! It is not just a few - ¾ of the room push themselves every day and go beyond what I have asked of them. I started conferencing with students since we are at the midpoint of the trimester. After the diagnostic in January students were at 32 lessons in iReady reading and math. When they come home to conference with you next week, you will be surprised where they are now. Since I started using iReady I have not had a group that has been able to show this incredible amount of growth! 

Another example of going beyond - I assigned a state research project. We completed 2 different graphic organizers - then we went on Easter break. I was asked by 2 boys if they could take the information and create a slide deck. I said sure. Students are now creating these amazing presentations - that I never even assigned!!! (Most have over 20 slides) They are really going to wow you in the future!!! I can’t wait to see.

This week we signed our names to a Rachel’s Challenge banner. The pillars of the challenge are:

  1. Look for the best in others.

  2. Speak with kindness.

  3. Choose positive influences.

  4. Dream big.

  5. Start a chain reaction.

I hope that all the acts of kindness that we worked on will continue that chain reaction. Jesus would agree that these pillars are how we should live our life every day.

I decided to extend our math chapter on equivalent fractions so that students would feel more confident before I gave the test. We will have the assessment this coming Thursday. We played several kahoot games to practice what we have learned so far in the chapter. This afternoon I felt really good about their understanding.

Because the homophone test is always the hardest, our spelling test for this past week will be on Tuesday. We will wrap up conjunctions  in grammar and start on comparatives and superlatives. We just finished Unit 13 in vocabulary. The test will be on Wednesday. 

Our extra classmates have been pretty exciting!!! The farmer brought us eggs for the incubator on Tuesday. It takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch. Our mealworms have been molting a lot. 2 students already have a pupa. Our caterpillars quadrupled in size. Ask your child about all they are learning. I’m sure you’ll get an ear full. I am asking them to come home and play a butterfly vocabulary game with you later this week.

We have had a lot of classroom visitors this past week. I’ve invited other teachers and staff to come in for a poetry break and read a favorite poem to our class. This past week we heard from Mr. Laskaridis, Mrs. Anderson, Ms. Woods, Mrs. Ivers and Prek, Mrs. Duh and first grade, Mrs. Omiecinski, Mrs. Kwasiborski, Mrs. Toppel, and Mrs. Siriani. We participated in a poetry tasting. I set up our room like a restaurant and students read a “tasting” of poems from all sorts of different poetry books. I think the library’s entire poetry section is in our classroom right now. Students will choose a favorite poem to practice reading. We will also continue to write different kinds of poems. We will have a poetry slam the first part of May (more information to come). We even had two different styles of poetry and rhyme in our classroom novel.

We will complete our classroom novel, James and the Giant Peach, at the end of the week. Even though the book is fiction, it gives a lot of factual information about insects. There are so many vocabulary words used in Roald Dahl’s book that are new to students. My hope is that students will start to choose more challenging chapter books like this after we have finished reading it. 

Our six story winners from third grade will attend the Young Author Festival on Wednesday. Our classroom is invited to Trinity Christian College on Tuesday evening to meet the guest author, Gary Schmidt, for a short presentation at 6:30 in the Ozinga Chapel. His books will be on sale afterwards - and he’ll sign your copy. Ms. Owens posted the flier in the Charger Check-In. 

There is a lot to remember in this short week. It’s Earth Day on Monday. It's also the start of Drive to Get Rid of Hunger. We will be collecting donations in our classroom the next 2 weeks. Tuesday night is meet the author at Trinity Christian College. It's also the start of our last beyond the books. After school on Wednesday there are talent show auditions. A parent needed to complete the Google form in the Charger Check-In in order for students to audition. Thursday is $1 dress down for autism - wear red/blue. Students don’t have school on Friday. Teachers will be in archdiocese professional development. 

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Bucko

April 12, 2024

sun basking

It was such a nice week back! Spring in third grade is always such a fun time. Every day we would look at the clock and not believe that it was almost time to go home. I love that! 

We created environments for our new classmates. On Tuesday we welcomed mealworms. Today we welcomed caterpillars and ladybug larvae. I hope that students have been coming home to share what they have been observing. On Tuesday I will be picking up chicken eggs from the farmer. The praying mantis egg case sold out, but I am hoping that other sellers still have some available. 

We started reading James and the Giant Peach. I’ve asked students to keep the book and the packet in their homework folder - just in case they are absent. 

We completed the first fraction chapter in math. This week we will continue our work on equivalent fractions. 

In grammar we will work on conjunctions. We will start Unit 13 in vocabulary. Our spelling words will be homophones. 

On Tuesday we celebrate the feast day of St. Bernadette. 

Part of poetry month there will be several guest readers visiting our classroom. I decided to move our poetry tasting to this coming week. This past week we worked on poetry based on our experience with the solar eclipse. The poems and eclipse art are hanging on our north wall.

In social studies students have taken their state research notes and created a slide deck. I’m glad that they already have a strong foundation in presentation skills. I’m more of the moderator. They are excited to be the teacher.

Students have been working extra hard on iReady - in both reading and math. Many are far surpassing our weekly goals. This class is so lucky to have the majority so motivated to grow and stretch their brains. I expect great things from this class in the future!

I hope you have time to enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


Mrs. Bucko

April 4, 2024

happy april

I can’t believe there are only 3 days left of break! It went by too fast!

On Monday, April 8 our class will be spending a significant amount of time reading and discussing the solar eclipse. We watched a short brain pop video before break and reviewed revolution, rotation, and moon phases. Many schools are spending this entire week focusing on the eclipse. I have some short video clips, slide deck, craft, and books for our continued learning on Monday morning. Ms. Owens has purchased safety glasses for us to wear when we go outside in the afternoon. I still remember making the safety viewer when I was around their age when the path went through my town in Minnesota. 

We will also be creating a habitat for our first “creature” to be part of our life cycle study this month. I don’t want to give too much away yet!

We will start our new literature unit on James and the Giant Peach on Tuesday. I used ½ of my grant money to purchase a new class set. Mine was from 1991. When we unpackaged the books we were greeted by a delightful smell. The covers are peach scented!!! Every 2 days we will be reading a section of chapters. We will cover reading skills, vocabulary, and comprehension with each section. Students will keep their literature packets in their homework folder - along with the book. That way if anyone is absent they will not get behind. 

Our spelling list will be words with variant vowels. We will be reviewing the last 7 weeks of grammar skills with a unit review. We are wrapping up Unit 12 vocabulary on Monday. The test will be on Thursday. 

We completed our first fraction chapter before break. We will review those skills on Monday and test on Tuesday. When we went through the review test before break, students did amazing. We will go right into the equivalent fractions chapter on Wednesday. 

April is National Poetry Month. We will kick off our poetry unit on Tuesday. We will participate in a “poetry tasting” later in the week. Students will be reading, composing, and reciting poetry this month. There will be more details shared in next week’s post.

In religion we will be wrapping up our chapter on what it means to be Catholic. We will be discussing how we can be more accepting of all people. I’ve decorated our entire north wall in our classroom with their beautiful HE HAS RISEN art. I’ll add a picture to our classroom learning photos on Monday. 

Sometime during the week we will be creating habitats for a few other “creatures” that will be shipped to our classroom. Again, I don’t want to give too much away. I don’t know what exact date they will arrive, but we will be ready. 

I took down all the bulletin boards in our classroom and have transformed the room to make space for our life cycle study, literature unit, poetry unit, and math study for this month. 

Thank you to everyone that brought in a box of kleenex or clorox wipes. You can still bring those items this week. Take time to make sure that your child has supplies to finish up the year. Several students are out of pencils, glue sticks, scissors, expo markers, etc. There were also a few who didn’t have working headphones. 

I hope that you enjoy your last few days of break. I still have a lot to do at my own house before I return. Make sure bedtime is earlier on Sunday. We are going to be busy! 

He has Risen! Alleluia!

Mrs. Bucko

March 29, 2024

happy easter

I am sitting here with my coffee and enjoying the quiet of my house. Yesterday’s prayer service brought the same peace. All 3 of my children would volunteer to serve on Holy Thursday. Every year I am reminded of their respectful and humble act of washing feet. Grand gestures are nice, but as I get older I am touched by the simple kindnesses that I receive from others. A fifth grader handed me a miniature paper bouquet at dismissal last week. Tucked in among the flowers was a heart that said - You are loved! The acts of kindness that third graders did during Lent have also touched my heart. Our paper chain of kindness reached over 23 sidewalk squares when we went outside on Tuesday. (Look in classroom learning photos.) If you were at dismissal yesterday you saw that we stretched from the gym - almost to the dismissal door. Students had done “extra” acts of kindness so that our chain would grow. I hope that continues the remainder of the year.

I know that it is break, but I did challenge students to read a chapter book over these 10 days. I am looking forward to finally getting to read a book that I got for Christmas. 

These next few days will be busy. I hope you are able to take time to go to church and share the beauty of our faith with your family. 


Mrs. Bucko

March 22, 2024


The snow today was so beautiful! We have the best view from our classroom. It was a good reminder to come to school prepared to be outside in all weather conditions. 

Mrs. Loewe and I announced our winners that will be attending the Young Authors Conference near the end of April. Representing our classroom will be Emily Halsey, Connell Quinlan, and Kate Heinlen. We will celebrate all authors some time later this spring. 

We have only 4 days before Easter break. Monday - Wednesday will be normal, but Thursday is an early dismissal and prayer service at 10:00. April and May are pretty intense in third grade. We will be kicking off our life cycle unit, new literature unit, and brand new math unit the day we return from break - April 8. I am assuming that everyone will be in attendance - being that we have 10 days off. 

Students did great this week on tests in spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and reading. I hope this continues the remainder of the year. We have our last lesson in math chapter 7 on Monday. We will review what we learned, and the test will be the Tuesday after we return from break.

Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week. Our religion focus this week will revolve around the events that lead up to Easter. I know that students won’t be with me Thursday - Sunday, but I hope that your family chooses to participate in the many beautiful events that lead up to Easter. 

I have been starting my double time math lessons. Students will be coming home on Monday to demonstrate. 

Cursive instruction will continue daily the remainder of the year. I’ve already talked to fourth grade teachers so that they continue where we leave off. 

I’m hoping that everyone completes a chapter book over break. This may require a trip to the library if they don’t come home with a chapter book on Thursday. 

April is National Poetry Month -so much fun to share when we return…

Have a great week!


Mrs. Bucko

March 17, 2024

Bitmoji Image

I apologize that I’m sending this out late tonight. Both of my goddaughters have had back to back baby showers the past two weekends. I have been busy crocheting blankets, buying presents,  and making centerpieces and party favors. 

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!! When I was little I hated that I was named for a boy saint. But now that I know his story I take pride in my first name. March is the month of St. Joseph, but we will celebrate his feast day on Tuesday.

The leprechaun traps were amazing!!! (Look in our classroom learning photos.) We had 6 different classes come to visit. Students got to explain how their trap worked. We read about St. Patrick and How to Trap a Leprechaun. We listened to an Irish tale - Fiona’s Luck. We drew a blueprint of how our trap would look. We sequenced how to trap a leprechaun and then wrote an opinion paragraph about why our trap would work the best in catching a leprechaun. We did some logic puzzles that were themed for this week. We designed a Leprechaun Village using our area and perimeter skills. We worked with prefixes and suffixes and parts of speech with a rainbow theme. I’m probably forgetting something, but you’ll see all of it in their work folder at the end of the week. 

We got to experience the living stations. The eighth grade did an incredible job. It always makes it easier to understand the events in Jesus’ final hours when everything is being acted out right beside you. This week we will be going to reconciliation. Our third grade did a nice job leading the school in Mass on Friday. I am always so proud of their respectful behavior. We painted beautiful crosses that hang across our lenten bulletin board. Our kindness chain is getting long!

We will take the unit 11 vocabulary test. Our grammar skill will be linking verbs. Our spelling list will be words with variant vowels. 

In math we will take an assessment on area and the distributive property. We will also be starting our fraction unit. I have been giving mini lessons on fractions to over half the room, so I’m hoping we can complete the chapter before we leave for break. Many students have already passed the third grade fraction lessons in  iReady - so I had to give instruction earlier.

I hope that you have a nice week!


Mrs. Bucko

March 8, 2024


What a week! On Monday we had our presidential share with the other third graders. We learned so many interesting facts. Monday afternoon we visited Mrs. Zawaski’s class and completed a measurement project with the first graders. We kicked off National Reading Month and Read Across America week. We wrote and made a book commercial video (overcoming several technical difficulties). We practiced calculating the area of different figures. We used the distributive property of multiplication. We solved logic puzzles with a March theme. We celebrated Wacky Wednesday. It was fun to dress up and find so many things that were “wacky” in our classroom and in our reading. Some students completed Dr. Seuss bingo. We completed our study of irregular past tense verbs, unit 10 vocabulary, and spelling words with prefixes. We participated in math centers in Ms. Tesmond’s room and ours. We completed an art/religion project with the shamrock and the glory be prayer. We made beautiful Celtic crosses that are hanging in the hallway. We did over 100 acts of kindness. We had individual conferences before bringing home report cards. We went to Mass and watched the Ruby Bridges movie with Mrs. Loewe’s class. Phew!!! That is not everything, but just a short recap. 

Looking ahead…this will be another busy week. I hope that everyone has started on their leprechaun traps. We will be doing a writing project on our trap and an opinion paragraph about why our trap will be the best at capturing a leprechaun. Other classrooms will be visiting our room throughout the week. Bring traps in on Monday. They will be going home on Friday so that students can set them up at home before the holiday.

We have started Unit 11 in vocabulary. Our grammar skill will be helping verbs. Our spelling list will be words with diphthongs. 

We will be watching several short videos during the week to highlight a few amazing women in history. 

We will have stations of the cross with the whole school as our older students act out the stations. I believe that is at 1:30. Third grade will be in charge of Mass on Friday. 

We have early dismissal on Wednesday. 

Even though we had a few bumps in the road with behavior this week, we were able to grow and stretch our brains. There are many students who are at the end of third grade and have even started on fourth grade lessons - in both math and reading. 

I hope everyone has a fun time at the St. Baldrick’s party. I know the third graders were excited about the money they had raised. I forgot to get a before picture today - even though we talked about it after prayer. I’m sure someone will get a good one. 

I can’t believe that we are in our last trimester together! Have a nice rest of the weekend. 


Mrs. Bucko

March 1, 2024

happy march

I just finished my professional development for the day. Engaging students as faithful disciples was the title of my afternoon session. I had a nice discussion with another teacher in our break-out room. I enjoyed hearing about what her school has been doing for service and outreach. 

Monday marks the beginning of our last trimester together. Report cards for trimester 2 will go home next Thursday, March 7. I believe iReady diagnostic reports will be included. 

March is National Reading Month. We will be doing many different activities to celebrate books throughout the month. This week we will be making a book commercial about a favorite picture or chapter book. Everyone will get a script with missing parts to fill in. Then, they will tape themselves on Seesaw reading from that script. I will be showing the videos to the whole class on Wednesday. I have a library full of Dr. Seuss books on a google slide that will be up on google classroom. Dr. Seuss’s birthday is March 2. Read Across America is usually celebrated on this day, but that is on a Saturday this year. When students finish work early this month, they will be able to visit this library to read a Dr. Seuss book. 

Our class got our golden ticket pulled this week!!! We will use our out of uniform on Wednesday, March 6 - Wacky Wednesday. Students can do something “wacky” with their dress that day (crazy socks, shirt on backwards, wacky hairdo…). I will be reviewing my expectations with the students on Monday. 

With several students out in both third grades we weren’t able to share our presidential posters. We plan on doing that this Monday. We will also be coming together on Friday to watch the Disney movie - Ruby Bridges - from 1998. It is rated PG. 

Our black history month quilt is hanging on our back bulletin board. There were only a few people on the quilt squares that third graders had ever heard of before. We didn’t go into depth on any of them, but now hopefully they’ll remember their name and contribution. 

We have been reviewing Unit 10 in vocabulary the past few days. Our assessment will be this Tuesday. Our spelling words will be with prefixes pre-, dis-, and mis-. Our grammar skill will be irregular past tense verbs. We will continue reading from our Storyworks3 magazine. 

In religion we will focus on One God in the Three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity. St. Patrick’s story will be shared. We will work on a Holy Trinity shamrock art and a watercolor of Jesus on the cross. 

We will be wrapping up our Investigating Electrical Systems unit in science. Students will be showing me what they’ve learned, and we will be talking about electrical safety. 

Mrs. Zawaski’s class will be coming to work on a measurement project with our class Monday afternoon. It is quite involved - so a little help from an older friend will be appreciated. 

We will continue working with area in math. We will practice our skills solving real world problems. Our formal assessment will be the following week. I am introducing several new math centers on Thursday when we have Ms. Tesmond in our classroom. 

I hope that there has been some beginning discussion on the leprechaun trap. I will be giving reminders to students this week so that everyone is not starting next weekend. We talked about all the “free” items that are in our house that we can use. (amazon boxes, toilet paper rolls, glitter, plastic coins, rainbow items, etc.) I reinforced that this project is not for your family to spend money on. Shamrock stickers or plastic coins from the dollar store are ok, but it should be fun trying to figure out what to use in your own home before you go out to buy anything. There is a writing project that goes along with the trap that we will work on the week of the 11th. 

I hope to start work on cursive writing this last trimester. We pack so much into our days already, but I want them to really know how to form letters correctly. I’ve learned 3 different styles of cursive writing. We will be using the Zaner-Bloser style. It is the most common.

I hope your lenten journey has brought you peace. Our acts of kindness chain link makes me happy every time I look at it in our classroom. 

The next several weeks we will have 2 students from St. Xavier visiting both third grades. They are completing their observation hours for becoming a teacher.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Bucko

bruary 23, 2024

heart stamp

We are entering the last week of February and the last week of the second trimester. I will close out all grades on Thursday, February 29. Students brought homework folders home on Thursday. I have to go through workbooks and journals to take grades at the beginning of the week.  

I am happy to be hearing about all the acts of kindness that students are doing outside of school. It makes my heart happy to hear all of their good deeds. Please sign the kindness bingo board this next week so that I can give them credit in their religion grade. 

Students need to show me their reading charts next week. I’m looking to see at least 200 minutes from each student. 

I forgot to send home the leprechaun trap assignment on Thursday. I will be discussing the guidelines with the students on Monday, and they will bring the note home for you to sign for Monday homework. The project is not turned in until the week of March 11. Mrs. Loewe and I like to give enough time so that parents have a few weeks to plan with their child. 

Third grade has been doing very well on the area chapter in math. There are only 7 lessons in this chapter, so we will be completing the chapter on Wednesday and reviewing the last days of the week. 

We will join the lower grades on Wednesday to  participate in stations of the cross. 

We have learned so many interesting facts about our past presidents. We will work on completing the posters at the beginning of the week. At the end of the week both third grades will form a sharing circle in order of the presidential term. Each third grader will be able to share a few interesting facts they learned during their research. 

Our short unit on Ruby Bridges will continue. Students will also become familiar with a few other famous African Americans that made a difference as we end Black History Month. 

Two groups were successful on Thursday in creating an electrical circuit with a switch!!! We will work on getting everyone able to turn their light on and off this week. Afterwards, we will work on electrical safety and sharing what we’ve learned by creating trifold brochures. 

All Young Author stories have gone off to the judges. 3 students will be chosen to represent our class at the Young Author Conference in April. We will put a date on the calendar that parents will be able to come and see all the stories. Thank you for your help in proofreading before they turned in their final copy for binding. 


Mrs. Bucko

February 17, 2024


I’m sure that a lot of you saw the pictures on facebook - clad with hairnets! The teachers spent yesterday morning packing food for the poor around the world at Feed My Starving Children. It was a nice way to start service and acts of kindness for Lent. As part of our lenten journey our classroom is trying to do extra acts of kindness. I hope you begin to notice that with your child. Our lenten promises are hanging in our classroom to remind us of what we are trying to accomplish.

Thank you to the parents that came for conferences on Thursday. There aren’t many opportunities to discuss how your child is doing academically and socially. 

We began our presidential research. Part of our discussion on Thursday was not just filling in the research notes packet but to read about their president. Once they slowed down and actually read - the class found so many amazing facts. We will continue researching on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will begin working on the posters on Thursday. 

During February I always share the story of Ruby Bridges. We will be reading several nonfiction texts. There are a lot of big vocabulary words this week. I will be teaching about the law put into place to desegregate schools signed by Lyndon B. Johnson. We will end the week reading about Jackie Robinson.

Spelling will continue with r-controlled vowel words. We start Unit 10 in vocabulary. We continue with possessives in grammar. 

In math we will be working on area measurement. I’m still expecting those students who are in Xtra math to complete daily practices. 

I hope that you enjoyed your iReady conference with your child last Monday. I meant to have you sign their assignment book after they chatted with you about the information. Students will have you sign in their assignment books this Tuesday. So many students are going above and beyond their goals!!!!

Investigating electrical systems continues. This week they will be testing out circuits, and we will actually create a light switch out of an index card, brass brads, wires, and tape. 

The new Beyond the Books form came home this past week. You should have also received your rice bowl and a lenten companion book. 

We have 2 weeks left for this trimester. iReady reports will come home with report cards in March. 

Enjoy the weekend!


Mrs. Bucko

February 10, 2024

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Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the dragon. Students read stories and worked in teams to answer trivia questions about this holiday and its customs. We made dragon masks that are hanging in our classroom. 

We only have 1 group left to present their author interview. Students did an amazing job this week! I think they had fun dressing up and performing in front of a large group.  They started taking home their research boards. Everyone takes home the board for 1 night and returns it the next day so that everyone in the group has a chance to present information to their family. 

Speaking of presenting information… We put new data  in our iReady folders so that students can present to a parent as part of their homework on Monday.

Our next research project will be on a president. Students chose a president and will begin research this week. When the research component is complete, they will fill in information on a presidential poster. Both third grades will meet and share what they’ve learned when all the posters are ready for display. 

Our language arts lessons this week will be centered around an endearing story, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. We will be talking about the changes that take place in the main character and sequence events in the story. I will be posting a read aloud on google classroom. That leads us into Valentine’s Day. Like I shared previously, we will be delivering valentines to our classmates on Tuesday, February 13. There are 24 students in our class. 

On Wednesday we begin the season of Lent. At the beginning of the week students will come home to talk with you about their Lenten promises - pray, fast, give alms. We will be writing out those promises on Tuesday so that they can be part of our religion corner. We will come together as a school at 10:00 on Wednesday to receive our ashes.