Weekly Assignments
May 31st, 2022

Reading/Language Arts

We will finish "Wild Weather"; we will practice identifying expository text, asking and answering questions, main idea and key details.
We will also continue practicing our vocabulary words and  antonyms.

Spelling this week (oi, oy)
Regular list: join, turmoil, choice, foil destroy, voice, poise, royal, join, oyster
Challenge list: destroy, voyage, disappoint, appointment, rejoice, poinsettia, trapezoid, asteroid, invoice, paranoid
High frequency words: any, buy, every, why, very


The kids love our geometry chapter!  We are working on identifying features of solid and plane figures, as well as sorting them by their attributes.

We are learning about ways to prayer and focusing on the meaning of the Lord's Prayer.

We love our unit on the solar system!  We will be learning about the sun, planets, and other parts of the solar system.