Weekly Assignments
November 6th, 2023

Reading/Language Arts

We will finish reading "Sled Dogs Run"; we are working on realistic fiction, making predictions, and identifying story elements (characters, setting, plot). 

Our vocabulary words:
adapt, climate, eager, freedom, fresh, sense, shadows, silence

We will learn about irregular plural nouns. 

Spelling (long a patterns)
Regular list: crave, paint, crayon, train, flake, sleigh, eight, trail, steak, sway
Challenge list: operate, neighbor, rainbow, freight, migrate, payment, entertain, dainty, complain, holiday

High frequency words: always, gave, may, made, take

We are working on problems with more than one step and finding the missing part of a whole.


We will learn about the season of Advent and start learning about the steps of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

We are so excited to work on our science unit! We will be studying animal adaptations and classifications, including warm- vs cold-blooded animals.