Weekly Assignments
November 28th, 2022

Reading/Language Arts

We will start reading the text "A Visit to the Desert" as we practice identifying realistic fiction, making predictions, and sequencing a story's plot.

We will also learn about prefixes and begin a new vocabulary list:
adapt, climate, eager, freedom, fresh, sense, shadows, silence

We are working on singular vs plural nouns, as well as irregular plurals.

Spelling (long e - e_e, ea, ee, ey, i, ie)
Regular list: heat, beach, pea, taxi, knee, thief, teeth, jeans, money, queen
Challenge list: sneaker, freedom, chimney, teacher, spaghetti, peacock, confetti, between, brief, exceed

High frequency words: before, green, read, these, very


We started our new chapter on geometry! We will work on identifying solid and plane figures, attributes of solid and plane figures, and sorting by attributes.


We're learning about the season of Advent, and later this week we'll begin chapter 9 in our book learning about appreciating and caring for God's creation.

We are looking forward to starting our first big science unit!! We will be learning about animal adaptations and classifications.