Classroom News

Friday, 12-02-22

Happy December?! How is that possible? It's the most wonderful time of the year. and it's also the busiest. Look at next week, for example!!!

Sunday- 2nd Sunday of Advent
Monday- Vocabulary Workshop Unit 5 Test; Spelling Pretest
Tuesday- Feast Day of St. Nick; We will go to Confession at 9:30 AM
Wednesday- Santa's Secret Shop 9:35-10:05; Unit 1 Review Grammar Test
Thursday-10:00 Mass for the Immaculate Conception; Subtraction Quiz
Friday-Third Grade Mass at 8:30-join us if you can :) Spelling Test

Religion-ADVENT; We'll review Reconciliation
Spelling- Advent Words
Reading-We continue StoryWorks with a mixture of non fiction and fiction stories
Grammar-Unit 1 Review; SHORT Test is Wednesday; Then, we begin Common/Proper Nouns
Writing-Persuasive/Point of View Christmas Writing
Vocabulary Workshop-Unit 5 TEST is Monday; We'll begin Unit 6
Math-Subtraction- We're getting to the end
Science-Life Cycle of a Christmas Tree
Social Studies-We're reviewing some map skills

Thank you for the Scholastic Book order!

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Loewe

Saturday, 11-26-22

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and some quality time with your family over break. 

The Week Ahead:

Sunday- First Sunday of Advent
Monday-Gym;  Irregular Plural Noun Test
Tuesday- Art; Spanish; Library"All Aboard" Reading Test
Wednesday-Gym; Music

Wednesday, 11-23-22

Dear Room 212  Parents & Students, 
     Hello! I hope you're all enjoying the first day of our Thanksgiving break. Why was I awake at 6 AM?! Anyway, thank you so much for coming to Parent Teacher Conferences yesterday. It really was a pleasure :) I apologize if your conference felt rushed or if we didn't get to discuss something in particular. Feel free to message me if you'd like to continue our conversation.  We can chat more via email or phone call next week. 

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. I truly am thankful for each one of you and all your help, support, and cooperation. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

             Mrs. Megan Loewe

Sunday, 11-20-22

Next week:

Monday, 11-21-22- Gym

Tuesday, 11-22-22- Art; 10:00 Mass; 11:00 Dismissal; Parent Teacher Conferences in the gym. I look forward to meeting with you ;)

Wednesday, 11-23-22- NO SCHOOL
Thursday, 11-24-22- Happy Thanksgiving! Please know I am thankful for all of your cooperation and support. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family! Enjoy the break! Classes resume Monday, 11-28-22

Thursday, 11-17-22 Happy Report Card Day!!!

Today we received First Trimester Report Cards. You only need to sign and return the envelope. Inside that envelope, you can find a Pre-Conference Survey. Please complete and return by Monday if possible. Also, if you haven't signed up for Parent Teacher Conferences, please do so. I would love to check in with you in person to discuss your child's progress and see how things are going. 

A couple things I thought I'd mention...

*Please make sure your child is bringing a snack/water each day. I always have extras, but my supply has been depleting lately. Also, please make sure the snack is healthy. Morning snacks should really not be candy, chips, cookies, etc. 

*It looks like the cold weather is here to stay :( 
Please make sure your child is dressed warm enough or they will not be allowed to go outside for recess. They should be wearing long pants (sweatpants), heavy coats, hats, and gloves. Girls can wear leggings under their skirts. 

*Students are not allowed to communicate with other students using their St. Catherine School email accounts.

*I am sending a packet of Scholastic Book orders home tomorrow if anyone is interested in buying any books as Christmas gifts. I am also attaching a little note with ordering/delivery information.

*I will be sending Ofrenda. pictures home tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing your loved ones with us :)

*I will be updating 2nd Trimester PowerSchool grades after PTC on Tuesday, 11-22-22

*On Sunday, 11-20-22, we will be celebrating a 3rd Grade Family Mass at 9:30 AM. Thanks to all those who volunteered for a part. The students will be invited up to the altar to sing "Awesome God" after Communion. I hope you can join us!

I am very proud of the third graders' progress this first semester. We will be making 2nd Trimester goals for our Bravo Board! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Thank you!
                          Mrs. Loewe

Friday, 11-11-22

Happy Veterans' Day to you and yours! We celebrated a very nice mass this morning :) We also practiced some songs for the Family Mass hosted by 3rd grade on Sunday, 11-20-22 at 9:30 AM-Mark your calendars!  We had a full week of finishing our novel The Mouse and the Motorcycle. We compared the book and the movie :) We also launched mini marshmallows on the catapults we made a last week. We visited the Book Fair. They were so excited. See the After picture :) We also observed seeds and identified their parts.

Next week:
Tuesday- Art, Spanish, Library
Wednesday- Disguised Turkeys due; Gym; Music
Thursday- Computers; Report Cards go home!
Friday-Reading TEST

Religion- Saint Banners; Chapter 4- Jesus Teaches Us To Pray
None! We will play review games with previous words
Grammar/Writing- Irregular Nouns; We will write about our Disguised Turkeys
Vocabulary Workshop- Unit 5
Reading- We will read "All Aboard! Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine"
Math- Chapter 3- Subtraction; Please practice facts every night! FLASH CARDS! FLASH CARDS! FLASH CARDS!
Science- We continue Plant Life Cycles
Social Studies- We continue Unit 1- Communities


Sunday, 11-06-22

Hello! Happy November! I hope everyone survived this weekend's wind?! It's hard to believe that this Friday, 11-11-22, is the end of out first trimester! Report cards go home on Thursday, 11-17-22. 

This Week:
Monday- Gym; Spelling Pretest
Tuesday-  Art; Spanish; Library; 
Plural Nouns TEST
Wednesday- Gym; TEST on The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Thursday- Computers; Ch 2 Math TEST on Addition; We will visit the BOOK FAIR 1:30-1:55
Friday- Happy Veterans' Day; 8:30 Mass; Spelling TEST

Spelling- Long a; Pretest tomorrow; TEST Friday
Religion- We will be researching various saints and creating a saint banner on our lockers
Reading- We will be creating a Veterans' Day Flip Chart, finishing The Mouse and the Motorcycle (FINAL TEST on Wednesday) , and reading "All Aboard! Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine"
Grammar- We finish up Regular Plural Nouns with a TEST on Tuesday and begin Irregular Plural Nouns
Vocabulary Workshop- We begin Unit 5
Math- We finish up Chapter 2- Addition with a TEST on Thursday; We are also continuing to learn some MULTIPLICATION rules; Next up-Subtraction!
Social Studies


Sunday, 10-30-22

Twas the Night before Halloween...
I'm sure all the kids are gearing up for tomorrow!
Just a few Halloween reminders:
*Kids can wear their school appropriate costumes to school tomorrow. Please no masks or accessories!
*We will have our Classroom Halloween Party 10:45-11:45 AM. Thank you to Mrs. Sosnowski and all our parent helpers!!!
*You can send in dairy and nut free treats if you wish :)
*The Halloween parade will be at 1:00 PM- please join us if you can!
*Mrs. Bucko and I will be doing a Halloween STEM activity with both classes tomorrow morning
* We will try to get a little Halloween related schoolwork in as well!

This Week:
Monday, 10-31-22- Happy Halloween!!! Classroom party 10:45-11:45; Parade 1PM

Tuesday, 11-01-11- All Saints' Day; 10:00 Mass

Wednesday, 11-02-22-

Vocabulary Workshop Unit 4 TEST

All Souls' Day-COCOMarble Party (as long as we earn our last 3 marbles) Also, don't forget to send in any pictures of a loved one in a sandwich or freezer bag labeled with student's name for our "ofrenda" by Tuesday, 11-01-22

Thursday, 11-03-22- A "normal" day?? Math Quiz on Lessons 2.5-2.10 (Addition with Regrouping)

Friday, 11-04-22- 8:30 Mass; Spelling TEST

Spelling- Final e; Test Friday

Reading- We will be finishing up The Mouse and the Motorcycle

- Plural Nouns

Science- Life Cycles

Social Studies- Communities

Religion- Chapter 4

Vocabulary Workshop- We will finish up Unit 4 with a test on Wednesday, 11-02-22

Looking ahead- Report Cards go home on Thursday,, 11-17-22. PowerSchool will be updated shortly.

Have a great week!

Monday, 10-24-22

Dear Parents, 
Hello! The weekend was so beautiful-it seemed to get away from me!! Here is a breakdown of what we'll be working on this week in each subject :)

Spelling- Days of the Week; we get to use our upper case letters; Please pick 3 activities from the October Choice Board and complete by Thursday; Test is Friday

Reading- We continue The Mouse and the Motorcycle. We took a Quiz on Chapters 1-4 today. We will plan on finishing our novel by next week. We will also be reading about Bat &Spiders.

Grammar- We reviewed Pronouns today and will take a short TEST tomorrow; Them, we move on to Plural Nouns.

Vocabulary Workshop- We are finishing up Unit 4; we will have a TEST on Tuesday, 11-01-22.

Math- We are still reviewing Addition as well as learning some multiplication facts (0, 1, 2,5, 10, and 11) I am asking students to practice XtraMath every night at least 10 minutes. This does count as a homework assignment and should be completed.

Religion- We will say a decade of the Rosary tomorrow; Ch 3 Test is Thursday; Use pages 59 & 60 as a study guide :)

Writing- We will be finishing up "How to Carve a Pumpkin"

Science- This week, we continue Halloween experiments, including skeleton, bats, and spiders.

Social Studies- We continue to learn the differences between: urban, rural, and suburban areas.

Busy Busy! We also celebrate Red Ribbon Week this week. Today, we decorated our "Say BOO to Drugs" by sharing what we want to be when we grow up. Tomorrow is Dress Red, White, and Blue. Wednesday is Wear a Hat/Crazy Socks. Please bring in a roll of TP to wrap our Student Council reps as mummies on Friday!!!

Students can bring nut-free Halloween treats on Monday. We will have our classroom party on Monday, 10-31-22 fro 10:45-11:45. Students may wear appropriate costumes. Parade is at 1:00 PM. 

A lot of info...I know!

Please be on the lookout for an additional email tomorrow!

Let's have a great week!

Sunday, 10-16-22

Dear Parents, 
I hope you had a nice weekend :)

A couple students were asking if they could join choir. Here is the link to sign up if interested.
Speaking of the choir, they do such a nice job! We celebrated Mass on Friday with Fr. Dennis, who blessed us as we continue our school year. Our mass behavior has been spectacular!!! We usually earn a golden ticket from another teacher who is impressed with our good manners :)

PowerSchool is updated. So sorry for the delay. It was a busy week! Thank you for reviewing student grades,  signing, and returning the green Progress Report sheets!

This week, we will start our first chapter book, The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. The read-aloud is available on Google Classroom by chapter. Students will receive a packet with vocabulary, comprehension questions, and skill practice. This and their book should be kept in a safe place.

In Math, we continue Chapter 2- Addition. We are reviewing addition facts, adding with and without regrouping as well as reviewing our rounding skills through games. We are also starting MULTIPLICATION this week as well!!!

In Grammar, we will be learning about Pronouns. We are also writing an Explanatory paragraph about "How to Carve a Pumpkin". We will begin Vocabulary Workshop- Unit 4. The third graders really have a great vocabulary knowledge. Very impressive. 

In Science, we continue the Life Cycle of Plants. We will examine the life cycle of a pumpkin. 

In Social Studies, we continue to learn about different communities. 

We will continue to say the rosary every Tuesday. We are finishing up a Rosary booklet as well as Chapter 3.

As you can tell, we are busy!  How's homework going? Please remind your children-when online homework is assigned, that is expected to be completed :) 

I appreciate all your help!

I look forward to another great week!

Mrs. Loewe

Monday, 10-10-22

Dear Parents, 
I hope you had a great 4 day weekend with your family! We started our long weekend with a fun-filled  Walk-a-Thon and dance party afterwards with an ice cream treat! Thank you, School Board, for such a fun event!

There is NO Spelling this week. We will be taking the Unit 3 Vocabulary Workshop TEST on Thursday. We continue Chapter 2 in Math reviewing Addition with and without regrouping. In Grammar, we will be reviewing Parts of Speech with a Fall Mad Lib activity. We will also be writing Explanatory Paragraphs on "How to Carve a Pumpkin".
For Reading, we will be exploring StoryWorks with a variety of stories of different genres. In Religion, we continue the Rosary and Chapter 3. 

October Beyond the Books begins tomorrow, 10-12-22. I will be out tomorrow, but I am leaving your children in good hands. I will be at a doctor's appointment with my dad, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. Prayers appreciated :)

We continue our learning paths in Math and Reading i-ready. The students are doing an amazing job passing lessons :) 

Our marble jar is ALMOST full and we have been racking up the punches on our punchcards. I look forward to another great week!!!

Mrs. Loewe

Friday, 09-30-22

Dear Parents, 
Here is the recipe we followed today. The kids did an  amazing job: washing, peeling, slicing, and mashing the apples. We took turns adding the ingredients. Thanks again for donating the apples!
We also began constructing our apple trappers. We will test them on Monday and then re-design if necessary.
Next week, we will begin our devotion to the Rosary. If your child has a rosary you feel comfortable sending, please do so. If not, I have some extra.
Thanks you for all the Scholastic Book orders! They should arrive in 1-2 weeks. 
I will be updating PowerSchool over the weekend. Thursday, 10-06-22, besides being our Walk-a-Thon 
day, is also Progress Reports. There is not a separate paper report, but be sure to check PowerSchool to see where your child is at. Looking ahead- The first report card goes home on 11-17-22. 
We did not get a chance to practice our zoom, but will try to do that next week. 
One final thing- please make sure your child is bringing their key rings back and forth to and from school everyday. Thanks so much! 
Have a great weekend! 

Mrs. Loewe

Friday, 09-23-22

Hello! T.G.I.F.!!! We had a fun day meeting Fr. Ken at 8:30 mass today and ending our day with an SCA Pep Rally. I hope everyone has a great Homecoming weekend!

Looking ahead:
*We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed this week with activities across the curriculum. When you are grocery shopping this week, would you mind picking up an apple for your child to bring in by THURSDAY for a special surprise? I would appreciate it!

Monday- Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop Test

On Tuesday, students should start wearing school uniforms. Remember:we have GYM on MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS. 

Wednesday, 09-28-22- Chapter 2 Religion TEST

On Thursday, 09-29-22, students can bring in a dollar to dress down to support Pediatric Cancer. 

This Friday, 09-30-22, the 3rd grade will be hosting 8:30 mass. Please join us if you are able :)

Our class will also be practicing how to join a ZOOM call  (just in case it's necessary), learning about ADVERBS, reading about Johnny Appleseed, learning about the life cycle of an apple as we begin our LIFE CYCLE unit in Science. We will be starting Unit 1- Understanding Communities in Social Studies. 

The weeks are just flying by?! We have almost filled our punch cards and the marble jar :) I am so proud of our responsible and respectful behavior and how hard we are working in class and on homework! Thank you to YOU and your children! 

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 09-18-22

Hello! Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! I had a great day :) I challenged the kids to a 4 digit subtraction problem to figure out how old I was :)

Last week, we also did a fantastic job practicing our fire drill. We celebrated Roald Dahl Day and started our class read-aloud The BFG as well as "Dot Day" by reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. We practiced rounding in Math, Adjectives in Grammar, and found out where chocolate came from along with learning how to complete a turn in a Google Doc on Google Classroom. 

Looking ahead:

*Wednesday, 09-21-22- Dress "Up" for School Pictures 

The newly inducted Student Council has planned some fun activities for us this week, including:

*St. Catherine trivia questions throughout the week
*Thursday, 09-22-22- Dress in your favorite color
*Friday, 09-23-22- Dress in SCA Spirit Wear; All School Pep-Rally at 1:30 (OUTSIDE)

*Saturday, 09-24-22- SCA Homecoming

Also this week:
-We will change seats. 
-Now that we are fnished wit the i-Ready Diagnostic, we will start down our Learning Paths. We will be conferencing about strengths and goals and learn how to track our progress ;)
-We will have a short quiz on lessons 1.5-1.9 in Math on Wednesday, 09-21-22
-We will take our Adjective Quiz on Thursday, 09-22-22
-On Friday, 09-23-22, we will take the Spelling Test and Reading Test

We really are rolling along!!! How is homework going? I have been spot checking assignment books. Thank you for initialing them each night. 

Have a great week!

Sunday, 09-11-22

Hello! I hope you had a nice weekend, despite today's rain. We had a short, yet busy week last week. We took our first Math quiz as well as our first Vocabulary Workshop test. I think the students are transitioning well into 3rd grade. We will continue growth mindset activities to help us recognize that we can accomplish challenging things! We are earning our punches. Most are almost ready to claim a prize! Also, our marble jar is filling up. We have received many complements for our behavior in the hallways and at church. :)

This week, we will recognize 09-11 through a short informational text and learn about the Freedom Flag in this week's Scholastic News. We will also have our first Reading Assessment on the Wolf! story on Thursday. Students should read it every night this week. It is available online on the Wonders website. Our Spelling words this week will also be our new Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop words. In Math, we will continue place value with rounding, money, and drawing a picture to solve a problem. Our Math centers will focus on Rounding games. In Religion, we begin Chapter 2- The Church Welcomes Us. In Grammar, we will take our short Verb Test on Monday and move on to Adjectives. 

Don't forget: Wednesday, 09-14-22 is a 1:00 dismissal. There is Extended Care available. Students can dress in St. Catherine Spirit wear. Beyond the Books also begins this week!  We will have a practice Fire Drill on Thursday. Thank you for checking, signing, and returning Friday folders each week! You are the best!!!
Let's have a good week!

Friday, September 2, 2022

Hello! I hope you have a great 3 day weekend and a wonderful Labor Day with your family and friends! As we look ahead to next week, it is important to note that we have been working hard these last three weeks and we have some assessments coming up next week. Normally, we don't have homework over the weekend, but I did ask the kids to review Unit 1 Vocabulary. We will have our Unit 1 Test on Tuesday. Don't forget the review games can be found on Google Classroom. We will also have a Math Quiz on Wednesday, which will cover workbook pages 1-3. 
Another exciting thing happening next week- We will be starting our first story in our Wonders book :)

Monday, August 29, 2022

Hello! Happy Monday!!! I hope you had a great weekend! Thank you so much for attending Back to School Night last Wednesday. It was so nice to meet so many of you! Thank you also for checking out our first Friday Folder. If you haven't, please review papers inside, remove, sign the log, and return. PowerSchool was updated with those assignments. 

This week, we will be taking the i-ready Diagnostic tests in both Reading and Math. We also begin Unit 1 in Spelling. Words are listed under the Spelling tab. We took the Pretest today. Students will have activities to complete for homework each night. The test will be Friday, 09-02-22. 

We will also have some homework on our Chrome books this week. We will be able to access Scholastic News and Vocabulary Workshop through Google Classroom.

We also continue to practice our classroom routines and procedures.  Any questions, just let me know!

Monday, August 22, 2022

YAY!!! I'm back!!! Today, the students and I finally got to  meet each other :) Thank you for sending in necessary paperwork and supplies. It is much appreciated!

We also went over some information from last week and practiced our morning procedures, turning work in, completing work neatly, how to be respectful of our classmates and teacher while they are talking, and the Marble jar. We took a little tour around our classroom, which will continue the rest of the week as we go through our daily schedules.

Tomorrow, students will receive their email addresses and Chromebooks/chargers from Ms. Soch. They will need to be charged tomorrow night and every night for the following day as we will be using them often. Also, if you have not brought in headphones/earbuds, please do so ASAP!!! Also, students will be receiving an invite to my Google Classroom. Any questions, please let me know!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Hello 3rd grade Parents & Students, 
Welcome to 3rd grade! I am so disappointed to be missing the first few days of school due to COVID, but I cannot wait to meet you next week! You are good hands with Mrs. Harris. Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Loewe

Monday, August 15, 2022

Hello, 3rd grade Parents and Students, 

My name is Megan Loewe. I am so excited to be back at St. Catherine of Alexandria to teach third grade as I begin my 25th year of teaching in Catholic education. As a student, I attended St. Bede the Venerable, Mother McAuley High School, and graduated from Saint Xavier University with a B.S. in Elementary Education. St. Catherine is where my teaching career began way back in 1998. I also taught third grade at St. Bede the Venerable for 16 years. I taught K-5 Title I Reading in Worth for 1 year. My last 5 years were spent at St. Christina. For two of those years, I taught second grade. The last three, I had a fifth grade homeroom, but ELA (Grammar & Writing) to 5th &6th grade.

Through my years in education, my philosophy of teaching has been to create a mutually respect between myself and my students while engaging them in their learning through fun and meaningful work.  

My husband. Michael, and I have been married for over 14 years. Our 9 year old son, Colin, attends 4th grade at St. Catherine. We are now completely a Charger family!!!

I look forward to a great year ahead!!!

Mrs. Megan Loewe