Classroom News

Friday, 09-29-23

Dear Parents and Students, 
     TGIF!!! We had a fun week with all things APPLES!!! Thank you for sending in apples to share. I am attaching the applesauce recipe we made today :) First, we washed the apples, peeled them, cored them, and diced them into small chunks. The crockpot worked awesome and made our room smell amazing! More photos of our apple activities to be posted shortly. 

      Congrats to Brady Kelleher as our first Charger of the Month, which focussed on the trait of being CONSIDERATE. We are all always striving to show our Charger traits of: being considerate,  helpful, accepting, responsible, generous, and encouraging.  

How is next week October? In the month of October, we will be saying the rosary together. If students have a rosary they'd like to bring next week, they may do so. Otherwise, I do have plenty to share. On October 4, we will celebrate the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi by watching a slideshow of our pets (past and present). If interested, please send a picture via email by Monday, 10-02-23. 

Also, school uniforms begin on Tuesday, 10-03-23 for us since we have Gym on Monday. l look forward to chatting with you on Thursday, 10-05-23 at Parent Teacher Conferences. If there's anything special you'd like to discuss, please include it on your Pre-Conference Survey sent home yesterday. It is also the day to check into Power School to check averages in each subject. Please sign up for a conference if you haven't done so :) There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, 10-06-23 or Monday, 10-09-23.

I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for your continued support and cooperation. It is appreciated!!!

Tuesday-School Uniforms begin; Art; Spanish; Library
Wednesday-Gym; Music;Math Quiz on 2.3 &2.4;  Special Lunch-McDonalds
Thursday-Computers; Vocabulary Workshop Unit 3 TEST; Progress Reports; 11:30 Dismissal; Parent Teacher Conferences 12-7 PM

Saturday, 10-07-23- Annual Pet Blessing in the East parking lot @ 9:30 AM
Monday, 10-09-23- 
 NO SCHOOL- Happy Columbus Day!

Religion-We continue Chapter 2- The Church Welcomes Us; Bring a rosary(if you have one)


Vocabulary Workshop-We continue Unit 3; TEST will be Thursday, 10-05-23

Grammar/Writing-We will focus on Adverbs and creating descriptive sentences using all of the parts of speech we have been learning about. 

Reading-We will finish up our Johnny Appleseed booklets. A few students left their books at home. Please bring on Monday; We will also explore some different genres in StoryWorks

Science-We continue the Life Cycle of Plants, more specifically, the apple. 

Social Studies-Growth Mindset activities

Dear Parents and Students, 
     I hope everyone enjoyed the day off yesterday! We had a fun Pep Rally on Thursday. Thanks, SCA Student Council!!! It is St. Catherine's Homecoming on Sunday, 09-24-23. Come cheer on the Chargers!!!
     We have a fun week ahead celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday across the curriculum! I am asking every student to bring in an apple by Wednesday. It can be any color. kind, or size. We will be using them for some activities, but we will turn them into applesauce on Friday! I don't see any food allergies listed, but please let me know if your child has any food allergies. 
     The sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences went out in the last Charger Check In. I look forward to chatting with you on Thursday, 10-05-23! One more week of gym uniforms. Regular school uniforms begin on Monday, 10-02-23. However, we have gym on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it will be Tuesday, 10-03-23 for us!

This Week:
Saturday (today)- 4:00 Mass for Football & Poms
Sunday-SCA Homecoming : Flag- 9:30 10:45 Parade;  4th-12:00 5/6th-1:30 7/8th-3:00 all at PIE; Homecoming Party at Lawn Manor
Monday-Dress Down in yellow/gold/orange for $1 to support Pediatric Cancer Research; Math Quiz on 2.1 & 2.2 (Different Ways to Represent Numbers & Rounding to the Nearest ten and hundred) Gym; Eat & Earn at Andy's Custard 4-8 PM

Tuesday-Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!!! Art; Spanish; Library; Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop TEST; Beyond the Books

Wednesday-Culver's Special Lunch; Liam's Last Day- we will have a little going away party with both rooms and give him a good send off; Gym; Music

Thursday-Computers; short Adjective TEST; Beyond the Books

Friday-8:30 Mass; Spelling TEST; Applesauce!!!

Religion-We continue Chapter 2- The Church Welcomes Us

Spelling-This week's words are Vocabulary Workshop Unit 3 words; Choice Board is due Thursday; TEST will be Friday

Vocabulary Workshop-We will take a  TEST on Unit 2 on Tuesday; Then, we begin Unit 3 (which are our Spelling words for the week)

Grammar/Writing-We continue Adjectives; short TEST will be Thursday

Reading-We will be reading about Apples and Johnny Appleseed

Math-QUIZ on 2.1 (Ways to represent numbers: standard, expanded, word, place value blocks, and place value chart) &2.2 (rounding to the nearest ten and hundred) on Monday; Students have workbook pages in their Home folders to study. The Quiz is very similar to those types of questions; We continue Unit 2

Science-We will explore the life cycle of apples, and create an apple trapper

Social Studies-We continue to sharpen our geography and map skills as we follow Johnny Appleseed's journey across the United States. 

I look forward to a fun week!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, 09-17-23

Dear Parents and Students, 
Hello! The weekends go by so fast?! Hope everyone had a nice one! Thank you for all the lovely birthday cards and messages. They made my day :) The kids solve a subtraction problem to figure out my age. That was fun?!

This week, we have NO SCHOOL on Friday, 09-22-23, so we have a short week. Due to the short week, I sent the "Math in Spelling" List home on Friday along with a Choice Board, which is due Wednesday, 09-20-23.  Please attach any activities to the cover page. Have fun with it! . 

Most students have completed both Reading and Math i-Ready Diagnostic. For any that haven't, they will be finishing up this week. I will be discussing those results at Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday, 10-05-23. Save the date!!! The sign will be coming out at the end of this week. Please note- Regular school uniforms (on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays) begin on Monday, 10-02-23. 

This week, I will be emailing a quick summary of missing/late homework. How is homework going on your end? Don't hesitate to let me know if it's taking a long time or seems too difficult. Also, I know we have a lot of tests scheduled for this week This is not the norm.  They are not huge tests. I have every confidence that the students are prepared ;)

The students have been busy earning punches on their punch cards. Let's keep it up! 

This Week:
Monday- Gym; Spelling Pretest
Tuesday- Art; Spanish; Library; short Verbs Test; Beyond the Books
Wednesday- Gym; SCHOOL PICTURES; Wolf! Reading Test; Special Lunch- Great American Bagel
Thursday-Computers; Spelling Test; 1:30 Homecoming Pep Rally in the gym- SCA Spirit Wear!! Show your School Spirit! ; Beyond the Books
Friday- No SCHOOL! Teacher PD Day

Religion-Chapter 2- The Church Welcomes Us
Spelling- "Math in Spelling" List; Pretest will be tomorrow; Choice Board (Pick 3) is due Wednesday; Test will be Thursday (due to the short week)
Vocabulary Workshop- Unit 2

Reading-We continue the skill of visualizing and describing a character by their wants/needs, feelings, actions, and words as we continue The BFG read-aloud as well as the story "Wolf"; There will be a short Vocabulary/Comprehension Test on Wednesday on "Wolf!".
Grammar/Writing-We wrap up Verbs with a short test on Tuesday; Then, we move on to Adjectives
Math-We continue "Use Place Value to Fluently Add & Subtract within 1000". We will work on:rounding mult-digit numbers, estimating sums, and using addition properties to add
Sscience-We continue "The Life Cycle of Plants" I am kindly asking that each student bring in an apple of any kind by Wednesday, 09-27-23 please :)
Social Studies- We will be reading about Hurricane Helpers as well as focusing on map skills, especially the 7 Continents and Oceans

Sunday, 09-10-23

Hello! I apologize for the late update/email. Busy weekend?! I hope you had a nice one enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. It's hard to believe we've been back in school almost a month. We've been busy getting acclimated to our classroom procedures, textbooks, workbooks, Google Classroom, games, and websites. We've been earning punches and marbles for being kind and best behavior as well as having line and table competitions. 

Last week, we continued our Reading/Math i-Ready Diagnostic tests. We'll continue this week as well. We also jumped into our subjects ;) We continue this week. How are things going? Like homework? Any concerns or questions, let me know!

There are grades added to Power School. If you're having trouble accessing that, please let me know. We'll try to get that figured out. Looking ahead: Progress Reports go home on Thursday, 10-05-23. That is also the day of the first Parent Teacher Conferences. 

This Week:
Monday-Gym; Patriot Day- we remember 09-11; Spelling Unit 2 Pretest
Tuesday-Art; Spanish; Library; Beyond the Books
Wednesday-Gym; Music; Special Lunch- 1:00 Dismissal (There is After Care); Spirit Wear
Thursday-Computers; Beyond the Books; Chapter 1 Religion Test
Friday- 8:30 Mass; Unit 2 Spelling Test

Religion-We finish up Chapter 1- The Holy Spirit Guides Us with a TEST on Thursday, 09-14-23; Use pages 35-36 as a Study Guide

Spelling-Unit 2- Short e, o, and u; Pretest is tomorrow; Packet will be due Thursday; TEST is Friday

Vocabulary Workshop-We did great on our Unit 1 Tests; they will be coming home in Thursday's Work Folders; This week, we begin Unit 2

Grammar/Writing- Verbs

Reading-Lots of fun Reading activities this week! We explore our first Wonders stories and practice the skill pf visulaizing; On Wednesday, 09-13-23, we will celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday by starting out next read-aloud The BFG. On Friday, 09-15-23, we celebrate Dot Day by reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and continue our visualization skills. 

Math- Use Place Value to Fluently Add & Subtract Within 1,000; we also continue practice our Fact Fluency on XtraMath each night for homework; We'll also continue some math centers practicing facts and place value

Science-We begin exploring The Life Cycles of Plants

Social Studies-Patriot Day

I look forward to another great week!

Friday, 09-01-23

T.G.I.F.!!!! I hope you have a great holiday weekend. Happy Labor Day!!! Thanks again to all that were able to attend Back to School Night. If you haven't done so, please return the signature form from the second page of the  Back to School packet. How did you do on your kid quizzes??? If you have any questions regarding the slide show or packet or anything I forgot to mention, please let me know, 

I know one thing I didn't talk a lot about was Power School. If you are not able to log in or are having technical difficulties, let me or Mrs. O in the office know. I try to update Power School at least once a week. 

Next week, we'll continue our Reading i-Ready Diagnostic and then venture onto our Math i-Ready Diagnostic! We'll continue to try our very best each day! The initial scores are one way Math & Reading Resource students are determined.

We struggled a little the end of the week with: bringing key rings home and then back to school, completing XtraMath practice each day; bringing a snack, and returning Spelling corrections 3x each on Friday :( I know we'll get the hang on homework!. Please continue to initial the assignment book each night. I appreciate your help!

Next Week:
Monday- Happy Labor Day! No School! Enjoy the day off
Tuesday- Art, Spanish, Library
Wednesday- Gym; Music; Short TEST on NOUNS (We'll do together)
Thursday-Computers; Unit 1 Vocabulary Workshop TEST
Friday- 8:30 Mass; Unit 1 Spelling TEST

Religion- We continue Chapter 1- The Holy Spirit Guides Us

Spelling-We finish up Unit 1- Short a & i with a review game; Packets are due Thursday; TEST is FRIDAY

Vocabulary Workshop-We wrap up Unit 1 with a TEST on Thursday, 09-07-23; the Sadlier website has great practice games. It would be a great way to review and study.

Grammar/Writing-We finish up NOUNS; We will have a very short TEST on Wednesday

Reading- We will continue our read-aloud How to Be Cool in the Third Grade as well as starting our Wonders story "

Math-We start our new series by discussing how we use Math in our everyday lives and begin with Unit 2- Use Place Value to Fluently Add and Subtract within 1,000

Science-Some more STEM activities and a new Scholastic News

Social Studies- We continue The Fantastic Elastic Brain as well as a couple more Growth Mindest activities

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

Sunday, 08-27-23

Hello again! Each weekend, I update our class web page and send out a group email of what's in store for us the next week. If you happen to be checking out the web page, but did NOT
receive an email, please let me know at: [email protected]

The temperatures look much better next week as we dive into our subjects. We will also have all of our specials. Our special classes are also listed in the Special Schedule tab.  Like I said in an earlier email, we will also begin our i-Ready Diagnostic testing. Students will need a fully charged Chrome book and charger, as well as headphones. We will test a little each day, beginning with Reading. Students are encouraged to just do the best they can :)

Next Week:
Monday- Gym; Math Resource begins

Tuesday- Art; Spanish; Library

Wednesday-Gym; MusicBack to School Night 6:30-8:00 PM- Hope to see you then :)

Thursday-Computers; Uni1 1 Spelling Pretest (Final TEST will be Friday, 09-08-23)

Friday-8:30 Mass

Monday, 09-04-23- Happy Labor Day! NO SCHOOL!

Religion- The Holy Spirit Guides Us

SpellingUnit 1-Short a & i; Pretest is Thursday, 08-31-23; TEST will be Friday, 09-08-23

Vocabulary WorkshopUnit 1- there are practice games available on There is a link with direction on our Google Classroom.

Grammar/Writing-Nouns; TEST will be FRIDAY, 09-01-23

Reading-We continue our read-aloud How to be Cool in the Third Grade

Math-We will be introducing Place Value through lessons and some Math Centers/Games while we are transitioning to a new book.

Social Studies-We will be reading the The Fantastic Elastic Brain 

Science-We continue some STEM activities while also investigating scientific questions through Mystery Science (also linked on our Google Classroom)

Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me via email or note. Have a great week!

Friday, 08-25-23

Dear Parents, 
T.G.I.F.!!! We survived our first week of 3rd grade!!! The kids did a great job adjusting to new classroom procedures, labeling supplies and books, and working as a class team :) Last week, we did some getting to know you activities and had some back to school fun! Check out our Photos tab!

The students received their Chromebook and their charger today. They also received their gmail address and practiced entering their new passwords. Please charge fully to 100% over the weekend and return on Monday fully charged. Chargers stay at home. Ms. Soch said they could use their Chrome books for school related activities. I suggested they practice logging in and exploring our class webpage through You click Academics> Classroom pages>Mrs. Megan Loewe. If you haven't yet, please be sure to return the Chromebook agreement from Packet Pick Up. Students should charge their Chrome books every evening, so they are ar 100% Next week, we will be joining our Google Classroom. 

We will also be starting the i-Ready Diagnostic. Students will need their headphones for this. It will last from the week of 08-28-23 to the end of the week of 09-03-23. We will be testing in Reading first followed by Math. We test  in small increments, about 20-30 minutes a day. Students are encouraged not to stress, just do their best :)

I will be starting my weekly newsletter/emails this weekend. This information will include our weekly schedule and what is being covered in each subject. It is also posted on this page of our class web page. In my first group email, I am asking you to write a quick reply, so I know I have your correct email address. Thank you so much for filling out the information about your child. It is appreciated!!! 

I look forward to a fantastic year! Have a great weekend!

                                                       Mrs. Megan Loewe
August 2023

Hello, 3rd grade Parents and Students,
My name is Megan Loewe. I am so excited to be back at St. Catherine of Alexandria a second year to teach third grade as I begin my 26th year of teaching in Catholic education. As a student, I attended St. Bede the Venerable, Mother McAuley High School, and graduated from Saint Xavier University with a B.S. in Elementary Education. St. Catherine is where my teaching career began way back in 1998. I also taught third grade at St. Bede the Venerable for 16 years. I taught K-5 Title I Reading in Worth for 1 year. Before returning to St. Catherine of Alexandria, my last 5 years were spent at St. Christina. For two of those years, I taught second grade. The last three, I had a fifth grade homeroom, and taught ELA (Grammar & Writing) to 5th &6th grade.

Through my years in education, my philosophy of teaching has been to create a mutually respect between myself and my students while engaging them in their learning through fun and meaningful work.

My husband. Michael, and I have been married for over 15 years. Our 10 year old son, Colin, attends 5h grade at St. Catherine. We are now completely a Charger family!!!

I look forward to a great year ahead!!!

Mrs. Megan Loewe