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Fraction Games

Website:  Math Playground
Compare Fractions -Tug Team
Monster Stroll - Compare Fractions  (On the menu, where it says "Choose Your Fractions," click the one on the right.)
Math Monster - Compare Fractions  (On the menu, choose "all kinds of fractions.")

Speedway Fractions  (Add Fractions with the Same Denominator)
Adding Fractions 2 - Max & Milo  > This one is tricky.  Scroll down on the page to read the directions.

Mach 10 Multiples (Identify Multiples - On the menu, click on the bottom option, 2-12.)
Factor Trees and Prime Factorization  (Click on "Find the prime factorization of 1 number.")  The other option gets very confusing.

Website:  Math Millionaire
Factors Millionaire
Multiplying Fractions Millionaire

Website:  Math Games
Add Fractions with Unlike Denominators
Multiply Fractions