March 20-March 24
5th English: Mon.
pg 152-153 WB 97  Tues-trip
Research paper due Friday posted on google classroom Wed. with directions

6th English:  Mon.
conjunctions WB 107(1-12)
Interjections WB 108 (1-10)  Wed. periods WB 109
commas WB 110   Fri. Exclamatory WB 111

Vocabulary- no test review week

Social Studies:  Mon. review vocabulary &
                        complete invitation to Boston Tea Party
Wed./Thurs. vocabulary test

Reading log done daily

March 13-March 17
5th English: 
Monday 144-145 WB 92
Tuesday WB 93 review & i-ready
Wednesday 148-149 WB 95
Thursday 150-151  WB 96
All work should be completed in class or will be homework

6th English:
Monday 146-147 WB 100
Tuesday 148-149 WB 101
Wednesday 150-151 WB 102
Thursday 152-153 WB 103
Review and extra credit added to last quiz will be given this week.

Social Studies: read 140-141 write vocabulary. Review this week.

Vocabulary: test Thursday

Reading log done daily

March 6-10
5th English:  Monday 7.1 sentences p.136-137 WB 87
Tues. Subject/predicate 138-139 WB 88
Wed. Complete subject/predicate 140-141 WB 89
Thurs.- direct and indirect object 142-143 WB 90
Friday-WB 91 and quiz 7.1-7.4

6th English:  Mon. 6.5 WB97,  Tues. 6.6 WB 98, 
Wed. 6.7 WB 99    Thurs. QUIZ 6.1-6.7
January 27-March 3

Vocabulary- Spelling test Friday unit 12

Social Studies:  Chapter 10 Mon. pgs. 133-135
Tuesday pgs. 136-137 Questions on google
Thursday 138-139 vocabulary

Reading log done daily

5th- D.A.R.E. paper due Monday

5th English: 
Mon. review Ch. 6,  Tues. Test, Wed-Fr: writing
No homework

6th English: 2 writings due by Wed. 
=1 test grade
(last grade of trimester)
Thurs. 6.1 workbook 93,  Th. 6.2 workbook 94, 
Fr. 6.3 workbook 95:   No homework unless papers not finished

Vocabulary- unit 11 test Friday

Social Studies: Mon & Tues. working on Ch. 9 slides/project
due Wed.
(last grade of trimester)

Reading log done daily

January 21-24
5th English: Tues. WB 81, Wed. WB 82, Thurs. WB 83
Friday weekly review

6th English:   There will be 2 writing assignments between Tuesday the 21st and Tuesday the 28th. (2 papers will equal 1 test score 100%)
Assignment 1: advantages and disadvantages of being in 6th grade. Students will use their class time to complete assignment.
Directions given Tues. 2/21
Assignment 2- Black History writing- research
Papers due by March 1st (no excuses)

Vocabulary- spelling unit 11 test Friday

Social Studies: Read 126-127 in class -
create a practice test & study guide

Reading log done daily

January 13-16  NO school 1/17
5th English- Beginning unit 6 identifying prepositions
Mon. p. 75   Tues. p. 77   Wed. p. 79   
Thurs.  review p. 76, 78, 80  There will be class time

6th English- adverbs unit 5 Mon. 86,  Tues. 88, 
Wed. 87 & 89 review     Thursday Adverb test

Social Studies:  The colonies read pages 118-125 this week in class.   NO homework

Vocabulary Unit 10- test Thursday.   Sadlier will be posted during the week for practice

Reading log done daily
January 6-10
5th English:  Adverb test Wednesday

6th English: beginning unit 5 adverbs 
Mon. 81, Tues. 82, Wed. 83, Thurs. 84
only homework if not completed in class

Social Studies: unit 9 (reading pages 113-119 & vocabulary

Spelling:  unit 10 test Friday

Reading log done daily

January 30-February 3
5th English: Mon. adverbs WB 67,  Tues. adverbs WB 68,
Wed. good & well WB 69, Thurs. there is & there are WB 70,
Fr. review 
 All work should be completed in class or it is homework
6th English:  Mon. verbs Empathic mood WB 73, 
Tues. Imperative mood WB 74,   
Wed. Subjunctive mood WB 75 & 76  Thurs. modal auxiliaries WB 77
Fri. quiz
Social Studies: Tuesday review ch.8   Thurs  test
Vocabulary: Ch. 9 test Friday
Reading log done daily

January 23-27
5th English: Autobiography due Tuesday
Mon. WB 63-64,  Tuesday review in class, 
Wed. Test 4.6-4.11
Thurs. & Fri. no homework
6th English- MLK papers due Monday
Mon. WB 68-69, Tues. WB 70,  Wed. WB 71
Thurs. Quiz 4.6-4.12
Friday no homework
5th Social Studies: no homework - reading chapter 8 Slavery- questions completed in class.
5th Vocabulary- spelling unit 9 test Friday
January 16-20
5th and 6th grade English will not have homework this week.  We will be testing and completing in class writing.

Vocabulary- test unit 8 Friday-
sadlier practice tests will be posted. 

Social Studies: beginning chapter 8 Facing Slavery

Reading logs completely daily

January 9-13
5th English 4.6 WB 58, 4.7 WB59(1-12), 4.8 WB60 (1-16)
4.9 WB 61 (1-16) only homework is work not completed in class.
6th English:  4.6 WB62(1-12), 4.7 WB64,
4.8 WB 65(1-17) WB 66 (1-9) and Thursday 4.9 WB67
only homework is work not completed in class.
5th Vocab:  Friday Spelling test unit 8
5th Social Studies: 13 colonies map quiz Tuesday
Reading logs completely daily

December 19-21
There will not be any homework for any of the classes.
Monday and Tuesday will be usual switches of classes.
All work will be competed in class-we will be completing activities based on the holiday 
All missing work should be completed by Wednesday
No reading log  No vocab this week

December 12-16
5th English & 6th English:  Mon-Tues   4.3, 4.4, 4.5
(workbook pages for homework if not completed in class)
Wednesday an Exit ticket on 4.1-4.5
Thurs & Fri. Christmas writings in class

5th Social Studies:  Ch. 7 colonies project with a partner completed in class

5th Vocabulary: test Friday

Reading logs completely daily

December 5-9
5th English: beginning unit 4 Verbs:  Monday 4.1, 
Tuesday 4.2, Wednesday 4.3, Thursday 4.4, Friday review and exit ticket.  No homework unless workbook pages are not completed in class.

5th Social Studies:  
Monday test on chapter 6 
Tuesday-Beginning chapter 7 colonies. Reading 85 and watching video on google classroom. 
Wed/Thurs-pages 86, 87, 88 and vocabulary

Spelling:  unit 7 test Friday

6th English:  Beginning chapter 4 Verbs
Monday-4.1  Tuesday 4.2, Wednesday 4.3, Thursday 4.4
Friday no class   No homework unless workbook pages aren't completed in class.

November 28-December 2

5th English:  Research projects-creating slides on Pilgrims after reading and finding key details. (should be done in class)

5th Social Studies: create test questions and facts about the first settlers. Chapter 6 test Monday 12/5
(test was moved due to too many tests this week from other classes)
Vocabulary: Test Friday

Reading log should be done each day

6th English:  Holidays around the world: research project: working on mastering complete/correct paragraph writing.
(work done in class) Expectations and rubric will be posted

November 14-18

5th English:
Adjectives- Monday WB 46, Tuesday WB 47,
Wednesday review text p. 76, Thursday review text p.77,
chapter 3 test
There will be homework if work is not completed in class

5th Social Studies:
Chapter 6 Early English Settlement
Reading pages 72-75

5th Spelling test Friday

Reading log should be done each day

6th English:
  Monday Indefinite Adjectives WB 49,
Tuesday Adj. phrases WB 50, Wednesday review text 76, 
Thursday review text 77, Friday chapter 3 test
There will be homework if work is not completed in class

November 7-11 
(continue to complete Reading Log)
5th English: 
Mon. Adjectives that tell how many homework WB 42 (1-17)
Tues. Exit ticket on Adjectives
Wed. Adjectives as subject complement WB 43
Thurs. Adjectives that compare WB 44
Friday WB 45
5th Social Studies: Reading pages 57-59 and vocab NO HW
5th Vocabulary: test Friday 
6th English: Mon. adjectives HW 45
Tues. Demonstrative Adj. WB 47
Wed. Exit ticket on adjectives
Thurs.: Interrogative Adj. WB 48
Fri. Adj. review and writing on Reading novels

October 24-28
5th English:  Essay paper final copy due by Wed. the latest
Tuesday beginning unit 3 Adjectives WB. 37,
Wednesday WB 38, Thursday WB 39

5th Social Studies: Chapter 4 test Tuesday

5th vocabulary:  unit 4 test Friday 
Sadlier assignments are posted daily for practice 

6th English: 5 paragraph essay due Wednesday
Tuesday begin chapter 3 Adjectives  WB 39, 
Wed. WB 40,     Thurs. WB 41

October 17-21
5th English- pronoun unit 2 test Tuesday
Wed.-Fri.  writing essay

5th S.S.  chapter 4 read 48-53 writing facts (creating study guide)

5th Grade spelling test Friday

6th English- pronoun unit 2 test Tuesday
Wed.-Fri. Descriptive 5 paragraph essay


October 3-6
5th English: Pronouns 2.6, 2.7, 2.8

5th Social Studies: Chapter 3 test Tuesday 10/4

Read 15-20 minutes a day fill out Reading Log parents should initial

6th English: Pronouns Mon. homework p. 29

5th English: Pronouns 2.1-2.5 Quiz Wed. on 2.1-2.2
Read 15-20 minutes a day fill out Reading Log parents should initial

5th Social Studies: chapter 3 pages 33-37 test Tuesday 10/4
6th English: Pronouns chapter 2  Quiz Wed on 2.1 and 2.2
Wed. homework WB 25

5th English: Writing Unit week. All work completed in class

Read 15-20 minutes a day fill out Reading Log parents should initial

Vocabulary unit 2 test Friday

5th Social Studies: Chapter 3 Reading and projects completed in class

6th English: Writing unit: if not completed in class it will be homework
5th English - Thursday unit 1 TEST

Read 15-20 minutes a day fill out Reading Log parents should initial

Spelling test unit 2 Friday 9/16

5th Social Studies-test is Tuesday chapter 2

6th English- Thursday unit 1 TEST

5th English: continue Noun unit.  EXTRA CREDIT due Tuesday
Homework:   Tues- workbook 12   Wed-workbook 14

Read 15-20 minutes a day fill out Reading Log
5th Social Studies- reading pages 22-27 review.
Thursday  homework on google classroom due 9/12
Chapter 2 test on Tuesday 9/13

6th English-homework Tues. workbook 13
Wed. exit ticket on possessive nouns

5th English- grammar Nouns Monday WB 5-6, Tuesday p.8 
Thursday quiz on possessive nouns 
Read 15-20 minutes a day fill out Reading Log

5th S.S. group project in class no homework
5th Vocab -test unit 1 is next week
6th English- grammar nouns Monday 5-6

5th English- We will focus on proper letter writing, editing and nouns pages 2-7 in book.  There will be time to complete work in class.
Suggestion: read 15-20 minutes a day.

5th Social Studies- Students will begin learning about Native Americans. We will read through a book and complete questions in class. Also, students will work in groups on an in class project.
5th vocab/spelling- chapter 1 Spelling test is Friday.  12 words
6th English- Students will focus on letter writing and complete 2 letters this week in class. 1 will connect to their Reading story Fire Girl. We will also learn about idioms.  No homework unless not completed in class.