Spelling/Vocaulary Words

Spelling words for the week of 11/28 - 12/2 will be unit 6 vocabulary words.
Vocabulary Words

Unit 1:  allow, bitter, common, faint, firm, force, goal, patient, prefer, trace

Unit 2:  aim, aware, defeat, drift, mild, pause, refuse, route, ruin, solid

Unit 3:  active, bargain, gasp, loyal, resource, sensitive, struggle, value, vary, wander

Unit 4:  capture, coward, exclaim, gloomy, insist, passage, restless, shallow, shatter, talent

Unit 5:  atmosphere, brilliant, convince, endure, glance, harsh, plunge, precious, swift, unite

Unit 6:  border, certain, clasp, depart, fierce, journey, observe, superb, treasure, wisdom

Unit 7:  accuse, clever, coast, delicate, explore, imitate, pierce, rare, symbol, triumph

Unit 8:  ancient, climate, cling, custom, decay, disturb, expose, perform, remote, timid

Unit 9:  ability, avoid, bashful, brief, compete, consider, delightful, honor, reflex, remark

Unit 10:  actual, brink, chill, conquer, fortunate, fury, intend, pattern, vibrant, wit

Unit 11:  approach, approve, glory, magnificent, meek, prompt, revive, tradition, watchful, wreckage

Unit 12:  audible, consume, glide, origin, prevent, punctuate, representative, scorn, stout, woe

Unit 13:  arch, authentic, clarify, declare, grant, grave, modest, opponent, valid, yearn

Unit 14:  admirable, automatic, devotion, distant, dreary, exhaust, kindle, predict, separation, stunt

Unit 15:  abundant, barrier, conceive, formal, inquire, penalize, picturesque, predator, privilege, slumber

Unit 16:  advantage, ambition, defiant, fearsome, imply, merit, negotiate, purify, revoke, wretched

Unit 17:  absorb, amateur, channel, elegant, grace, inspect, lame, suspend, tiresome, tranquil

Unit 18:  boast, eloquent, glisten, ideal, infectious, invest, locate, ripple, sufficient, uproar