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(WS = Worksheet) (WB= Workbook) (TB= Textbook) (GC= Google Classroom)


Monday 5/13

Math-Reducing Fractions WS p13
English- Finish P167 Ex2
Reading-Reread Ch 9-10 Black group only
Vocabulary- 4 word Ws

Tuesday 5/14

Math-Mixed Numbers
English-Workbook Pg 107 and 108
Reading-Reread Ch 12-14 Red group only
Vocabulary- 4 word Ws

Monday 5/6

Math- Lowest Terms #1,2,8,9, and 16-20
English- Finish P163 Ex2 #1-5
Reading-Study for test tomorrow

Tuesday 5/7

Math- Lowest Terms #22-39 Must show Factor list and division work
English- Finish WB p106

Wednesday 5/8

Math-Equivalent fractions p 14

Thursday 5/9

Math-Gaitor Aid WS
English-Txtbk p165 ex 2


Monday 4/29

Math-Equivalent Fractions WS p99
English- Study for Ch6 Test + Index card
Reading- Importance friendship activity

Tuesday 4/30
Math- Factor Trees for #2-7
Vocabulary- 4 word slides

Wednesday 5/1
Math-Factions GCF #9-18
English-Finish TXTp161 exercise 2&3
Social Studies- How to build a skyscraper
Religion- 213 Finish  Lesson 10 WS


Monday 4/22
Math-Equivalent Fractions #9-20
English- Finish Exercise 2 Pg153

Tuesday 4/23
Math- Equivalent Fractions WS #1-18
English- Finish 155 Ex 2+3

Wednesday 4/24
Math- Writing Equivalent Fractions #4-12
English- Workbook P100 and 99
Science-Test Today

Please make sure permission slips are returned tomorrow!

Thursday 4/25
Math- Equivalent Fractions #13-24
English- Ch. 6 Review #11-30 Test Next Tues


Monday 4/15
Math- Writing Fractions #7-18
English- Finish prompt
Reading- Study for quiz tomorrow

Tuesday 4/16
Math- Writing Fractions Worksheet

Wednesday 4/17
Math- Number Line Worksheet #5-19 
English- TXTBK p151 Exercise 1-3
Vocabulary- 4 word slides
Science- Chicago Historic Packet 

Thursday 4/18
Math- Number Line WS Front+Back
English- Workbook pg97-98
Vocabulary- Study Unit 14 Test tomorrow


Monday 4/8

English- Textbook Pg 144 Exercise 1&2

Tuesday 4/9
Math- Find the Mean #1-6 (GC)
English- Finish Workbook pg 95 if you didn't in class
Vocabulary- Finish rainbow words

Monday 3/18
Math- Order Operations #7-14 on GC (Show Work)
English- Black group: 1st body paragraph
Social studies- Study for test Wednesday
Science- Read wave length packet

Tuesday 3/19

Math- Order Operations worksheet Odds only (Show Work)
English- body paragraph's 1 and 2 for personal narrative
Social studies- Study for test Wednesday


Math- Flys Division Slides GC
English- TXTBK P214 Activity C
Reading- Study for Test Wednesday
Spelling- Pyramid Word WS
Social Studies- Power and Cherokee Women

Tuesday 3/12

Math- MathMasters Division WS
English- Finish wb p132 and 134 if you didn't in class
Reading- Study for Test tomorrow

Wednesday 3/13
Thursday 3/14

Monday 3/4
Math-Division worksheet pg 2
English- TXTBK P118 ex 2-4
Vocab- 4 word ws
Tuesday 3/5
Math- Long Division WS front+back
English- Workbook pg 83

Vocabulary- 4 word ws

Wednesday 3/6

Math- Long Division Slides (GC) (Must show work on paper)
English-Textbook page 123 Exercise 1& 2
Reading-How technology helps Drawing + Sentence
Vocabulary- 4 word ws

Thursday 3/7

Math- Division WS 4 problems on front + 4 problems on back (You pick)
English-Character Development ws
Vocabulary-Study for Unit 12 Test

Monday 2/26
Math- Two Digit Quotient GC #15-20
Social Studies- Study for test tomorrow
Science- Motion of Waves Packet

Tuesday  2/27

Math- Two Digit Quotient WS ODDS only
Reading- Olympic History WS
Vocabulary- Study for spelling test tomorrow
English-TXTBK p116 Ex 1

Wednesday 2/28
Math- More Two Digit WS #1-6 + 4 your choice problems
English- Finish Workbook pg81

Math- Division worksheet with grid pg1
English- Brainstorming worksheet
Monday 2/19/24
Tuesday 2/20/24

Math- GC One digit quotient #5-10
Reading- study for test tomorrow
Social Studies- Illinois packet
Vocab- Study for Test on Thursday

Wednesday 2/21/24

Math- One digit Quotient WS EVENS only
Vocab- Study for unit 11 test tomorrow
English- Wb p 77-78

Thursday 2/22/24

Math- One digit Quotient WS Oddsonly
Science- Motions of waves ws
English-TXTBK p115 Exercise 1

Monday February 12, 2024
Math - Reveal TXTBK P213-214
English- TXTBK P109 "Apply it now"
Vocabulary- 4 Word slides on GC

Tuesday February 13, 2024

Math - Reveal ONLINE 7-2 Show work on paper
English- TXTBK P110 Ex1&2
Vocabulary- 4 Word slides on GC


Monday February 5, 2024

Reading- The cold never bothered me WS

Spelling- Pyramid words
Math- Xtramath
English- Study for test tomorrow +Make index card

Tuesday February 6, 2024
Wednesday February 7, 2024
Math- TEXTBOOK P209-210 #7-13 + Reflection

Science-Study for quiz

MondayJanuary 29, 2024

Math- Problems on GC #1-12
Eng- TXTBK p100 exercise 1&2
Science- Transfer energy
Social Studies- Study for Thursday Test

Tuesday January 30, 2024
:) None <3

Wednesday January 31, 2024
Math-Multiplication WS ODDS only Must show work
Vocabulary-4 Word Slides
Reading- Animal Hibernation packet
Social Studies- Study for Test tomorrow

Thursday  February 1, 2024
Math - Multiplying two digit Numbers #2-14 Evens only
Vocabulary- Word slides due tomorrow + Study for test
English- Finish TXTBK p102 #1-13


Monday January 22, 2024
Math- Multiply 2-Digit  Worksheet
Vocab- Study for Unit 9 Test Tuesday
Reading- Study for Test Wednesday

Tuesday January 23, 2024
Study for reading Test.

Wednesday January 24, 2024
English- TXTBK P98-99 Exercise 1&3
Math- Study for test tomorrow + Study Guide
Vocabulary- Rainbow Words

Thursday  January 25, 2024
English- 10 Minutes of Prodigy ENG
Vocabulary- 3xs each.

Tuesday January 16, 2024
Math - 10-12 Minutes on Prodigy
English- Exercise 1 pg 92 
Reading- How to help the world project due Thursday
Science- Study for test on Friday

Wednesday January 17, 2024
Math- Finish Textbook page 191 #1-5
Science- Study for test tomorrow
Vocabulary- Complete 5 slides on GoogleClassroom
Reading- How one person can change the world
Monday January 8, 2024

Math- Multiplication Slides GC
Vocabulary- Pyrmaid Word WS
Social Studies- Honoring King

Tuesday January 9, 2024
English- Workbook pg 57-58
Reading- Penguins WS
Religion- Pg143-149 Due Thursday

Wednesday January 10, 2024
Math- Reveal Online: Exit Ticket 6-6
Science- Skills Worksheet

Thursday January 11, 2024
Math- Reveal Online additional practice (Must show work on separate paper)
English- Finish TXTBK p89 exercise 2
Science- Two Kinds of currents packet
Religion- Finish Pentecost events worksheet
Vocabulary- Study for spelling test

Monday December 18, 2023
Math- Reveal Textbook Pg183-184
Reading- Study for Test Tomorrow
Vocabulary- 4 Word worksheet
Social Studies- Lost on Elis Island Passage +Q's


Monday December 11, 2023

Math- Textbook Pg 179-180
English- Study for Ch3 Test tomorrow + Make index card (optional)
Science- Renewable and nonrenewable WS

Tuesday December 12, 2023
Math- Finish Reveal Practice online 6-4
Vocabulary- Finish Spelling Rainbow

Wednesday December 13, 2023
Math- Reveal Online Exit Ticket 6-4 (4 problems)
Reading- Holiday Hits packet
Social Studies- Northeast Packet
Religion- Study for Ch.7-8 Test


Monday December 4, 2023
Math-Reveal ONLINE additional practice
English- Workbook p47 #1-18
Vocabulary- Unit 7 4 word worksheet
Social Studies- Start studying for Test on Wednesday

Tuesday December 5, 2023
Math- Reveal Txtbk pg 171-172 #1-12 +reflection
Vocabulary- Unit 7 4 word worksheet
Science- Renewable and NonRenewable Skills WS
Social Studies- Study for test tomorrow

Wednesday December 6, 2023
Math- Textbook pg 175 #1-6
English- Workbook pg 50
Vocabulary- 4 word worksheet

Thursday December 7, 2023
Math- Finish Reveal ONLINE 6-3
Vocabulary- Study Unit 7 Vocab test tomorrow

Tuesday November 28, 2023
Math- 10minutes on Blooket (link in Google Classroom)
Spelling- Rainbow word worksheet
Science- Study for Test on Thursday

Wednesday November 29, 2023
Math- GC Multiplication properties #1-6
Vocabulary- 3x's each and make sure Spelling pattern ws is completed
Reading- Haiku worksheet
Science- Study for test Tomorrow

Thursday November 30, 2023
Math- Blooket assignment link in GC
English- Workbook page 46 
Vocabulary- Study for Spelling Test Tomorrow

Monday November 13, 2023
Math- Reveal Textbook page 115-116 (#1-12 + Reflections)
Reading-Study for Test Tomorrow 
Vocabulary-Unit 6 4 word worksheet

Tuesday November 14, 2023
Math- 15 Minutes of Prodigy at Home
English- Workbook page 38
Vocabulary- 4 Word Ws

Wednesday November 15, 2023
Math- Textbook P119-120 #1-12 + Reflection
Vocabulary- 4 Word Worksheet + Study for Vocab Test
Social Studies- Deadzone Questions

Thursday November 16, 2023
Math- Reveal ONLINE additional practice 4-04
English- Complete Workbook pg 40-41

Monday November 6
Math- Reveal Textbook page 107-108 (#1-12)
English- Textbook Pg 51 ( 2.6 and 2.7 only)
Reading- Big horn Sheet
Vocabulary- Pyramid word Ws Unit 6

Tuesday November 7, 2023
English- Study for Ch. 2 Test tomorrow + make 1 index card
Vocabulary- Rainbow Word worksheet

Monday October 30, 2023
Math- Reveal TXTBK p 99 + Study for Test Wednesday
Vocabulary- 4 Word Ws
Science- Take home test

Tuesday October 31, 2023
Vocab- Finish 4 word worksheet if you didn't in class
Happy Halloween :)

Wednesday November 1, 2023
Math- Review for Ch.3 Test (pg 97-99)
Vocabulary - 4 word worksheet
Reading- Bison Worksheet

Thursday November 2, 2023
Vocabulary- Study for Unit 5 Vocabulary Test tomorrow
Religion- All Saint's Day packet


October 23, 2023
Math- Reveal TXTBK p87-88 (SHOW WORK)
Vocabulary-Unit 5 Spelling pyramids
Reading Test on Wednesday

Tuesday October 24, 2023

Math- Subtraction Worksheet 
Vocabulary-Unit 5 Spelling Rainbow
Reading- Study for Test Tomorrow

Wednesday October 25, 2023   

Math-Exit Ticket Worksheet (3-6 and 3-7)
English- Txtbk p 45 exercise 2 #1-11
Vocabulary- 3x's each unit 5

Thursday October 26, 2023

English-Workbook pg 30
Social Studies- Finish index cards
Vocabulary-Study for Spelling test tomorrow