Class Links
These are some of the websites we will be using in 2nd grade.  Children will be introduced to them in class, and can also access them at home.  
They will receive login pages with their passwords for the sites.

This is the desktop version of Seesaw, which we will be using for both communications and student work. 

The children have online access to their readers and activity pages.   

Kids A-Z
Just as last year, we will be using A-Z as a reading supplement.  Students have been updated to their new class.  They will enter teacher name KMHess, click on their name, and enter room111 as their password.

Blest Are We
Our religion book is also online.  Students will enter their 1st initial + last name (ex. khess), password religion, and a pin 60453B.  They will be able to see all of the book pages and the chapter reviews.

You can order online using the classroom code GQCLF.  We earn points for classroom supplies and books!