Spelling and Vocabulary Units

Sadlier Vocabulary Words (Spelling Lists)

Unit 1: celebrity, counsel, demonstrate, drowsy, essential, hardship, haul, humble, pledge, sincere, stampede, suitable

Unit 2:  annual, basic, competition, contract, dismiss, neglect, obtain, portion, recall, sponsor, stern, vacant

Unit 3:  attractive, burden, consent, dependable, indicate, previous, qualify, response, shabby, thaw, urgent, vanity

Unit 4:  ambush, calculate, contribute, dread, employ, extend, frantic, initial, routine, stun, sturdy, yield

Unit 5:  antique, baggage, digest, establish, eternal, haste, humid, lash, oppose, pioneer, sensible, worthy

Unit 6:  blossom, collide, constant, content, distract, drought, foul, noble, policy, quiver, slight, tidy

Spelling Words - Or/Ar Pattern - stork, charge, bore, spark, cord, guard, carpet, worn, stormy, fort, warp, argue

Spelling Words - 4-controlled vowels (Er, Ir, Ur Pattern) - person, birth, turnip, curve, serpent, dirty, twirl, purpose, sternly, blurred, herb, purse

Spelling Words - (Silent b, k, w, h, n, and g) - thumbs, honor, resist, knew, combs, wrapper, kneel, condemn, answer, plumber, wrench, knives

Spelling Words - (Soft C and Soft G) - circus, strange, ginger, glance, wedge, certain, ounce, arrange, village, scene, bridge, and cement)

Spelling Words (Feb. 9th Test) - discussed, ripping, flagging, saved, walking, tasted, tapping, discussing, forced, skipping, scared, flipping

Spelling Words (Feb. 28th Test) - sorriest, silliest, happiest, dizziest, varied, replied, applied, worried, carries, marries, families, pennies

Spelling Words (U Sound Pattern) - you'll, tutor, stoop, produce, mood, juicy, truth, suits, ruler, zoom, bruised, issue

Spelling Words (ou and ow spelling pattern) - grouch, tower, howling, hound, thousand, flower, frown, mound, gown, wound, pouch, pound

Spelling Words (aw spelling pattern) - laws, chalk, false, awe, strawberry, talking, shawl, stalk, walker, alter, drawn, halt

Spelling Words (Words with or without double consonants) - blossom, dipper, foggy, fossil, nodded, planner, swallow, willow, rumbles, slender, tablet, witness

Spelling Words (Long e and Long a sound) - demand, defend, delay, prevent, veto, beside, secret, beyond, radar, famous, vacancy, razor