Website Links

Website Links


Links available for 4th grade


SadlierConnect Vocabulary Book Link  (No Login information is required)

STEMscopes Science Link  (The students have received their logins during class.)

Wonders Reading Book Link  (This login is the same login for the Math series).  

    On this website the students are able to answer questions in 
various games and read about new 
books and comics.
Fun Brain 

    This website offers assistance in finding the meaning of a 
particular word.  The students can also 
see possible synonyms or antonyms for the word.  
The Free Dictionary

     The students are able to explore a variety of topics from 
Social Studies and Science.
National Geographic for Kids

     This website can help the students discover facts about each 
state.  This includes information 
about the capital, a city guide for their state, type of climate, 
and much much more.
Information about our Fifty States

       While exploring astronomy, the students are able to learn 
more about space.  This includes information about the sun, moon, and 
Astronomy for Students