Thursday, 09-21-23

Religion- None

Reading/LA- Study Unit 2 in Vocacabulary Workshop; Test is Tuesday

Math- Quiz on 2.2 & 2.2 is Monday; Study workbook pages 1-4

Science- $1 Dress Down on Monday for Cancer Research

Social Studies-Come cheer on SCA at Homecoming!

Spelling- None; New words will be posted tonight

Wednesday, 09-20-23


Reading/LA- Study Vocabulary Workshop Unit 2; Test is T
Reading/LA- VW- page 23; Unit 2 Test will be Tuesday

Math-XtraMath; Quiz on 2.1 & 2.2 is Monday; Study your workbook pages 1-4

Science- Wear SCA Spirit Wear tomorrow

Social Studies- 1:30 Homecoming Pep Rally tomorrow in gym

Spelling- Test tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 09-19-23


Reading/LA- Reread "Wolf!"; Finish and Study pictionary; TEST is tomorrow

Math- workbook pages 3-4 

Science- Special Lunch (GAB) is tomorrow

Social Studies- School pictures tomorrow

Spelling- Choice Board (pick 3) is due tomorrow; TEST is Thursday

Monday, 09-18-23

Religion- None

Reading/LA- Verb Test is tomorrow; Re
read "Wolf"



Social Studies-None

Spelling- corrections 3x each; Choice Board due Wednesday; Test is Thursday


Friday,  09-15-23

Religion- None

Reading/LA- Tell someone about The Dot or The BFG :)

Math- None

Science- None

Social Studies- Coloring Contest is due Monday, 09-18-23

Spelling- Preview new words/Start Choice Board if you wish :)

Thursday, 09-14-23

Religion- None

Reading/LA- VW- page 20

Math- XtraMath-

Science- None

Social Studies- Get White Envelope and Work Folder signed and return by Monday

Spelling- Study for tomorrow's TEST 

Wednesday, 09-13-23

Religion- Studu pages 36-36 for tomorrow's Ch. 1 TEST

Reading/LA-Verb Kahoot


Science-Tomorrow is BTB

Social Studies- Coloring Contest is due Monday!

Spelling- packet is due tomorrow; TEST is Friday

Tuesday, 09-12-23

Religion- Study pages 35-36; Ch. 1 Test is Thursday

Reading/LA- workbook page 1

Math- XtraMath

Science- Special Lunch (Brown's Chicken) is tomorrow

Social Studies- Tomorrow is a 1:00 dismissal; SCA Spirit Wear (gym shoes)

Spelling- Corrections 3x each due tom; Packet is due Thursday; Test is Friday!

Monday, 09-11-23

Religion-Study pages 35 & 36; Ch. 1 Test is Thursday

Reading/LA- None

Math- workbook pages 1-2; XtraMath

Science- Beyond the Books starts tomorrow!

Social Studies- None

Spelling- packet due Thursday; Test is Friday!

Friday, 09-08-23 Have a great weekend!

Religion- Ch 1 Test will be Thursday, 09-14-23; Use pages 35 and 36 as a study guide

Reading/LA- None


Science- None

Social Studies- Get Work Folder signed and return

Spelling- The new Spelling words are l isted on the web page IF you'd like to preview :)
Unit 2 Pretest will be Monday!

Thursday, 09-07-23

Religion- Ch 1 Test will be next Thursday- start looking over

Reading/LA- None

Math- XtraMath

Science- Get Work folder signed

Social Studies- None

Spelling- Study for tomorrow's TEST

Wednesday, 09-06-23

Religion- None

Reading/LA- VW Unit 1 TEST is TOMORROW; Sadlier practice

Math- XtraMath

Science- None

Social Studies-None

Spelling- packet due tomorrow; TEST is FRIDAY

Tuesday, 09-05-23

Religion- Special Lunch tomorrow if you ordered

Reading/LA- Noun TEST is tomorrow!


Science-VW- 10 minutes Sadlier practice; Unit 1 TEST is Thursday

Social Studies-Don't forget: key rings, signature slips

Spelling-packet is due Thursday; TEST is Fri

Monday, 09-04-23 Happy Labor Day! NO SCHOOL!!

Friday, 09-01-23        8:30 Mass

Religion- None

Reading/LA- Noun Test will be Wednesday, 09-06-23

Math- None

Science- None

Sociall Studies- Please sign and return White Envelopes and Work Folders 
Thursday, 08-31-23

Religion- None

Reading/LA- Noun KaHoot (can be found under Grammar in Google Classroom) 

Math- 10 minutes XtraMath

Science- None

Social Studies- Please get White Envelopes & Work folders signed by Tuesday

Spelling- Packet due Thursday; Corrections 3x each due tomorrow!

Wednesday, 08-30-23

Religion- None

Reading/LA- None

Math- 10 minutes XtraMath please :)

Science- None

Social Studies- Charge your Chromebook to 100%

Spelling- Back to School Night tonight 6:30-8:00 PM

Tuesday, 08-29-23

Religion-page 29

Reading/LA- VW- practice on Sadlier. Link in GC

Math- None

Science- None

Social Studies- Parent email

Spelling- Charge your Chromebook!!

Monday, 08-28-23

Religion- None

Reading/LA- VW - page 10

Math- Finish "Figure Me Out" Pick clues you'd like to share about yourself. The answer should be a number. Create a +. -, x, or pattern that matches that number.  

Science- None

Social Studies- None

Spelling- None

Back to School Night is Wednesday, 08-30-23 6:30-8:00 PM

Friday, 08-25-23

*Charge your Chromebooks all weekend. Make sure they are at 100%!
*Visit www.scaoaklawn.org
*Have a great weekend!


Thursday, 08-24-23 Happy 3rd Day of 3rd Grade!

*Let's Taco 'Bout Your Child due tomorrow please
*Pick a good password (due tomorrow)
*8:30 Mass tomorrow 
*3rd grade packet

Wednesday, 08-23-23
*Let's Taco 'Bout Me & Let's Taco 'Bout Your Child (due Friday)
*Pick a good password

Tuesday, 08-22-23

*Bring a small, healthy snack tomorrow
*Bring a lunch & drink