Weekly Assignments
September 26th, 2022

Reading/Language Arts

We are continuing our look at realistic fiction with "Maria Celebrates Brazil". We will practice visualizing and identifying story elements (characters, setting, main events).

We will also work on root words and start learning new vocabulary:
aside, culture, fair, invited, language, plead, scurries, share

We are working on types of sentences - telling, asking, command, and exclamation.

Spelling (consonant blends)
Regular list: flag, grip, strap, splash, plop, frog, drop, black, scrub, crib
Challenge list: blossom, brilliant, spectacular, flexible, plastic, strategy, gravity, freckle, slumber, glossary

High frequency words: ask, cold, found, old, round


We are nearing the end of our first chapter!  This week we will concentrate on addition and subtraction patterns, as well as practicing problem solving skills.


This week we will start chapter 3. We will learn that our Church shows us how to live and ways to be good and holy.