Weekly Assignments
March 27th, 2023

Reading/Language Arts

We will start reading "Starry Night" to practice identifying fiction and sequencing a story's plot.

Our new vocabulary words are:
adventure, delighted, dreamed, enjoyed, grumbled, moonlight, neighbor, nighttime

We will continue learning about pronouns and possessive pronouns.

Spelling (ou, ow)
Regular list: count, town, noun, towel, flounder, around, mouse, frown, ounce, rowdy
Challenge list: pronounce, astound, profound, fountain, discount, compound, brownie, thousand, coward, scrounge

High frequency words: around, found, how, know, your

We will practice adding to check and using chain operations.


We will start chapter 15 learning about the New Commandment and carrying on the work of Jesus! 

We are so excited to start a new science unit!! We will be learning about states of matter, starting with a look at properties of solids.