Weekly Assignments
May 20th, 2024

Reading/Language Arts

We will read "Alaska: A Special Place" and "Rain Forests" as we work on identifying features of expository text, asking questions, and identifying a main idea and key details.

Vocabulary: eerie, growth, layers, lively, location, region, temperate, seasons
We will also review compound words.

We will start practicing contrations. 

Spelling (silent consonants)
Regular list: knock, climb, gnat, pledge, bridge, crescent, knight, wrestle, design, doubt
Challenge list: science, cartridge, knowledge, budget, misjudge, fidget, badgered, wretched, campaign, fascinate
High frequency words: know, right, write, could, would

We will begin working on geometry. 


We will begin chapter 16 on the meaning of the Lord's Prayer and finding daily opportunities for prayer.