Weekly Assignments
April 9th, 2024

Reading/Language Arts

We have started reading "Lighting Lives". We will work on identifying narrative nonfiction, author's purpose, and asking questions about text.
We will also learn about synonyms.

Vocabulary: across, borrow, countryside, idea, insists, lonely, solution, villages

We are learning about adverbs and will soon start a new chapter on pronouns and adjectives. 

Spelling (soft c & g)
Regular list: giant, space, gigantic, fancy, large, since, city, pacific, dance, pencil
Challenge list: celebrate, apology, difference, emergency, exercise, sentence, longitude, voice, democracy, princess
High frequency words: once, give, gave, call, could

We are starting a new chapter this week on measurement, starting with using inches.


We are learning about the Liturgy of the Eucharist and receiving the Body of Christ as we prepare for our first .

We're working on the solar system!! We had an amazing time watching the solar eclipse, and we're working our way through the planets.