Classroom Policies / Info about Subjects

Each student will receive an incentive sheet with categories about personal responsibility, academic responsibility, and categories for behavior.  Please review this sheet for any checks received during each trimester.  This sheet will be stapled into the student's assignment notebook.

Any homework assignment or project that is late will receive a check on their incentive card.  I will also update Google Classroom and grades on PowerSchool. 

According to the SCA Handbook, the following policy will be enforced for Academic Dishonesty:  

Academic Dishonesty

St. Catherine of Alexandria takes academic integrity seriously. Any student that is deemed to have cheated will receive a consequence, including a zero on the assignment and a detention. Academic dishonesty may be defined as copying answers on an exam or homework assignment, providing answers to a peer, changing answers on an exam after the appropriate time, plagiarism, or accessing answers in an unapproved manner, including the use of an electronic device.

Each day a homework/lab assignment is late, students will lose 7 points off of their grade.  If the assignment is not completed after 5 school days, it will earn a zero grade. 

Information for projects will be posted on the direction sheet as well as on the weblog/Google Classroom.  Project grades will receive a higher amount of points being deducted if the project grade is not submitted on time. 

Any project grades for science fair submitted late will result in 9 points being deducted per school day.  If the project grade is not submitted on your science fair doc after 5 days it is late and will result in a zero grade.

Please see information for the specific project grade on Google Classroom.

Any schoolwork completed in class will be due at the end of the period.

If a student has been absent for an extended period, I will review information that they would need to complete.  

Grades are added to PowerSchool weekly.  I will do my best to try and add grades when I have an opportunity.  

I will be posting announcements and assignments onto Google Classroom in all subjects throughout the school year.

The students will be completing some Science and Social Studies assignments through ReadWorks.

In Science, the students will be using ScienceWorld through Scholastic and in Social Studies, they will be using Junior Scholastic.

This school year, the students will be using the Science STEMscopes series. 

Students will be completing their Vocabulary workbook pages in school.  

Students will receive a day to make up work each day that they are absent from school.  I will have a sheet with the work that the student in my homeroom needs to complete.

Extra credit is offered during each trimester.  

Students are encouraged to email their teachers if they have any questions related to their schoolwork.  

Grading Scale for SCA:

93-100 = A

85-92 = B

77-84 = C

69-76 = D

68-0 = F