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Vocab: Unit 11

Math: Measurement and Units

IXL assignments have been given to the students.  There are to complete stared tasks by the due date on their google sheet on classroom.  Students should reach a score of at least 80 on each task.  If they want to continue until they get 100 that is fine, but they don't have to.  Once they finish a task, the students have to go on classroom and put their score and date completed on the google sheet.  This gives the students a responsibility of working and completing each task, and a sense of achievement by posting the date completed and their score.  This is going to be an ongoing assignment, but will be checked in to make sure the students are completing it by the set date.  It will be a participation grade of being completed, not based off of the score they get.  

Social Studies: The West Region

English: Adjectives and Persuasive Essay