Class Notes

Reading/Language Arts
Our new story is Library Lion, by Michelle Knudsen; many of the children were familiar with the story, but you can play it over YouTube as a read aloud.  We are working on identifying how a character's feelings impact their actions, and using illustrations to contribute to the story's mood

The children will be writing book reports; they may choose to bring a book from home, or use a book from our classroom.

The kids are doing an AMAZING job with fractions!!  So proud of how hard they're working on a difficult concept, and I love how excited they're getting!!  We are working especially now on identifying fractional parts of a set and identifying equal fractions.

We are well on our way preparing for Communion!  Our retreat is next Tuesday, April 2nd.  

We started our new science unit on animal classifications.  We have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates, warm- vs cold-blooded animals, and will soon be looking at adaptations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish.