Homework:  11/29/2021 For Reconciliation (if u are making a notecard for your child), the children will FIRST say, " Bless me Father, for I have sinned. This is my first confession. My sins are..."  We will practice in class as well. Spelling words are: scratch, scrape, spring, throne, stripe, strange, shred, shrub, splash, split, catch, sting, far, flower, until. The Spelling test & 3 activities, and Fluency Binder are due Friday. Please be sure your child is completing ALL of the pages in the fluency, including the writing the the back page.

Please practice The Act of Contrition for Reconciliation. They should practice every night.  Thank you.  

Our specials schedule: Monday's we have Computers. Tuesday's we have P.E. & Art. Wednesday's we have Music. Thursday's we have P.E. & Library. 

Each day the children should bring their assignment notebook & "home folder" home and then back to school the following day. Please make sure to send folders to school if you haven't yet.

Our Classroom Rules/Expectations: Listen, Be Kind, Be Responsible