Toddling Chargers

Toddling Chargers Playgroup

St. Catherine of Alexandria offers a playgroup for toddlers and caregivers, as we want to welcome new families with children who are not yet school-age and include the youngest Chargers of our school families! All toddlers must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Join us for prayer, music, open gym and fun! Neighbors and friends are welcome!

When: Fridays 8:30-9:15 a.m.

Where: SCA Gym (enter through Door 1)

Cost: $5.00 per family per week (pay as you go)

What do the parents enjoy about this playgroup?

  • “I enjoy watching my daughter socialize with other children her age.” –Kristin Tortorello
  • “I like that Ms. Leonard does a variety of activities with the group. The children are always engaged and really enjoy playing with other kids. Ms. Leonard is the best.” –Kathleen Hall
  • “Mingling with other parents.” –Horace Bruff
  • “Seeing my child interact and enjoy other children’s company is what I enjoy most about the playgroup. This experience is helping him to develop a respectful and caring personality.” –Rita Del Real

What are the children’s favorite activities?

  • Parachute and ball pool –Juan Diego
  • Trampoline and parachute –Mackenzie
  • Parachute time –Avery
  • Anything with a ball –Kaden

 Why should someone join this playgroup?

  • “Good way to meet others, both kids and adults.” –Lindsay Gorlewski
  • “I like that you can drop in whenever you can make it–no obligation to come each week. The price is very reasonable.” –Kathleen Hall
  • “It’s great to let young children interact with each other and explore new things.” –Kristin Tortorello
  • “Love the socialization with the other kids.” –Beth Philip
  • “Great social interaction for both parent and child.” –Sarah Malburg