5th Grade Science

Week of March 30th-April 3rd

Homework: On Google Class-5th Grade Science 

Past Science Assignment
s-Due ASAP for students work listed as missing on PowerSchool or Google classroom-please email me if you are unsure of the requirement.

IXL science time-20 min .,  (if I marked this as missing last week please review time spent and complete an extra skill and mark as "turned in").

Matter and Change: 2 videos with questions on Google Doc. - Some students are missing this assignment-resend your Google Doc. to me.
Classwork:  We are studying Unit E-Matter.  On my Google class site I have posted materials and assignments to supplement our text (Mystery Science, Readworks, , Ducksters, and Scholastic Study Jams).

Monday: E-learning for Science and Math. 

Google class work-Ducksters site: topics: Atoms, Elements, Molecules-take quiz and share with me.

Zoom meeting today at 11am.

Tuesday:   no class

Wednesday:  This day is dedicated to E-learning.  Complete Google classwork and past assignments posted. 
ReadWorks: Chemistry-Atoms and Molecules article and questions

Thursday: no class

  no class