First Grade News

Pajama Day

 Welcome to 1st Grade,
Room 113
April 3rd

Yay!! We made it to the weekend. Week 3 of E-learning is done (after the spelling test) and everyone did a wonderful job of getting their work completed. Take a break from the computer and assignments. I will be hosting another Zoom meeting on Monday at 10:00 and will be sending you the invite on Sunday night. Have a great weekend!!

Washing Hands.png

April 2nd
Hello first grade, today is going to be a great day to get out and go for a walk. Get some fresh air. 
Just a reminder, when you are on IXL the recommendations are on the top right hand side of the site, right by the yellow star. Be sure you are doing the recommended assignments and not the others. The other skills will be assigned at a later date. 

Also, when on RAZ-KIDS click on the My Assignments section. I am assigning certain books before you pick your own story to read. Those are the stories that I am grading. 

Have a wonderful day!! 

Riddle of the day:
Why did the cookie go to the nurse?
Because he felt crummy!

April 1st

Riddle of the day:
Knock, Knock
Who's there
Cargo Who?
Car Go "toot toot, 
vroom vroom!"

March 31st

Happy Tuesday!!  I want to thank everyone who is working very hard on all your assignments. You are doing an awesome job and you should be proud of yourself for keeping up with your work! I also love seeing pictures of you journal entries. I hope you are seeing the comments I send back to you. Keep them coming. I miss you all!!

Riddle of the day: 
Why did the teddy bear say no to dessert?
 (Check back tomorrow for the answer)

March 30th

Welcome Back!!  Today I emailed all the parents an IXL Code. Please ignore the email you received yesterday,Sunday. The one from today has all the correct information. This is a sight we will be using for math and phonics/reading practice. We will try some assignments on Tuesday. Please check your email and let me know if you did not get it. 

I will be doing another Zoom meeting on Monday at 10:00. We will be playing one of their favorite math games, Around the World. I hope to see many of the children join us. In the mean time I hope everyone has seen the YouTube video of myself reading the rest of the Junie B. Jones book. I will continue reading more books this week. 

I want to thank all my students who are completing all their assignments on Classkick, their journals entries and on RAZ-Kids. I am very proud of all the work I see completed. Feel free to send me pictures of journal entries or just a picture of them working hard. 

Riddle of the day:
Why wouldn't the shrimp share his treasure?
He was a little shellfish!!

March 27th

Well, we all did it. Week 2 is done so now enjoy your weekend. No Homework!!  It was so good to see the kids this week on Zoom. They also seemed to be happy to see each other. I am glad most of you were able to join us. Next week I will be hosting more Zoom meetings and we will be playing some math games. This seems the way we are going to be doing lessons these days.
Have a great weekend!!

Cartoon Kids.png  

Riddle of the day:
Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Boo who?
Don't cry it's just a joke!!

March 26th
Hang in there. Everyone is doing awesome on their assignments. Friday is almost here and week 2 is just about done. Be sure to check back on your Classkick assignments. They are graded and there are comments on them. 

Riddle of the day:
What kind of key opens a banana?
A mon-key!!

March 25th

A big shout out to all the parents for helping the kids with all their assignments and navigating around the internet for them. I know it's not easy finding all these sites we are using. Everyone is doing a great job!!

Riddle of the day:
What does the ocean do when it sees it friends?
It waves!!

March 24th
Great Job, first grade!  Everyone seemed to get the hang of Classkick. Be sure to check back for comments on your work. Also, I love seeing your journal stories and pictures of you working at home. It warms my heart to see how hard you are working and are missing school. I too, am missing school. I will send another video today. Be sure to look for it. Have a great day and stay safe!!

Riddle of the day:
What animal can you always find at a baseball game?
A Bat!

March 23rd

Happy Birthday, Beckett! 
Hat And Horn.png
We hope you have a wonderful day!!

Hi, First Grade, I hope everyone had a fun weekend with your families. I will be sending a video email to the parents today. Please keep an eye out for it. 

Riddle of the day:
What do you call a cheese that's not yours?   Nacho cheese!

Sunday, March 22

Be sure to download the website/app Classkick so your child can complete assignments for the week on it. You don't have to send me their work through email. I see it at my end on the site.

Friday, March 20th
I set up an account for the students to go on to complete daily activities. It is called Classkick. It is an app you will have to download on an Ipad or on your laptop. 

Each assignment has a special code to get into. I will post the code each day. If you would like to try it out there is a practice assignment I put up today and the code is UJD54K. The site also offers an introductory lesson and the code is 8IE2IQ.  Let me know how it works out for you. I can see the assignment at my end as they are doing it. 

Good morning, First Grade! I hope everyone is hanging in there. It has been a trying first week of e-learning for all of us. Just do the best you can and hopefully all this will get easier as we go along.  

Try to administer a spelling test today and if you want to screen shot it and email it to me that would be great. You can always email me pictures of any work they are doing at home, like their journal entries. 

Our class is rockin' RAZ-KIDS. So many have been on it, reading stories and taking quizzes. 

Journal entry:
Some activities I like to do in the spring are...

Riddle of the day:
Where do cows go on Friday nights?
To the Mooooo-vies!

Thursday, March 19th

 Happy First Day of Spring!

Illustration Of Pink Tulips.png

Journal entry:
During Lent I am trying to...

Riddle of the day:
What gets wetter when it dries?
A Towel!

I have seen many of you have been busy on RAZ-KIDS. That is wonderful!! Keep up your great work you are all doing. I have sent several of you messages on RAZ-KIDS. Be sure to look for it. 

Be sure to click on the Class pictures tab to the left to see our smiling faces. 

Wednesday, March 18th,

Journal entry:
After school I like to ...

Riddle of the day:
Why did the kid cross the playground?
To get to the other slide!!

If you are looking for some physical activities to do other than running around the house GONOODLE is a class favorite. You can find them at
or you can find them on YouTube.

A reminder:  When going on RAZ-Kids your child's password is his/her first name. 

Tuesday, March 17th 

So, day 1 of E-Learning is done and over. I hope everyone survived. Just a few notes for today.

*We understand that all this work may seem like a lot. This is new to all of us and we will try to do our best to keep you updated with the curriculum. Just try to do your best and what you are able to do. 

*Every day we will be posting a journal sentence. If possible, get a spiral notebook to write and draw in. You can choose to complete the sentence or write how you spent the day. You can also draw a picture to go with it (like we do in school).It will be fun to hear your sentences and we will share some of them when we come back. 

Journal entry for Tues, March 17th;
If I caught a leprechaun I would.....

Monday, March 16th

While we are home for the next few weeks we will post some assignments so the children do not fall behind. A packet of work was sent home with each child and it is expected to come back once we return. We do not expect them to complete it all in one day. They should spread out the work and do a little each day along with any assignments that are posted on this sight. 

We suggest that your child follows this schedule;
Monday- Sight words, spelling words, and vocabulary words and reading fluency
Tuesday- Reading fluency and Math facts
Wednesday- Reading fluency, math facts, and Religion
Thursday- Reading fluency, spelling words,math facts and science
Friday- Try to administer a spelling and sight word test if possib

There are a lot of wonderful websites your child can go on while home. They are posted under each subject on our Week in Review tab. 

Please don't forget RAZ-Kids. It is a great resource for their reading fluency and comprehension ( I get a report every Sunday of who has been on it and how they did).

You can email us any time with questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please pray that we are all back to school as soon as possible and let your children know that we will miss them and pray that they stay safe. 

Our first grade had a wonderful visit from the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. She brought in 3 different animals for us to see, observe, touch, draw, and learn about. Thank you FSA, for funding our visitor.  

If you are planning on doing the Great America Read to Succeed program don't forget to register. 

Even though the whole school did not attend mass on Friday our first grade did and they did an awesome job on the readings and petitions.

This part of the school year we step the reading fluency. Please be sure your child is reading every night to you. The more the read they better they will get. 

Don't forget, RAZ-Kids is a great way to build reading skills. The children should go on it at least once during the week and read a story, listen to it and take the quiz. When I get my weekly reports of who has been on it and I see how they did I will always inform you if I see that your child is struggling with certain reading skills so we can both help them. We want your children to be successful in reading and RAZ-Kids is a wonderful tool.


*If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions you can always reach me at