Just A Note... there will be days when the posted assignments were not covered.  The assignment board and student assignment books are current and reviewed orally each day in the classroom.  The assignment web log will be modified as soon as possible.

IXL due 10/11 - D.4, 5, 6
IXL due 11/13 - E.1, 2, 3

Week of 11/5
Unit 5 Vocab Test Friday
Packet due 11/9

Math: WB54
Social Studies: US Gov't PQA
English: Typed Rough Draft due Wednesday at 11:59pm

Math: WB56
Social Studies: Northeast States cards; Quiz on states 11/16
English: Typed rough draft due Wednesday at 11:59pm

Math: WB57
Social Studies: Read Executive Branch and complete Executive Branch PQA; NE States quiz 11/16
English: Rough Draft due by 11:59 pm

Math: WB59
Social Studies: Finish Branches of Gov't Tree for in class assignment tomorrow; States Quiz 11/16
English: Final Copy must be turned in by Tuesday at 11:59


 Week of 10/29
Unit 5 Spelling Test Friday
Packet due 11/9

Math: Extended Response WS.  Use the one we did in class posted on classroom as a guide
Social Studies: Test tomorrow on Southeast Region Packet and Fun Notes
Vocab: 3x's each

Math: Extended Response posted on Classroom. Put your work and writing on a separate sheet of paper.  
Social Studies: Test TOMORROW! ...we'll try this again with or without the internet :) Finish ReadWorks posted on Classroom
English: Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs for Bing, Bang, Bongo Essay due Friday

Week of 10/22
Unit 4 Vocab Test Friday
Packet due 10/26

Math: Lattice Multiplication WS; Ch. 4 Test Friday
Social Studies: A Divided Country Fun Notes (BOTH SIDES); Southeast Region Test Tuesday, 10/30 on the packet, PQA packet, and fun notes

Math: Area Model WS; Test Friday
Social Studies: Test Tuesday
English: Finish Bing, Bang, Bongo paragraphs due Friday

Math: WB48 & 49 CIRCLED PROBLEMS ONLY; Test Friday
Social Studies: Southeast Changes Fun Notes; MLK and Rosa Parks trade cards (cut and glue); Test Tuesday
English: Bing, Bang, Bongo due Friday

Math: Test Tomorrow!
Social Studies: Test Tuesday
English: Verb WS; Bing, Bang, Bongo due Friday

 Week of 10/15
Unit 4 Spelling Test Friday
Packet due 10/26

Math: WB42 1-21 odd, 22-24 all
Religion: Ch. 3 WS; 10 Commandments quiz Wednesday
Vocab: 3x's each WS..Please make sure to write the last 4 words on the back the same way as the front! Thank you for doing that for me! :) 

Math: Black: extended response for problem #8
          Red: extended response for problem #10
          Resource: extended response posted on classroom
English: Finish graphic Organizer for Favorite Holiday Essay
Religion: 10 Commandments Matching Quiz tomorrow!

Math: WB44 2-20 even; 22-25 all
           Black: Extended Response on classroom 
Social Studies: Readworks on classroom 
English: Action Verb WS

Math: WB45 1-21 odd; 22-25 all
English: Helping Verb WS
Vocab: Spelling Test Tomorrow

 Week of 10/9
Unit Review in vocab so no tests or packet

Math: WB42 evens only for the facts, ALL word problems; IXL D.4,5,6 due Thursday; Quiz on 2 by 1's Thursday
English: Subject Predicate Quiz Friday - Study the powerpoint, notes, and worksheets on this topic only!
Religion: Finish 10 Commandments notecards; Quiz on 10 Commandments (matching) 10/17
Social Studies: BLACK GROUP ONLY- Finish filling in answers for Coal notes and cut and glue in notebook

Math: 2 by 1 multiplying quiz tomorrow! 
English: Parent Signature for Subject Predicate Quiz on Friday
Social Studies: Finish notes on Sequoyah and The Cherokee. Cut and glue in notebook
Religion: 10 Commandments matching Quiz Wednesday

Week of 10/1
Vocab Unit 3 Test Friday
Vocab Packet due 10/5
POW4 due Friday 

Math: WB38
English: Types of Sentences Test Thursday

Math: WB39; Multiples and Factors WS; Quiz on Multiplying with and without regrouping 10/11
English: Types of Sentences Test Thursday; Edit and Turn In Final Copy of Descriptive Paragraph

Week of 9/24
Spelling Unit 3 Test Friday 9/28 
Vocab Packet  due 10/5
POW3 due Friday 9/28

Math: Ch. 2 Test tomorrow! Be sure to know anything from your notes, definitions on classroom, and practice problems from 2-1
Vocab: 3x's each

English: Finish typing rough draft of description paragraph and submit it.  If you don't know how to submit, we will do it together in the am
              Run On Sentence WS- Complete 2-4 just like how we did 1 together

Math: Complete at least 1 section in IXL and get at least a score of 80; POW3
Social Studies: Finish readworks article and questions to submit
English: Compound Sentence WS (BACK SIDE!)

Math: WB37 all 
          Black Group also complete problems posted on classroon AND WB37 all
English: Parts of a Sentence Test Thursday; Final copy of descriptive paragraph due Tuesday

Week of 9/17
Vocab Unit 2 test 9/21
Vocab Packet due 9/21
POW2 due Friday

Math: WB18 even only

WB20 even only; Ch. 2 Test Tuesday
Social Studies: Land and Water PQA

Math: WB21 odd only; Ch. 2 Test Tuesday
Social Studies: Products and Natural Resources PQA

Math: WB22 evens only (check on separate sheet); Ch. 2 Test Tuesday
English: 3 body sentences for descriptive paragraph on Graphic Organizer.  Don't worry about the introduction or conclusion

Week of 9/10
Spelling Unit 2 Test 9/14
Vocab Packet due 9/21
POW1 due Friday

Math: Properties of Addition WS
Social Studies: Southeast Region States Quiz 
Vocab: Spelling 3x's each

Math: WB16

Math: WB17
English: Identifying Sentences WS

Math: Two questions posted on classroom
Social Studies: Review landforms flips for in class assignment tomorrow
Vocab: Spelling Test tomorrow

Week of 9/4
Vocab Test Unit 1 Friday 9/7

Math: Rounding WS *Show work!* m&n are extra credit; Quiz on Place Value, Comparing, and Rounding on Thursday
Vocab: Packet
English: Parts of Speech WS
Social Studies: Finish in class work since last Tuesday
     1. Landform definitions
     2. Types of Maps WS's (2 of them)
     3. Southeast Region Map
a. label from political map in back of book (R10 & R11) (SPELLING COUNTS!)
b. color each state a different color...don't color dark around the names so you can see them to study
c. Cut rectangle shape to glue in notebook

Math: Study for quiz tomorrow 
Vocab: Packet
English: Sentence WS

Week of 8/27
Spelling Test Unit 1 Friday 8/31

Math: WB1&3 ODDS ONLY!
Vocab: 3x's each