Classroom Policies

In fourth grade, students are subject to receive detention. Detentions will be given after 8 blue slips are received or for any warranted behavior. Blue slips can be given for missing homework, being unprepared three times a week, and repeatedly breaking our class and school expectations. 

Expectations: On the first days of school, the students and I discussed several expectations that should be followed in our class. Together we came up with the following expectations:

1. Raise your hand to participate, ask questions, or use the restroom.

2. Listen while your teacher and classmates are speaking.

3. Respect others space and belongings.

4. Walk in the classroom.

5. Keep your area clean.

6. Always be kind and try your best!

Homework: If your child is absent, he/she must make up all assignments missed.The student will have however many days they are absent to make up their work.  For example, 2 days absent, 2 days to make up the work they were not here for.  The homework they are in school for is still due the next day.  That way they do not fall behind on any work. 

Blue slips will go home and points will be taken off after an assignment late. Students have until the end of the day to hand in their homework from the night before to myself or Mrs. Brown. Slips are given at the end of the day or the following morning after we have checked homework in. Homework is posted for the week by Monday morning on my website.  The most up to date homework will be written in the agenda that I check off on. 

Grading: Please allow at least two days to receive graded tests. All graded items will be posted on PowerSchool. Categories are not weighted, however, tests, papers, and projects will have larger point values and will therefore weigh in heavier on the final grade. You will see grades for participation throughout the trimester. This is for in class assignments in which we are working with groups. In order to receive all points, students must stay on task and work as a team. Students are given their expectations before we being so they know how to receive all points.