**All assignments listed are due the next day.

***Some textbooks may be needed for homework.  Please do not write in the textbooks.  Please keep the textbooks away from snacks, food items, siblings, and water bottles.  Three book socks are needed to cover the math, grammar, and social studies textbooks.Thank you for your cooperation.

**Unfinished class work may be added as homework.  The students are aware of this when the assignments are discussed at the end of the day.


**Vocabulary Test Practice:  Please check out the website https://www.sadlierconnect.com/vw/vocabularyworkshop.com   (Click on the green book.) for word practice.

____________________________________________________________________________________ Scholastic Book Order Class Code:  GPQ8X

Week of September 23 - September 27



    -Reading:  Fluency story is due Tuesday. (Please sign once on top of paper.)  Reread "Yoon and the Jade Bracelet" for Tuesday. Review story vocabulary. Please return book.

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Tuesday. Please review errors from class work on Chapter 1's chapter test. (Hundred thousands/ ten thousands place values and adding money  were common errors.)

    -Science:  Engineering Design vocabulary test on Wednesday (matching).  Review definition sheet/crossword puzzle from last week. 

    **Gym uniforms today

    -Science:  Review Engineering Design vocabulary sheet for matching test on Wednesday.
    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due the next day.

    -Spelling:  Pretest on Unit 3 vocabulary words on Wednesday.
    *Uniforms start for our room today.

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Thursday.
    -Reading:  Any work not finished in class is due Thursday.

    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Friday.

    -Reading:  Any work not finished in class is due Friday.

    -Science:  Test on Engineering Design concepts on Friday.  [Study guide:  Review steps in the Design Process sheet, vocabulary, and activities done in class this week. Understand constraints (limits to a solution) and variables (the things that changed in the experiment) in the design process. *This test involves applying the concepts presented in the engineering design process.  Students will be given questions based on charts and tables, similar to the activities practiced in the ixl activities in class.  This is also similar to the style of questions they may see on the Aspire science section.

    -Spelling:  Retest on Unit 3 vocabulary words on Friday.

    -**Dress Down for Pediatric Cancer
    ($1 suggested donation, if possible)
    -Math:  Any work not finished in class is due Monday. Practice concepts presented in class on ixl.
    -Reading:  Reread story for Monday.  Please return the magazine.
    -Planning ahead:
    -Math:  Practice +/- facts.

    ​Topics covered last week:
    -Place value, standard and expanded form, number patterns, comparing numbers, rounding numbers; money
    -Types of sentences, sentence fragments, correct punctuation; compound sentences
    -Inferences and context clues; character traits; fantasy genre; realistic fiction; dialogue
    -Continents, oceans, globe, map,
    -Reading a map:  map title, map key, locator map, landform map, grid map, cardinal directions; map scale, intermediate directions
    -Science:  engineering design
    -The Sacraments of Initiation