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Week 3/22-3/26
7th: Google Slides and Argumentative essay due Tuesday 3/23 (submit on GC)
8th: see "Macbeth Agenda and Notes" posting on Classroom
vocab: Unit 10 workbook due Wednesday 3/24; text 3/26; extension 3/26
Religion: gather 'costumes' for Living Stations

Week 3/16-3/19
7th: drafting of argumentative essay; begin constructing PPT
8th: Act IV- see agenda on classroom
vocab: begin Unit 10; workbook due 3/24; test 3/26
Religion: family life journal and reading #2; world religions presentations

Week 3/8-3/12
7th: slides 11-13 for argumentative research
8th:  see agenda on Classroom; Act III test Thursday
Vocab: workbook pages due 3/10; test 3/12
Religion: world religions presentations due Tuesday

Week 3/1-3/5
7th: Google Slides research presentations; begin argumentative writing unit (see GC for work)
8th: Act III Macbeth  (see Macbeth agenda on classroom for detailed lesson plans)
Vocab: Unit 9 workbook due 3/10; extension and test Friday 3/12
Religion: Confirmation test Tuesday 3/2

Week 2/22- 2/26
7th: drafts due Monday for peer editing; begin digital presentation creations; final research paper due Friday
8th: Act II- reading, notes, and test Friday (see Macbeth agenda on classroom for detailed lesson plans)
Religion: finish Confirmation book documents (reflections, etc); Confirmation test study guide; test will be next week
Vocab: Unit 8 workbook pages due 2/24; extension 2/25; test 2/26

Week of 2/16-2/19

7th: body paragraphs written in-class; Works Cited and conclusion; completed draft due Monday 2/22
8th:  Act II begins (please see Macbeth agenda on GC for daily lesson plans)
Religion: confirmation book documents (posted on GC)
Vocab: Unit 8 started this week; workbook pages due 2/24; extension activity 2/25; test 2/26

Week 2/8-2/11
7th: writing of body paragraphs
8th: please see Macbeth agenda posted on GC for daily lesson plans
Religion: begin Confirmation book (posted on GC)
Vocab: Unit 7 workbook pages due 2/10; test 2/11

Week 1/25-1/29
7th: 3 sources bookmarked and due at end of class Tuesday; outline 
8th: Shakespeare bio worksheet due Thursday
Religion: CSW essay- "The Value of a Catholic Education and My Time at SCA"
Vocab: workbook due Wednesday; test Friday

Week 1/19-1/22
7th: brainstorm topic selection sheet; credible source links for research paper
8th: reading of Act 1 and in-class annotations; workbook pages 1 & 2
Religion: Saint Report research draft due Thursday 1/21; final paper due Friday 1/22
Vocab: Unit 6 workbook due next Wednesday 1/27; test Friday 1/29

Week of 12/14-12/19

7th: finish origin story by Wednesday; IXLs due Friday
8th: finish original narrative; complete IXL grammar practice
Religion: Gospel passage analysis of Jesus' birth throughout week daily
Vocab: workbook pages for Unit 6 due Wednesday 12/16; test Thursday 12/15

Week of 12/7-12/11
7th: complete discussion questions and chart in packet; creative writing story to be done in class (remote learners please see agenda and notes to construct)
8th: plot organizer for original narrative
notes on Christmas (Nativity of the Lord) page 330; add to study guide: Confirmation meeting Zoom-hosted by Mrs. Lynch this Thursday at 7pm. Link was sent from an email from Mrs. Lynch 
begin Unit 6

Week of 11/30-12/4
grammar review due Wednesday (GC); vocabulary for "A Kidnapped Santa Claus" (in packet distributed in class or posted on GC) due Friday; grammar review; reading of pages 1-5 in class Wednesday and making inferences chart in packet; Friday- finish reading story and begin answering critical thinking questions
High School entrance exam prep- we will be reviewing grammar skills and test taking strategies in class this week. Students will be given sample test prep packets at each class to finish either in class or for homework to prepare with timing and skills
notes on Advent (see GC slide for page numbers as book editions are different for each homeroom); study guide provided and posted to help guide in notes

Week of 11/16-11/20

7th: 40 things poem draft due Wednesday; peer edits Wed. in class; final drafts due Friday 11/20; IXL GG 4 &5 due Friday
8th: drafts of favorite place due Wednesday 11/ 18 (yes, on day we do not meet so that I have time to review before next session); final drafts due Friday; IXL LL 1 & 2 due Tuesday
Religion: Read chapter 3 of Confirmation book; take notes following guided notes posted on GC slides; complete Gifts of the Holy Spirit activity in class
Vocab: unit 5 workbook due 11/18; test Friday 11/20

Week of 11/9-11/13
7th: "40 Things" organizer- add descriptions, sensory language- due Wed at start of class.  Begin drafting poem Wed. in class
8th: favorite place brainstorm sheet due Thursday; begin drafting process Thurs 11/12 in class
Religion: saint research sheet (GC) due Friday 11/13
Vocab: begin Unit 5 workbook pages

Week of 11/2-11/6
7th: none in class; absent students please see GC for assignments posted
8th: none in class; absent students please see GC for assignments posted
Religion: finish reading Ch. 2 pages 25-27; take notes (also posted on GC); test on Chapters 1 & 2 Friday 11/6
Vocab: correct workbook Mon 11/2; test Wednesday 11/4; extension due Friday 11/6

Week of 10/26-10/30
7th: "The Nothing"- mood analysis sheet; Monster Project choice board- due Friday
8th: "If Cornered, Scream"- read and complete graphic organizer (Tues); Choice board assignment due Friday
Religion: complete notes on Ch. 2 (guided prompts on GC); sacramental symbols chart (Tuesday); scripture search (Wednesday)
Vocab: Unit 4 workbook pages due 10/28; extension due 10/30; test 11/3

Week of 10/19-10/23
7th: Frankenstein analysis; IXL sentence structure; mood analysis
8th: Comparative Texts Analysis; IXL FF.1-2
Religion: Ch.1 Born Anew in Baptism reading og pages 10-15; guided notes questions
                     Baptismal Reflection; Nicene Creed reflection

Week of 10/13-10/16
7th: complete news article with proper citations by end of class Wednesday; supplemental articles (cover page/ad) due Friday 10/16
8th: complete intro and 1st body by Thursday; Thursday in class we will complete all body paragraph writing and begin conclusion; editing for citations (see notes on GC)
Vocab: Unit 4 begins Wednesday; workbook pages due 10/21

Week of 10/5-10/9

7th English: complete brainstorm sheet "planning a feature article" either in class or for homework (also posted on GC)
8th: source outline sheet due by Thursday
Vocab: Unit 3 workbook pages due Wednesday, 10/7; test Thursday 10/8; extension due 10/8

Week of 9/28-10/2

7th English: Sherlock Holmes and the Midnight Killer questions due Wednesday
8th English: 3 credible sources identified on outline (GC); 2 outline topic sections completed by Friday
Vocabulary: Unit 3 begins; workbook due 10/7; test 10/8; extension due 10/9
Religion: crossword submitted; Ch. 4 notes due in class; mass report 3

Week of 9/21-9/24
7th English: final essay printed due 9/23 8th English: TED talks analysis 9/22; Propaganda and presentation 9/22 Vocabulary: Unit 2 begins; workbook due 9/23; test 9/24; extension due 9/24 Religion: Notes due in class; Chapter 3 review due Wednesday 9/23; test 9/24

Week of 9/14-9/18 7th English: drafts of essay due 9/16 end of class; conclusion and peer editing 9/18; final essay printed due 9/23 8th English: 9/11 film study; quick write peer edits; punctuation practice; TED talks analysis; ad analysis Vocabulary: Unit 2 begins; workbook due 9/23; test 9/24; extension due 9/24 Religion: Ch. 3 Blest Are We: journals, vocabulary and notes in class; test 9/24
Week of 8/31-9/4
 7th English:
Port Chicago 50 Questions due Friday 9/4
 8th English:
 Vocab: Unit 1 workbook pages due 9/9. Test 9/10. Story submitted via Classroom 9/11
 Religion: Ch. 1 review due Thurs 8/3.  6 panel symbolism chart due Thursday 8/3