Unit Overviews

7th L.A.:
Our March unit will begin with research paper Google Slides presentations. We will then transition to our next unit that focuses on writing and speaking through argumentative writing. Students will examine famous argumentative speeches/debates, hold their own debates in class, and construct formal writing pieces centering on debatable topics using credible evidence to support their claims.

8th L.A.: 
8th grade continues with the study of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Students will be doing a combination of in-class read alouds, listening to audio recordings of the text, and watching the original BBC film productions to help enhance comprehension.  Students are required to have a small binder to hold all work (handouts for the entire unit were distributed, so most practice work will be done in there, with formal writing and projects submitted via GC). If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to have their binder work and either take a picture to submit to myself on due dates or submit via GC if applicable. Students will be working on skills of comprehension, analyzation, writing, and critical thinking. Each Act will follow with a test assessing the above skills. The culminating assessment will be a research-based paper in March.

Agenda for daily lessons is also posted on GC under "Macbeth Agenda" for when students are absent and need to know what was missed.

8th Religion:
Mass reports are due the Tuesday after Sunday mass. These are counted as part of the 8th grade Confirmation preparation. The month of March we will return to our regular religion textbook, "The Story of Our Church," along with working in the "Family Life" text.

8th Social Studies:
please see Ms. Ippolito's page

8th Vocab: 
Vocab units will typically span 2 weeks, with starting a new unit on Monday, correcting pages the following Wednesday, and testing the following Thursday.

Unit 10 begins Wednesday 3/17. Workbook pages due Wednesday 3/24. Test will be  Friday 3/26.