Room 201


There will be a Call It Courage vocabulary and comprehension quiz on Tuesday, March 23rd.

Read chapter two of, Call It Courage, by Tuesday's class.


Read chapter one of, Call It Courage. 
Complete the chapter one close-read questions.
Put all responses in your reading spiral.
The assignment is due on Tuesday, March 2nd.

***Your book report is due on February 18th.*** 

Your storyboard is due tomorrow. Please be sure you have the chapter name listed at the top of each illustration.


Complete the" Text Structure " packet for homework.
Finish reading the story,  A Long Way From Chicago, by Thursday's class.

The figurative language sheet is due on Tuesday.
Please complete your IXL assignment.
If you did not complete your Google slide for chapter five, you need to complete that as well.

Please look on Google Classroom for assignments.

Complete your storyboard for, " A One Woman Crime Wave".

Your IXL assignment (G.1 and G.2) is due on Thursday.
The first three boxes of your storyboard should be completed by Thursday.

Your first Google Slide for the prologue and chapter one is due on Thursday.

***Please have a copy of the book, A Long Way From Chicago, by Richard Peck, in school on September 28th. ***

Complete, The Green...Monster, for homework.

Be sure that your packet on the book, Paper Things, is completed for class tomorrow.