Classroom Policies

Classroom Policies

Classroom rules and policies:

In fourth grade, students are subject to receive detention. Detentions will be given after 8 blue slips are received or for any warranted behavior. Blue slips can be given for missing homework, being unprepared for class three times a week, and repeatedly breaking our class and school expectations. Slips will be numbered so you and your child know where they stand with blue slips. If you receive a detention, you are not eligible to make Honor Roll that Trimester. Detentions are held every Thursday from 2:45-3:25.

Expectations: On the first days of school, the students and I discussed several expectations that should be followed in our class. Together we came up with the following expectations:

  1. Raise your hand to participate, ask questions, or use the restroom.

  2. Listen attentively while your teacher and classmates are speaking.

  3. Respect others space and belongings.

  4. Walk in the classroom.

  5. Keep your area clean.

  6. Always be kind and try your best! ☺

Homework: If your child is absent, he/she must make up all assignments missed. I will allow extra time depending on the number of days missed. Blue slips will go home and points will be taken off after an assignment is late. Students have until the end of the day to hand in their homework from the night before to myself or Ms. Kirsits. Slips are given the following morning after we have checked homework in. Homework is posted weekly on our websites, and the most up to date assignments will be in your child’s planner.

There will be times that in class assignments are to be finished for homework. Students are given a sufficient amount of time to work on in class assignments before it is assigned for homework.

Grading: Graded work will go home every Thursday. Please allow at least two school days to receive graded tests. All graded items will be posted on PowerSchool. Categories are not weighted, however, tests, papers, and projects will have larger point values and will therefore weigh in heavier on the final grade. You will see grades for participation throughout the trimester. This is for in class assignments in which we are working with groups. In order to receive all points, students must stay on task and work as a team. Students are given their expectations before we begin so they know how to receive all points. Science labs for the First Trimester will be participation grades so students can get used to doing them with follow-up questions. Starting in the Second Trimester, labs will be graded. Math POW’s are available at the beginning of the week and are due that Friday.  Students will receive 2 points for turning it in and getting it correct, 1 point for turning it in, but not getting it correct, and 0 points for not turning it in, or turning it in with no name.  There are about 8-10 POW’s a trimester, so not handing in POW’s can affect the students’ grades.  .

Contact Information: Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. The best way to reach me is by email.  You may also call Saint Catherine’s office to reach me.

Email: Office: (708) 425 – 5547