Announcements and Daily Homework

Welcome to 2nd Grade
Room 112 - HOMEWORK

READING - Tomorrow, March 30th, will be the story test on I Fall Down.  Reread the story and review the vocabulary words in their Reading Notebooks.

- No spelling list this shortened week.
Complete any menu activities that total 5 points.  All work should be done or added to their spelling spiral, unless the activity can't be written on paper.  For example, using sidewalk chalk to write spelling words outside, parents should simply sign the box on the menu to show that activity was done.  Spelling spirals with completed homework are due on Friday, the test is also on Friday.

FLUENCY - No fluency passage this shortened week.
 Students should read the passage aloud to an adult, all the way through to the end, each night.  Next, review any words or phrases they need help with.  Then the adult will time them reading the passage for one minute.  At the bottom of the page there is a place to record the number of words read in a minute, minus any mistakes, to get their total rate of fluency.  Repeat this process each night for homework.  They should also complete the comprehension questions that go with the passage.  Return the binder with the completed work on Friday.  A new passage and questions goes home every week.  With consistent practice, you will quickly see improvements in sight word recognition, phonics skills, fluency and comprehension.  Every child, regardless of their current reading ability, will benefit from this practice.  This exercise is the single most important thing you can do to help your child become a confident reader!


 Dear Parents,

Welcome to room 112! I’m thrilled to have your child in my class and looking forward to getting back to school after this long, strange interruption in our lives.  Returning to the familiar routines of school will be comforting to us all.  The following policies and procedures will keep our class running smoothly and help ensure the success and safety of all the children:

HOME FOLDER/ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK – Both of these go home every day and are to come back each morning.  Please look through both each night so you are aware of things we are learning in class and what your child’s homework is.  A test folder will go home each Thursday.  This folder will include any tests, quizzes, projects or homework assignments that I record as a grade and will be part of their average in each subject.  Be sure to look over their work as it will give you a good picture of how your child is progressing in different subjects, what they are doing well in, where they may need to spend more time studying and preparing for tests.   Please sign the Thursday folder and return the empty folder to school each Friday.

CLASS SCHEDULE – We will have Gym on Tuesday & Thursday mornings.  Library is also on Tuesday.  Our lunch/recess begins at 10:30, therefore our snack time will be moved to the afternoon, approximately 1:00.  Please pack their snack separate from their lunch.   Dismissal is at 2:30.

HOMEWORK  -  Students will write down their homework in their assignment notebook each day.  Homework is considered as important as the time spent in school and reinforces content taught in class.  Typically, students will have a weekly Fluency passage they should read each night along with comprehension questions and a weekly Spelling list with an activity menu they can choose from to practice spelling the words.  Both of these assignments go home on Mondays and are due on Fridays.  Students will often have a Math page to complete for homework that mirrors the lesson/skill we did together in class.  Any assigned Math page is due the following day.   Missing or late homework/projects will be reflected in their grade.

If your child is absent due to illness, they will be responsible for any missed assignments and will be given a few extra days to make up work. 

CLASSROOM RULES – Students are expected to follow some basic rules such as raising their hand to ask/answer questions or contribute to class discussions, listen and follow directions, keep hands, feet and things to themselves and respect other people’s belongings.  By following class rules, giving their best effort on their work, using good manners and being a kind friend to others, they will earn stars on their “Star Card”.  Students can only add to their Star Card, I will never take stars away.  After earning 10 stars, they move up a level on our Super Improver Board, pick a candy and get a WOW card that goes home. This way you are aware your child is contributing to a positive classroom environment and helping make our 2nd grade class a fun and welcoming place to be!  Any encouragement you can give to your child at home about following class rules is appreciated.

PAPERWORK, NOTES, ETC – If you need to send your child to school with forms, checks or cash for the office, please put them in an envelope with your child’s name and indicate what or who it’s for.  Do not send loose money or forms in their backpack.

ABSENCES & TARDIES – Arrival will be a bit different this year and will take us longer to get settled in our desks and begin our day.  In an effort to help speed this new procedure along and minimize additional disruptions, please be sure your child is at school by 8AM and they are prepared with their folder, any books they need that day, homework, lunch and a snack. 

BIRTHDAYS – Students are welcome to bring non-food items for their classmates.  These might include pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.  We have 18 students in our class (10 boys & 8 girls).

 SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS – If you want to order books from Scholastic you can go to  Our class activation code in MDJ88.

CLASS WEBPAGE – Announcements, reminders and information can be found on SCA’s website  under teacher pages.  You can always e-mail me directly at  I am in the process of setting up our class on the online platform Seesaw as a way of communicating with parents.   More information on this will be coming.

Please complete the attached form and return it on Monday.  I realize this is a lot of information all at once and I’m sure you have, or will have, questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact me!  Helping your child be successful in 2nd grade is the reason I am here and I’m happy to partner with you in reaching that goal.

Mrs. Otto