Tuesday, 12-06-22

Religion- Advent Calendar

Math- 10 minutes Math Practice; workbook page 37

Tomorrow is Santa's Secret Shop

Spelling- Corrections 3x each; Choice Board due Thursday; Test Friday

Monday, 12-05-22

Religion- Advent Calendar; Confession tom

Reading- SN; SW Entry form

Math- 10 minutes Math practice

Spelling- Choice board due Thursday; Test Fri

Friday, 12-02-22

Religion- Advent Calendar

VW- Unit 5 Test is Monday

Thursday, 12-01-22

Religion- Advent Calendar

Reading- vocab sheet; Reread "Sea Monster"

Math- workbook page 34 #9-16; 10 minutes XtraMath or Math practice

VW- Unit 5 Test is Monday

Spelling- Study; Test tomorrow

Wednesday, 11-30-22

Religion- Advent Calendar

VW- Test will be Monday, 12-5

Math-10 minutes XtraMath or Math practice

S.S- X

Spelling-Choice Board due tom; Test Friday

Tuesday, 11-29-22

Religion- Advent Calendar

VW- page 52

Math- workbook page 33 #6-15; 10 minutes XtraMath OR Math practice

Tomorrow is Hot Lunch and Dress Blue for JDRF for $1.00

Book orders due Friday

Spelling- Choice Board due Thursday; Corrections 3x each; Test Friday

Monday, 11-28-22 Welcome Back!!!

Religion- Advent Calendar

Reading- "All Aboard" Test tomorrow; Reread; Study wkbk pages

Math- workbook page 32

Science- 5's KAHOOT; 10 minutes XtraMath


Spelling- Choice Board due Thursday- Pick 3; Test Friday!

Monday, 11-21-22 
*Tom.  is an 11:00 dis; NO AFTER CARE; PTC; Choir
*Irregular Plural Noun Test tomorrow
*Math- workbook page 30 #13-22 evens; 10 minutes Math practice

Thursday, 11-17-22
Report Cards/White Envelopes went home today

Religion- 3rd Grade Family Mass on Sunday, 11-20-22 at 9:30 AM-please join us if you can :)

Reading- Reread "All Aboard"; Irregular Plural Nouns. KAHOOT

Math- Turkey riddle

*Get Report Card envelope signed and return

Wednesday, 11-16-22

*Religion-3rd grade mass is this Sunday at 9:30 AM

*Reading-Reread "All Aboard..."

*Math- Study workbook pages 27, 28, and 29 for tomorrow's Subtraction QUIZ; 10 minutes XtraMath

Tuesday, 11-15-22
*Religion- x
*Reading/LA- Vocab sheet; Turkey Disguise due tom!
*Math- 10 minutes XtraMath; workbook page 29
*Science- x
*Social Studies- x
*Spelling- Hot Lunch tomorrow

Monday, 11-14-22
*Reading/LA- Turkey Disguise due Wed
*Math- 10 minutes XtraMath; Finish workbook page 28
*Social Studies- KAHOOT on GC
*Spelling- x

Friday, 11-11-22 Happy Veterans' Day

*Turkey Disguise is due Wednesday, 11-16-22 please

*Book Fair will be open Sunday & Monday

Thursday, 11-10-22 Sorry- we did not write assignments down today

*Math- 10 minutes XtraMath please

*Turkey Disguise due Wednesday, 11-16-22

*Spelling- Study for tomorrow's Test

Wednesday, 11-09-22

*Pick/read about your saint

*Turkey Disguise is due Wed, 11-16-22

*Math- 10 minutes Xtra Math; Ch 2 Addition Test tomorrow

*Book Fair tomorrow$$$$

Spelling- packet due tomorrow; Test Friday!

Tuesday, 11-08-22

*Check out the list of saints. You do NOT have to anything else with the list yet!

*Study Ch 10-13 packet for tomorrow's  The Mouse and the Motorcycle Test

*Math- 10 minutes XtraMath; workbook page 24

*Plural Noun Test is tomorrow

 *Spelling- packet due Thursday; Test is Friday

*Tomorrow is Hot Lunch & a  1:00 dismissal/Spirit Wear

Monday, 11-07-22


*Finish Ch 12 & 13 Questions

*Math- 10 minutes XtraMath; workbook page 24 Pick 5;
Morning Work

*Spelling- packet due Thursday; Test Friday

Thursday, 11-03-22

*Ofrenda pictures

*Plural Noun wksht

*Ch. 10 questions (2); Reread Ch 11 & 12

*Math- workbook page 23 #6-15; 10 minutes XtraMath

*Spelling- packet due tom; Study for tomorrow's TEST

Wednesday, 11-02-22 Happy All Souls' Day! COCO Marble Party; Golden Ticket Dress Down Pass

*Ofrenda pictures

*Reading- Read Chapters 9 &10; Do Ch 9 Questions

*Math- 10 minutes XtraMath; workbook page 20

*VW-Unit 4 Test is tomorrow

*Spelling- packet is due Friday; Test is Friday

Tuesday, 11-01-22

*Ofrenda pictures

VW (Vocabulary Workshop)- Unit 4 Test will be  Thursday

Math- 10 minutes XtraMath; Short Addition Quiz tom

Spelling- Corrections 3x each; packet due Friday

Monday, 10-31-22. Happy Halloween!!!

NO HW!!!

Thursday, 10-27-22

*Religion- Study pages 59-60; Ch 3 Test tomorrow

*Reading- Ch 8 question; Read Ch 9

*Math- workbook page 19; 10 minutes XtraMath

*Science- Mystery Science

*Baby bottles due tom!!!

*Spelling- Study for tomorrow's Test!

Wednesday, 10-26-22

*Reading- Read Ch 7 & Do Ch 6-7 Questions

*Spelling- Choice Board- Pick 3 due tomorrow; Corrections 3x each; Test is Friday

Religion- Study pages 59 & 60; Ch 3 Test is Friday

Math- 10 minutes XtraMath 

Tuesday, 10-25-22

*Math- workbook page 18

*Reading- Reread Chapter 6

*Spelling- Choice Board due Thursday; Corrections 3x each (We will do tomorrow since I forgot to pass them back?!?); Test Friday

Religion- Ch 3 test will be Friday, 10-28-22

*Tomorrow is Wear a Hat/Crazy Socks with gym uniform

Monday, 10-24-22

*Reading- Read Chapter 5

*Grammar- Study for tomorrow's Pronoun Test

*Spelling- Test Friday; Choice Board-Pick 3 activities

*Religion- Chapter 3 Test is Thursday; Finish pages 59 &60

Math- 10 minutes XtraMatH

*Tomorrow is Dress Red, White, and Blue!*

Friday, 10-21-22

*There will be a QUIZ on Chapters 1-4 from The Mouse and the Motorcycle on Monday, 10-24-22

*The Pronoun TEST will be on Tuesday, 10-25-22

Religion- Chapter 3 TEST  will be Thursday, 10-27-22

*The Spelling TEST is Friday

Thursday, 10-20-22

*Math- workbook page 16 & 10 minutes XtraMath

*Reading- Do Ch. 3-4 Questions

*Spelling- Spooky Story/Sentences

* TP by next Thursday

Wednesday, 10-19-22

Reading- Finish Ch 2 Questions; Read Chapter 3

Math- 10 minutes XtraMath

Spelling- Test is Friday

Tuesday, 10-18-22

*Math- Quiz tomorrow; Study workbook pages 13-15; 10 minutes XtraMath

*Reading- Chapter 1 Questions

* Spelling- 3x each; Test is Friday

Monday, 10-17-22

*Math- workbook page 15; Quiz on 1.1-1.4 on Wednesday

*Reading- (Re)Read Chapter 1 in The Mouse and the Motorcycle

*Spelling- Study; Test is Friday

*Rosary (Booklet)

Thursday, 10-13-22

*White Envelopes

*Math- workbook page 14

*Reading- Read "Dogs to the Rescue" in your StoryWorks

Wednesday, 10-12-22
Hot Lunch/1:00 Dismissal (There is After Care)

*Vocabulary Workshop- Study for tomorrow's Unit 3 Test

*Reading- Reread "Carla's Sandwich" (GC)

*Math- 10 minutes xtraMath

Tuesday, 10-11-22 I am out today

*Math- workbook page 13

*Reading- Reread "Carla's Sandwich"

*Vocabulary Workshop- Unit 3 Test is Thursday

*Tomorrow is Hot Lunch and a 1:00 dismissal
Tuesday, 10-04-22

*Reading- All About Me as a Reader

*Spelling- packet due tomorrow; Test is Thursday

*Math- Ch. 1 Test is tom; Study page 58


*Hot Lunch is tomorrow (if you ordered)

*Thursday, 10-06-22 is Walk-a-Thon!

Monday, 10-03-22

*Spelling- packet due Wed; Test Thursday

*Math- workbook page 11; Ch 1 Test is Wed


*There is no school on Friday, 10-07-22 or Monday, 10-10-22

*Walk-a-Thon is Thursday, 10-06-22-Hot dog lunch/ice cream

*Hot lunch (if ordered) starts on Wednesday!

Thursday, 09-29-22

*White Envelope
*Book orders due tom!
*Third grade 8:30 mass is tomorrow!
*Reading- Reread "Johnny Appleseed"
*Math- workbook page 10
*Study for tom's Ch. 2 Religion & Spelling test

Wednesday, 09-28-22
I am out today, but please message me with any questions

Reading- Reread "Johnny Appleseed"

Spelling- word search; study for Friday's test

Math- 10 minutes  Xtra Math

Religion- Study pages 47- 48; Chapter 2 Test is Thursday

Bring an apple by tomorrow

Tomorrow is a $1 Dollar Dress Down for Pediatric Cancer research

Please join us if you can as 3rd grade hosts the 3rd grade 8:30 Mass :)

Scholastic Book Club orders are due 09-30-22 IF you are interested in ordering. I will be submitting the order by 3PM. Thanks to all those who ordered!

Tuesday, 09-27-22

*Math- wkbk pg 9

*Spelling- Corrections 3x each

*Apple due Thursday

Reading- Reread "Johnny Appleseed"

Monday, 09-26-22

*Vocab Wkshp- Study Unit 2; Test tomorrow

*Math- 10 minutes xtra Math

*Spelling- Sentences/Story

*Letter due Friday

*Coloring Contest due tomorrow

*Please bring an apple by Thursday

Friday, 09-23-22

Vocab Wkshp- Study Unit 2; Test is Mon

Spelling- Preview new words

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, 09-22-22

*Wear SCA Spirit Wear tom

*Reading- REREAD Yoon; Test  tom

*Spelling- Study for tom's Test

*Math- workbook page 8; KAHOOT

*Vocab Wkshop- Unit 2 Test will be MONDAY

Wednesday, 09-21-22

*Coloring Contest due Friday!

*Spelling -packet is due tomorrow! Test Friday!

*Reading- Reread "Yoon"

Math- KAHOOT on GC or 10 min on XtraMath

Adjective Test is tom!

Dress in your Favorite Color tomorrow!

Tuesday, 09-20-22

*Dress up for Picture Day tomorrow

*Spelling packet is due Thursday

*Spelling- Corrections 3x each

*Reading- vocab sheet

*Math-Study workbook pages 4-7 for tomorrow's QUIZ

Monday, 09-19-22

*Spelling-HW packet due Thurs

*Reading- Finish/Study pictionary; Reread "The Dream Catcher"pages 38-43

*Math- workbook page 7 ; Quiz Wed

*Adjective Test on Thursday

Thursday, 09-15-22

*Spelling- Study for tomorrow's Test

*Math- 10 minutes on XtraMath

*Vocab Wkshp- page 21

*White Envelopes did go home today

Wednesday, 09-14-22

*Reading- Reread "Wolf!; Pick a character worksheet

*Spelling- Study for Friday's Test

*Mystery Science

Tuesday, 09-13-22 Happy Roald Dahl Day!!!

*Reading- Finish BFG picture
   Reread "Wolf!"

* Math- workbook page 6 

*Spelling- Write any missed word 3x each

*Tomorrow is a 1:00 dismissal-there IS  AfterCare!!!

Monday, 09-12-22

*Math- workbook page 5

*Spelling- Use words in a sentence/story

*Reading- Reread "Wolf!" pages 10-29

*Wednesday, 09-14-22 is a 1:00 dismissal-there IS Extended Care

Friday, 09-09-22

*Verb Test is on Monday!

*Get Friday Folders signed and return

*XtraMath= 10 minutes 

Thursday, 09-08-22

*Spelling- Study; test tom!

*Math- Morning work & 10 min. Xtra Math; workbook page 4

*Reading- Study vocab; Reread "Bruno's New Home"

Wednesday, 09-07-22

*Spelling- packet due tom; write missed words 3 x each; Test Friday

*Math-workbook page 4

*Reading- Finish/Color/Study Pictionary; wksht

Tuesday, 09-06-22

Spelling-packet is due Thursday; Test is Friday

Math- Review workbook pages 1-3 for tomorrow's Quiz

Reading- Reread "Bruno's New Home" on the Wonders site ; Link can be found on GC

Tomorrow is GYM and MUSIC

Remember: There is NO SCOOL on Monday, 09-05-22-Have a Happy Labor Day!!!

Friday,  September 2, 2022 Happy Labor Day!!!

*Vocab Wkshp- Unit 1 Test is Tuesday

*Math- Quiz on Wed on wkbk pgs 1-3

*Have a great 3 day weekend! 

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Math- Quiz on Wed on wkbk pgs 1-3

Vocab Wkshp- Unit 1 Test is Tuesday

Xtra Math- 10 minutes

Spelling- Study for tom's TEST

Grammar- Verb page

Reading- Reread SN on GC; 

Vocab Wkshp- Unit 1 Test is Tuesday 

Wednesday, 08-31-22

*Reading- read SN on GC

*Vocab- play games on GC 

*Math- play games on GC

*Spelling- Sentences; Test is Friday

*Fr. Dennis's Birthday card

Tuesday, 08-30-22

*Spelling- ABC order; Test is Friday

*Math- wkbk.  pg. 3

*Reading- Read SN on GC

*Vocabulary- Play games on GC

Monday, August 29, 2022

*Spelling- Write words 3 x each
*Math- wkbk. pg. 2

*Bring library book back tom. 

*Charge your Chromebook

Friday, 08-26-22 TGIF!!!

Thursday, 08-25-22
*There is nothing for the White Envelope today
*Math- workbook page 1
*Charge your Chromebook
Parents- Please sign &  return Back to School Night forms 

Wednesday, 08-24-21
*Charge your Chrome books 
*Vocabulary- page 10
*Tonight is Back to School Night 6:30-8:00 PM- All are invited :)

Tuesday, 08-23-22
*Charge your Chromebook. Find a place in your house your Chromebook can be charged, but also a good spot where you will remember to put it in your book bag each morning
*Finish math sheet
*Finish page 3 of "Saving Fred"

Monday, 08-22-22
*Password paper

Friday, 08-19-22 8AM-1PM  8:30 Mass/Recess/Lunch

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, 08-18-22 First day of School 8-11 AM

Students: Please complete "Taco 'bout Me" and bring supplies

Parents: Please complete "Let's taco 'bout my child"