Classroom Pages

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Position Name Location Class Page Email
Preschool – 3 Year – Half Day Mrs. Sarah Roa 104 Class Page
Preschool – 3 Year – Full Day Ms. Annie Myren 103 Class Page
Preschool – 4 Year Mrs. Maureen Fadden  101 Class Page
Preschool – 4 Year – Full Day Mrs. Donna Marie Ivers 102 Class Page
Preschool Aide Mrs. Josephine DeAvila      
Preschool Aide Mrs. Jo Ann Jordan      
Preschool Aide Mrs. Terry Toppel      
Preschool Aide Mrs. Jen Bonen      
Preschool Aide Mrs. Jill Buczko      
K Ms. Ashley Smith 109 Class Page  
K Mrs. Kristin Reed 110 Class Page  
Aide – Kindergarten Mrs. Terri Corcoran      
1 Mrs. Janet Zawaski 114 Class Page
1 Mrs. Sharon Duh 113 Class Page
Aide – Grade 1 Mrs. Mary Mangan      
2 Mrs. Janet Otto 112 Class Page
2 Ms. Kirsten Hess 111 Class Page
Aide – Grade 2 Ms. Kelly Galvin      
3 Ms. Sabrina Kay 211 Class Page
3 Mrs. Diane Janczak 212 Class Page
4 Mrs. Tracy Brown 213 Class Page
4 Ms. Julie Kirsits 214 Class Page
5 Mrs. Therese Rimkus 202 Class Page
5 Mr. David Stonis 204 Class Page
6 Mrs. Christine Enders 201 Class Page
6 Mr. Steven Mohr 203 Class Page
7 Ms. Elyse Lunz 205 Class Page
7 Miss Catherine Woods 206 Class Page
8 Mrs. Carolyn Anderson 207 Class Page
8 Mr. Sean Haneberg 208 Class Page
Math Resource Mrs. Terry Lonergan   Class Page
Computer Lab Miss Megan Soch Computer Lab Class Page
Gym Mrs. Laura Franks Gym  Class Page