Dear Parents,

    Students in grades 4th – 8th,  ACT Aspire assessment results from the Spring 2016 tests are available on your PowerSchool account. 

     We are pleased with the results for the first year taking this assessment which was more rigorous than the Terra Nova. The assessment results provide us with a baseline on our current achievements and areas in need of improvement. ACT Aspire is designed to measure how well students are understanding topics, concepts and skills required to succeed under the Common Core standards and focus on identifying what students should know at the end of each grade level. The results will allow us to determine how our students are progressing at their current grade level, but also how they are progressing toward future and career readiness.

  From our analysis of the results we know that our students need more guidance on writing. We have established writing guidelines that all grade levels will implement this year.  Weekly time for writing has been made part of all grade level schedules.  Writing is an important skill that is not only needed for the Aspire but for success in life. We have also restructured math classes in some grade levels to provide smaller group instruction. Preschool through eighth grade teachers are completing curriculum checklists to confirm all standards are being covered in each grade level. We will once again take the ACT Interim practice tests three times this year and complete quizlets to help students prepare for the type of questions that will appear on Aspire in the Spring of 2017.

   The 2015 – 2016 progress and readiness levels for grades third through eighth are  below. The attached ACT readiness chart will provide you with information on the levels of readiness for each grade and subject.  The attached letter from Dr. Kearney shares the results of the Archdiocese of Chicago Schools. The Prezi presentation also contains information about the assessment results. We will continue to analyze the results to find ways to improve our current practices to ensure that St. Catherine Alexandria students are ready for their future educational endeavors.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Michelle Edwards