Science Fair 2021-2022 - 8th Grade

Science Fair 2021 - 2022 - 8th Grade

During the school year, please refer to updates on Science Fair, which can be found on this weblog page as well as your Science Google Classroom page.

This weblog page will also serve as a timeline for work being completed for science fair.

On Saturday, October 2nd, I received some information regarding rules for science fair for this upcoming school year.  I'm in the process of reviewing these rules that were distributed to schools participating in science fair.

On Wednesday, October 6th, we began science fair and discussed rules, the timeline for science fair, the format for how it will be completed, and the ScienceBuddies website (link on Google Classroom).

We also discussed how to form a proper research question.

Your science fair question needs to be submitted for approval by Wednesday, October 13th.  You also need to have a folder on Wednesday for science fair.

On Wednesday, October 13th, I reviewed the science fair research questions for approval. 

On Friday, October 15th, you will also make a copy of the Science Fair doc and add your name and this school year in your science fair title.  Additionally, you will begin your science fair research.  A paper copy of your science fair research will be passed out during class, while an electronic copy can be found on Google Classroom.  You will need to type 2 full pages of science fair research on your science fair doc. and have at least 3 sources by Monday, October 25th.  Any research for science fair submitted late will result in 9 points being deducted per school day.  If the research is not submitted on your science fair doc after 5 days it is late and will result in a zero grade.