Science Fair 2019 - 2020
  • Great job to all the students for completing their Science Fair!!! The top three winners will move on to complete at the Museum of Science and Industry.
  • The students need to work on preparing and practicing for their Science Fair presentations.  Time was given during class on January 17th.  The students will present their Science Fair projects on Wednesday, January 22nd after school in Kane Hall beginning at 3:00 p.m. until around 4:00 p.m.

  • During the week, of January 13th, the students continued to work on making changes to their Science Fair papers.  Class time was given each day to work on their Science Fair papers.  The Science Fair paper and boards were turned in on January 17th.  

  • The  students worked in science class from January 6th -10th on their science fair.  I met with each student working on their science fair.  

  • The abstract and safety sheets for both 8th grade science groups are due on Monday, January 13th.  Any endorsement form needed to be filled out also needs to be turned in on Monday.

  • The students need to complete their experiment over break as well as their results/data, conclusion, and references on their Google doc. - Due Monday, January 6th.

  • Just a reminder that students need to have completed their experiment over break for science fair as well as the required information for the data/results, conclusion, and references by Monday, January 6th after returning from Christmas break. I will be checking everyone's science fair paper that these steps are completed. If students have not completed their research this also needs to be done. Time was given before Christmas break in school. Points will be deducted for a homework grade if all required information is not completed on time.
  • You need to record data in a table/graph format (every project must have this).  Data is properly displayed in at least two different forms.  SI units are used. Charts or graphs contain titles, labels on the axis.  Easy to follow appropriate data.
  • Your conclusion needs to be at least 2 pages.  Conclusions are supported by the data. Sources of error have been considered if any. Explanation is made for how or why the hypothesis was supported or rejected. Reflection of what was learned and how it could be made better is made. (Remember in your conclusion to introduce the experiment, discuss any problems you encountered, and to link your hypothesis with your results.
  •  By Friday, December 20th all parts of the Science Fair Google doc. up to the data/results need to be completed. I have set aside time to work on it during class while I was not in school. Students also need to work on this at home.  I've currently corrected the students papers and returned them via email.  As students continue to make changes, I will continue to work on checking the student's work. After wrist surgery, I can only spend so much time a day on the computer.
  • On Wednesday, December 18th, a four page packet was passed out during class. The packet included the Science Fair paper and board rubrics. Also, in the packet I have included the order the Science Fair paper and what needs to be on the science board. You can also find the order of the Science Fair paper and information on what needs to be on the Science Fair board below.
  • This is the order of your Science Fair Paper (Must be in this order):
  • Report Cover
  • Title Page (Template on Google Classroom)
  • Abstract
  • Safety
  • Endorsements (if you have them)
  • Table of Contents
  • Follow the order on Table of Contents
  • End with Reference List
  • Your Science Fair paper needs to be in Times New Roman (12) font.

Your Science Fair board and paper is due Friday, January 17th. Any late paper/board will receive points deducted.

  • This is what needs to be on your Science Fair board in any order as long as you have everything listed below.

    ---Board Must Be 36” X 48”

    Project Title (Question or Short Title) 

    Question (Could be the same as above)



    Research (shorten it 1 page or staple it)

    Materials & Procedures & Variables

    Data, charts, graphs

    Photos (MUST have pictures doing experiment)

    Conclusion (shorten it or staple it)

    Abstract (shrunken copy, I can help shrink these to 60%)

    Safety (shrunken copy)

    Endorsements (shrunken copy, if you have them)

    If you take pictures from Google etc.  you need to cite these

  • While away from school, I left information during the week of November 10th and 17th.  Students learned about the exact format of their Science Fair paper.  At this time, students needed to add and make sure all information from each of the sections that were completed were on their new document.
  • Students were also instructed to begin their experiment and then record information for their results page for their Science Fair paper.
  • Science Fair boards can be purchased as of Wednesday, December 11th at school.  The cost of the boards are $7.00 and are 36X48.  Some students may need to fill out a Microorganism Endorsement form or a Humans as Test Subjects Endorsement form depending on their Science Fair.  
  • I'm also providing updates to the students via Google Classroom. An email to parents was sent out last week.


  • The students need to be experimenting for their Science Fair projects.

  • The Science Fair procedure will be due on Wednesday, October 30th.  
  1. The procedure needs to be completed in number format.
  2. You need to be very specific.
  3. Be sure to tell exact amounts of things such as materials, time it will take, etc.
  4. It is important that anyone is able to follow your steps and repeat your experiment exactly as you did it.  You MUST have at least 3 repeated trials and clearly identify what you are keeping the same and what you are chasing (variables) to ensure a well designed investigation.
  • Time was given in class to work on the Science Fair procedure on Wednesday, October 23rd and Friday, October 25th.
  • The list of materials will be due on Tuesday, October 22nd.
  • While completing your materials, remember to list your materials in bullet format being specific.  Give amounts and sizes and use metric units.
  • The typed hypothesis for the science fair is due on Friday, October 18th.
  • For your hypothesis, remember that you are trying to predict the answer to your question.  Also, remember to always give a reason for your prediction either from your own experience or from research you have done.
  • Due October 15th, the students need to conduct research about their chosen problem and submit the research.  The research needs to be two pages, typed, and double spaced.  Also, a works cited page rough draft needs to be completed.  Remember to share your Google Docs for these portions of your Science Fair with me.

  • On Monday, October 7th and Tuesday, October 8th, I met with each student checking their progress for science fair.  The students received time to work on their research and works cited pages.  

  • On Monday, September 30th and Tuesday, October 1st time will be given to work on adding information for the Science Fair research portion.  We have also discussed the importance of recording sources used to help complete the Works Cited page.

  • On Wednesday, September 25th, time was given to work on gathering information for the research portion of their Science Fair.  A MLA sheet was also passed out showing how to record sources for their research paper.

  • The topic, parent/student sheet, the problem/question, and having a Science Fair folder are due by Tuesday, September 24th.

  • On Monday, September 23rd additional time was given to continue looking up Science Fair topics and find your research question/ problem.  Students were instructed to use the science buddies website.

  • On Monday, September 16th time was given in class to look up possible Science Fair topics and to find possible your research question/problem.  We used the website:

  • On Wednesday, September 11th, we previewed past Science Fair examples and reviewed the format of completing a Science Fair paper.
  • On Tuesday, September 10th, we went over the beginning stages of Science Fair.  We reviewed information from the 2019 - 2020 Science Fair timeline, the parent/student sheet, and the Science Fair packet.