Weekly Remote Learning

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Weekly Learning! (Remote Learning) 


Remote Learning May 19


Find your favorite book at home. Read it! Draw a picture of your favorite part! 

Math/ Number Work: 

Number of the week: 10

Count to 20 

Outside counting: 

Gallop to 20!

Skip to 20!

Tip Toe to 20!

Run to 20!


Practice writing name. Highlight your name for your child to trace. 


Ask your child our journal questions. Choose which question you would like to answer.  Have him/her draw a picture of his/her answer.  Students can share their responses on FlipGrid

What is your favorite book? 

Fine Motor: 

Use scissors to cut paper.

Play with playdoh or sand.

Gross Motor:

Visit Mrs. Franks’, our gym teacher, class webpage. Try the exercises on her page! She also welcomes all families to participate in her virtual Field Day!


Practice our prayer.  

Say a prayer for all the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who work so hard to help everyone be healthy!

Website Enrichment: 

  • funbrain.com

  • musiclab.chromeexperiments.com

  • starfall.com

  • curiousworld.com               

School/Home Connection

Where Did You Read That?!? Challenge

Read a book in each of the places on the list. Make a check

mark when you read. 

You Read It Where? Challenge

Read a book in the places on the list. Make a ✔ or X in the box when you finish!

Read you FAVORITE book

Read in a costume

Read in your backyard