214 News

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16th we are going to "Chalk the Walk" with our preschool buddies.  If you can please donate some sidewalk chalk to make beautiful masterpieces for everyone to see outside of SCA.  Thank you for your contribution!

Friday, May 4th, the 4th grade is going to go on an in school retreat hosted by the 8th grade.  The purpose of the retreat is to develop skills of teamwork, communication, and friendship.  They are going to be having a later lunch, so please be sure to send a small snack for the students to eat.  They are also able to wear their gym uniforms since they will be moving around the gym to different stations all day.

We had a presentation given by one of our students who is diagnosed with dyslexia.  They opened up to the class about what dyslexia is and how they cope with it.  The students asked very thoughtful questions and were engaged in understanding what it is like for a person who has dyslexia.  

 The students were given an IXL account in math class on January 11th.  I want them to browse the site to get familiar with it.  Beginning the week of 1/15, I am going to assign them standards to work on and complete.  They will then have to write their score in a binder and when it was completed.  This will give them something to be held accountable for and also be able to go and see what their scores are on lessons and to see how they are doing.  Their username and password was emailed to them from IXL. 
username: first initial last name@scaoaklawn
password: math

Students should still be working on xtramath daily.  We use basic facts daily to solve more difficult problems and need to make sure we don't forget that information.  

School Uniform begins the week of 10/2

Welcome to 4th grade! This is going to be a fun and exciting year!  
By Monday mornings, I will post the homework for the week under the homework tab.  If you have any questions, please email me at jkirsits@scaoaklawn.org.

Homework will be posted for the week under the homework tab.  If there are things that we do in class and students do not finish, that may also be brought home to get done.  

I check the agendas everyday to make sure the correct information is written down.  You will see my initials in the box next to the subjects there is something in.
Grades are posted on PowerSchool.

Due to severe food allergies, please ensure that you do not give food items for birthday treats.  Pencils or a class book donation serve as great substitutes. There are 10 girls and 9 boys.