214 News

Welcome to 4th grade! 

I was telling the class how I was watching Jimmy Fallon and he announced he is a judge for Doodle 4 Google.  I researched it more and students are able to enter for a chance to have their doodle on the homepage of Google for one day.  I told them I would print out an entry form and if they like, they can create their own doodle following the directions and theme and I would submit everything for them.  Here is the link to find more information on it!


*If you can highlight the link and paste it in a new tab, then you can read it.  Sorry I don't know how to link it directly!*

There have been a lot of absences both short and extended recently. When your child is absent they will receive a pink sheet with what they missed. Please go over the sheet(s) with your child and check off that work has been completed. Please also sign the sheet(s). Your child should bring the work on or before the day noted. They receive the number of days they were absent to complete the work. It is their responsibility to return missing work!

We now have our email addresses! :) Please make sure you pick a password that you are going to remember because we are going to be using the ChromeBooks in full force now.  
When you need to log onto your email at home don't forget:
1. go onto your web browser and type in gmail.com in the search
2. enter email
3. enter password
From there you will be able to check your email and click on the apps on the top right corner to go onto Google Classroom and much more!

Homework will be posted for the week under the homework tab.  If there are things that we do in class and students do not finish, that may also be brought home to get done. 
If you have any questions, please email me at jkirsits@scaoaklawn.org.  

I check the agendas everyday to make sure the correct information is written down.  You will see my initials in the box next to the subjects there is something in.
Grades are posted on PowerSchool.

Due to severe food allergies, please ensure that you do not give food items for birthday treats.  Pencils or a class book donation serve as great substitutes. There are 9 girls and 13 boys.