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Monday, Dec. 4
7th LA: Review A page 124-answers only
8th LA: body paragraph #3 due tomorrow; subject-verb agreement worksheet

Tuesday, Dec. 5
7th LA: quiz tomorrow on direct and indirect objects (hint: have good notes ready!)
8th LA: conclusion paragraph due tomorrow- draft must be typed or written legibly for peer edits

Wednesday, Dec. 6
7th LA: Quiz moved to Thursday due to extra class review needed- please have notes with you in class tomorrow!
8th LA: no class tomorrow- have draft typed by class Friday
Vocab: Unit 5 choosing the right word and Synonyms & Antonyms; Unit 5 extra credit flash cards

Thursday, Dec. 7

Friday, Dec. 8

Monday, Nov. 27

7th: 20 Things poem rough draft 
8th: body paragraph #1, high school prep grammar packet

Tuesday, Nov. 28
7th LA: "20 Things" Poem submitted via Google Classroom
7th SS: finish reading page 168-171 #1-2 for notes

Wednesday, Nov. 29
7th LA: Ex. 1 (completed in class) & Ex. 2 pg 122- answers only
8th: body paragraph #2 due tomorrow; book page 200-201 #1-20 answers only
7th SS: reading page 173-176 and complete questions #3,4,5

Thursday, Nov. 30

7th LA: Ex. 3 page 123
8th: 3rd body paragraph due Tuesday 12/5

Friday, Dec. 1

Monday, Nov. 20-
No homework for Thanksgiving break. Enjoy the holiday!
7th LA: poems will be worked on in class Monday and due Tuesday, Nov. 28
8th LA: body paragraph #1 due Tuesday, Nov. 28
Vocab: crossword due Tuesday

Monday, Nov. 13

7th LA: finish comparative and superlative worksheet
8th LA: brainstorm topic and construct a working thesis

Tuesday, Nov. 14
7th LA: backside of comparative and superlative worksheet; quiz Friday: comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs

Wednesday, Nov. 15

Thursday, Nov. 16
7th LA: study for quiz; 2 stanzas of Thankful Poem (8-10 lines total- the rest is to be completed in class)
Social studies: current event #1 due Friday
8th LA: source sheet and outline due tomorrow

Friday, Nov. 17
8th LA: introduction paragraph due Monday (rough copy- can be in your notebook)
Vocab: crossword by end of day Monday- class time will be provided on Monday

Monday, Nov.6

7th LA: bk. page 114 Review E (if not completed in class)
7th SS: topic research due tomorrow
8th LA: in-class passage edit tomorrow (for quiz grade-same structure as DLRs)
Vocab: work on Unit 4- due Wednesday; extra credit vocab cards due Wednesday

Tuesday, Nov. 7
7th LA: final argumentative essay due tomorrow (if not turned in on Monday)
Vocab: Unit 4 workbook pages due tomorrow
8th: finish possessives worksheet; bk pg 398 and 406 if not completed in class

Wednesday, Nov. 8
Vocab: Unit 4 test tomorrow in Computers

Thursday, Nov. 9

Friday, Nov.10

Monday, Oct. 30

7th LA: finish class work- book page 110 Ex. 15 
8th: book pg 366 Ex 5, pg 367 Ex.6, pg 371 Ex.9
Tuesday, Oct.31
No homework-Happy Halloween
Wednesday, Nov. 1
7th: work on rough draft- due Friday, along with conclusion
Vocab: Unit 4 completing the sentence & synonyms and antonyms
Thursday, Nov. 2
7th LA: quiz Friday on adverbs, prepositions/ prepositional phrases, conjunctions, interjections; conclusion paragraphs due Friday
8th LA: quiz Friday on commas, semi-colons, colons
Friday, Nov. 3
7th LA: work on paper- due Monday to receive extra credit; Wednesday normal deadline

Monday, October 23
7th LA: body paragraph #2 due tomorrow
7th SS: finish paraphrases of assigned text section (Ch. 5- American Revolution)
Vocab: study for Unit 1-3 test Wednesday
8th LA: none
Tuesday, October 24
7th LA: Book work: Ex. 8 page 102 and Ex. 10 page 104; body paragraph #3 due Friday
7th SS:  none- class notes
Vocab: Unit 1-3 test tomorrow
8th LA:  book work Ex 4 page 364; work on partner advertisement
Wednesday, October 25
7th LA: work on persuasive essay; book page 106 Ex. 12- answers only
7th SS: none: in-class project
8th LA: none
Thursday, October 26
7th LA: body paragraph #3 due tomorrow
7th SS: none: in-class project
8th LA: timed persuasive in-class prompt tomorrow
Friday, October 27
7th LA: work on essay- rough draft due Nov. 3; quiz on adverbs and prepositions Tuesday
Vocab: work on Unit 4 completing the sentences. Extra credit vocab cards due Wednesday, Nov. 8