Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
This week we begin our historical research paper unit.  Students were provided with a timeline of due dates and paper requirements.  Notes and handouts are also posted on Google Classroom.  Please check deadline sheet regularly.  Most writing and work will be completed in class to ensure students understand the process and complete on their own.

7th Social Studies:
This week begins the Illinois Constitution unit. Students will be working out of their Constitution workbooks, as well as completing supplemental activities to engage with the material more.

7th Vocab: Unit 9 begins this week.  Workbook pages are due Tuesday, March 27th.  Unit 9 test will be Wednesday, March 28th.  Extra credit flashcards may be turned by the day of the test.

8th L.A.:

This week we finished our reading of Romeo and Juliet.  We are finishing the unit with a movie poster project- rubric and directions are posted on Google Classroom.  The comprehensive test will be Wednesday, March 28th.