Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
This week we continue with subject-verb agreement in grammar and writing.  Students created mad-libs with partners implementing rules they learned, as well as taking notes and a quiz on agreement.

7th Social Studies:
Our unit focusing on American Heroes centers around the 1st four American Presidents: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.  Students will be provided guided notes for each of the 4 American Heroes, as well as complete in class assignments to enhance knowledge of their presidencies and achievements.  A unit test after spring break (early May) will cover all 4 Presidents studied.

7th Vocab: 
No vocab this week

8th L.A.: 

In this unit leading up to spring break, 8th grade will be conducting a short research project on urban myths/ legends/ mythology.  Students will each compose a 2-3 research paper with 3 sources on their myth (in class handout provided, as well as posted on classroom).  In addition, they will create an interactive poster via Glogster and then present to the class. This unit focuses on concepts of research based writing, analytical response, incorporation of digital media, and public speaking.