Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
We begin our next writing with a compare/ contrast research-essay this week.  Students begin the writing process by brainstorming with Venn Diagrams and constructing thesis statements.  Students will take notes and be introduced to each step daily.  The goal of this unit is to implement cited research to show similarities and differences, use transitions effectively, and demonstrate knowledge of MLA formatting.

7th Social Studies:
We finish up our notes on the American Revolution and work on a jigsaw study guide as whole class. Students will receive their Constitution workbooks this week and we will begin work in these.  These are to be taken home rarely, otherwise, kept in the classroom.

7th Vocab: 
Unit 2 is continued this week. The Unit 2 test will take place Thursday, Sept. 20.  Extra credit cards can be completed by 9/20 before the test. Workbooks will be checked in for unit completion on 9/19.  A supplemental assignment will be assigned and due Friday 9/21.  

8th L.A.:

Our current writing unit focuses on informative writing on a country.  Students are to research their assigned country and present findings in an informative essay, avoiding any type of persuasion.  Paper is due Friday 9/14.  The week of 9/17 students will create a multi-media presentation to accompany their paper and present to whole class.