Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
We begin this week with tiered articles on holiday celebrations.  Students read articles tiered for ability and constructed responses to a posted in-class prompt.  This activity leads us to reading of fictional Christmas stories with paired analysis questions.

7th Social Studies:
We began our Constitution Blue Book last week (BB as noted in gradebook activities) and will be working on these through February, leading up to our Constitution Test.  This week we are examining the Constitutional Conventions and Bill of Rights, as well as completing supplemental activities to the book.  Students will also be given a current event article to read and respond to Tuesday in class and will be due by Friday.

7th Vocab: Unit 5 workbooks due Wednesday, Dec. 13. Test will be Thursday, Dec. 14th in Computer Class.  Extra credit flashcards will be checked in Dec. 13th.

8th L.A.:

Expository essay typed and printed is due at the start of class Tuesday, Dec. 12.  We will continue the week with editing of sample essays and construction of complex sentences.