Happenings This Week

7th L.A.:
Students are constructing a "40 Things I'm Thankful For..." poem in class. The goal of this writing unit is to focus on both narrative and descriptive techniques, as well as the usage of various adjective and adverbial phrases to expand on individual writing.  This unit stems around the holiday of Thanksgiving and counting our blessings whether big or small.

7th Social Studies:
Our Constitution unit continues with examination of the branches of government.  Over the next few weeks, we will look closely as the duties, requirements, and processes of each branch and how the branches interact with one another.  For Trimester 2, we will also be working on a current event each week.  These will vary with teacher-assigned articles to read and write about, student selected topics, presentations, news video clips, etc.  The goal is to inform students about the world around us, while still focusing on historical documents and lessons.

7th Vocab: 
Unit 4 begins this week. Unit 4 extension due Wednesday, Nov. 14.  Test and extra credit cards due Thursday, Nov. 15

8th L.A.:

Students wrapped up the persuasive writing unit with a gallery walk of  individually created visuals of essays.  Students made a poster to depict their own essay and then critiqued and assessed other students' work posted throughout the classroom.  In class, students were provided with a grammar packet to focus on necessary grammar skills, especially helpful for high school entrance exam.  Packets will be reviewed in small teacher-led groups, but not taken for a grade as this is to ensure comprehension of various skills.  Students will also simultaneously be beginning a descriptive writing unit for the next month.