7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
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*This week we have two condensed morning schedule days: Wednesday for Ash Wednesday and Thursday due to early dismissal. Due to the snow day on Friday, some classroom lessons got pushed to this week.  Please see below for an updated outline of plans.

*Students may also bring in peanut-free treats on Tuesday for Valentine's day if they wish.

*Parent-teacher conference forms due Monday 2/12.

Throughout the year, students will develop writing styles at a mastery level. They will be expected to write many different genres of writing such as: expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive. MLA style will be taught and used for all writing assignments. Students will be expected to complete a major writing assignment every month. 

In this class, students will be challenged to write routinely and with rigor.  Each unit will focus on a different genre of writing, that will be aligned to a rubric provided at the start of each new paper.  We will also be working in our Language Arts textbook to focus on necessary grammar skills that will help students become proficient readers, writers, and speakers.

***PowerPoints, notes, rubrics, and any other class documents can be accessed at our Google Classroom pages.***