Technology Acceptable Use Policy

St. Catherine of Alexandria School provides computers, software, iPads, and Internet access to students to enhance the learning environment. It is our general policy to promote the use of technology in a manner which is responsible, legal, and appropriate. Student use of technology at St. Catherine of Alexandria is a privilege. Unacceptable uses of St. Catherine of Alexandria’s technology resources may result in the suspension or cancellation of computer/iPad privileges as well as disciplinary measures.

Acceptable Uses of Technology

  1. Creating reports, presentations, and other visual displays of knowledge
  2. Using software and apps to improve academic skills
  3. Using the Internet to research topics
  4. Viewing educational videos
  5. Other technology activities that help the student learn, gain and share information that is educational in nature

Uses of Technology that are Unacceptable and Strictly Forbidden

  1. Deliberate damage to computer equipment, printers, network, etc.
  2. Using technology for activities that are not educational, or without the consent of the teacher
  3. Accessing, attempting to access, uploading, downloading, or sharing inappropriate material
  4. Using objectionable, impolite, abusive or profane language
  5. Accessing or attempting to access another person’s files without the permission of that person
  6. Plagiarism, which is defined as the using of ideas or writings of others and presenting them as they were original
  7. Disabling or attempting to disable protective programs on the school network such as virus protection or content blocking software
  8. Cyberbullying, which is defined as the use of technology to tease, taunt, hurt, threaten, or be cruel to another individual
  9. Giving out personal information such as name, address, telephone number or email address
  10. Use of social networks such as MySpace and Facebook
  11. Use of chatrooms
  12. Use of instant messaging
  13. Using the network for non-school activities
  14. Accessing personal email accounts
  15. Use of iPad cameras for non-educational purposes or without the permission of the teacher
  16. Downloading apps or streaming video on iPads without direction by teacher