Verizon App Challenge Winners

Verizon App Challenge Winners

Under the direction of teachers, Mrs. Carolyn Anderson and Mr. Sean Haneberg, two teams of 6th graders participated in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge. They were tasked with developing an original concept for a mobile app that incorporated STEM principles and must address a real need or problem in their school or community.

The students worked after school with Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Haneberg developing their ideas and creating a video to submit. It was just announced that one of the teams won Best in State from over 1,000 entries in Illinois! We are so proud of them! The team members are: Isabelle Arquilla, Molly Fineran, Annie Gainer, Clare Murphy, Bridget Murphy, Ellen Murphy, and Autumn Stanke.

Their app is called Remember Me. With this app, people with Alzheimer’s can recognize their family, friends, caregivers, loved ones and four-legged friends. You would take a picture of a person and it would automatically tell you the person’s name, how old they are, and show any videos or pictures you have taken with them.

 The team will now be eligible for consideration as Best in Region. Good luck from the SCA community!

UPDATE: January 16, 2015

The team won Best in Region!!!  The school will receive a $5,000 grant to be used to advance STEM education at SCA.  The girls are 1 of 12 middle school winners.  Four winners will be chosen for the final prize of Best in Nation.  Once again, good luck from the SCA community!!!  You have already made us all proud of you!

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