Smart Tuition Enrollment – Deadline is June 24, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Tuition


Why is St. Catherine of Alexandria using Smart Tuition?

More and more families are paying utility and other monthly bills online because it is easy and convenient. With their user friendly website and mobile app, Smart Tuition makes paying tuition easy by allowing families to keep track of payments and current account information. By providing convenient email and text message reminders, families can better ensure timeliness of payments and accurate account balances. The Archdiocese of Chicago has mandated that all schools transition to the use of Smart Tuition.

Is St. Catherine’s using Smart Tuition for tuition payments only?

Yes. SCA is accepting only tuition payments through Smart Tuition.

Is enrollment mandatory?

Yes. Enrollment in this program is mandatory for each family.

When is the enrollment deadline?

Every family is required to enroll online (set up account) by June 24, 2014.  

How do I enroll with Smart Tuition?

  • Go to
  • Enter the SCA school code 12594, your email address, and click “New Registration”
  • Provide family information, student information, and payment method
  • If you need help with the enrollment process, please call Smart Tuition at 888-868-8828 

Is there an enrollment fee?

Yes. The enrollment fee is $29. This is an annual fee due at the start of every new school year. It covers the Smart Tuition services of receiving and managing tuition payments. PLEASE NOTE: If you enrolled before June 13, 2014 the fee will be added on to your 1st tuition payment due in July 2014. Families that enroll after June 13, 2014 will see the fee displayed at time of enrollment. 

Besides the $29 enrollment fee are there any other fees I should be aware of?

  • 2.65% monthly processing fee for both credit cards and debit/bank cards
  • $30 fee from your banking institution for failed auto-debit and NSF or failed checks
  • $35 Smart Tuition follow-up service fee for collection efforts for past due balances

What are my payment options?

Auto-debit through the Smart Tuition website, mobile app, pay with cash at 7-11 stores, or you can click “mail me an invoice” when you enroll to receive a paper bill by mail. If you choose the “mail me an invoice” option, once you receive your invoice mail a check or cashier check along with your pay stub directly to Smart Tuition. Make mailed checks payable to Smart Tuition.

What credit cards / types of bank accounts do you accept payments from?

Accepted forms of card payments are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or your checking account. If you choose to pay through your bank account, you can use your debit card if it has one of the above-mentioned company logos displayed on the card. You can also use your bank account by entering your routing number when you enroll.

If I send payments through the SCA office, do I still need to pay the $29 annual enrollment fee?

Yes. Your payments are ultimately managed by Smart Tuition. All applicable fees still apply.

When will I receive payment due date reminders?

Smart Tuition sends paper invoice reminders about 3 weeks before each payment is due. You can opt to Go Green on the website when you enroll which will allow for your invoices to be sent via email.

When is a tuition payment considered past due?

Accounts are considered past due on after the 15th calendar day of each month. 

Will I receive confirmation that my payment has been processed?

Yes. Smart Tuition will send you a confirmation once your payment has been processed.

How do I apply any tuition credits such as TRIP credits to my Smart Tuition payment?

Contact the SCA office when the time comes to ensure your TRIP and/or other credits are properly accounted for to your Smart Tuition account. 

What kind of things can I do through the Smart Tuition website?

Through the Smart Tuition website, families can make tuition payments, review last payment information, edit bank or credit card information, edit personal information, view itemized fees and discounts and print a report of all payments made in a particular school year.

Whom do I contact with questions throughout the school year?

Smart Tuition gets a lot of calls that are best-suited for the schools they serve. And occasionally, schools receive calls that would be best-suited for Smart Tuition. Here’s a simple guide to know when to call whom:

When to call Smart Tuition 888-868-8828 (24hrs/7 days a week):

– Missing Login ID and password and payment materials

– Make a payment

– Review recent payments

– Change bank/credit card information

– Update personal information

– Concerns regarding your account

When to contact St. Catherine of Alexandria School:

– Questions regarding certain amounts due

– Loss of job or income or other reason for non-payment

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