Men’s Club Easter Food Drive

John Rolence and Ed Arquilla ran the Easter Food drive this Saturday and Sunday before/after every mass. John has officially handed the duties over to Ed for the Thanksgiving and Easter food drives. Thanks John for the help and guidance this weekend.

We filled up 5 1/2 tables with canned goods, paper products, cereal, and we also received $530 in cash donations which we in turn bought gift cards for Wal-Mart (from TRIP).

Mario and the gang from Our Lady of Guadeloupe were very appreciative of the support the Men’s Club and St. Catherine provided to them to help fill their food pantry which has been depleted over the long, cold winter.
Maria also stated the monetary/gift card amount was a record.

All in all it was a great success and a new target to beat for next year.

The pictures attached are pictures of some of the tables plus John and Kayleigh Rolence helping get the food from Kane Hall to the van. Assistance during Sunday’s mass for running the food down to Kane hall was led by Kayleigh Rolence, Maddie Knightly, and Isabelle Arquilla. Assistance loading up the van was the entire Rolence Family (John, Dee, John, Kayleigh) and Ed Arquilla.

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